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Justice ?

By Patrick Van Roy On February 4th, 2021

Despite being charged with causing Harry’s death by dangerous driving a few months later and an extradition request by the UK, Mrs Sacoolas has refused to return.

US presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden have both declined to send her back, saying the US rejection of the extradition request is “final”.


5 Responses to “Justice ?”

  1. I must remember to make donations to the support Gary McKinnon and Julian Assange funds.

  2. The claim that she is an intelligence official is new, but that still doesn’t confer diplomatic immunity. The original claim was that she had diplomatic immunity as the spouse of an intelligence official (which it does not).

    She’s not going to be extradited. The bottom line is that she will be protected because no-one has the balls to do what’s right.

  3. The person killed was a Britton, hardly someone important like a Russian, North Korean or a Saudi.

  4. I’ll take 1 Brit over 1000 of any of those other 3, but if they’re saying she’s a spook the only justice that might be gotten is civilly in the US, She’s a spook they’ll never let them touch her… it just isn’t done.

  5. She’s not going to be extradited.

    Correct Pete, and the same applies to Julian Assange going in the other direction. Ain’t gonna happen.