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The Purge Continues….

By Patrick Van Roy On February 4th, 2021

Wrong Think will not be tolerated……

THEY will decide what is wrong think

36 Responses to “The Purge Continues….”

  1. You supported Republicans in Michigan stripping a Democrat of her committee positions for embarrassing Rudy Guiliani.

    Now it is wrong to do it to someone who supported murdering Nancy Pelosi.

    Typical Troll. Pretends he supports the rules but actually he is just a partisan hack.

  2. She endorsed the execution of fellow House members, more than once.

    That has consequences.

    Shame on the Republicans who think that it’s OK to endorse murder.

    She is the Republican Party of 2021, Sarah Palin on meth, one recently blessed by the defeated and rejected Trump.

  3. The best option would be an opportunity for a recall election, so the electors in Georgia could have an opportunity to get rid of this embarrassing nut job who I’m sure they didn’t realise was such a wacko when she was elected.

  4. I’d think that a recall would be a state matter, and God knows how that procedure would work.

    She’s the worst possible thing for the GOP at this moment.

  5. I’m pretty sure a recall election wouldn’t be possible for a federal official. As far as I can tell the only way for a Representative to be removed is through expulsion by the House. And that would require a two-thirds majority.

    She also represents the Georgia 14th, one of the most right wing districts in the United States.

    So the Trumpette is likely here to stay.

  6. The country needs a strong, conservative, national party.

    Having her as a national figure, and one who is in any way sympathetic to some lost souls in the base, is a millstone around the neck of conservatism, a gift to Democrats who run against Republicans in the many swing districts across the land.

    A bomb-thrower Dem might win against a party who supports one who wants executions of political opponents, and who thinks that the murders of children in their school is a big laugh, a play put on by a few actors so that they could ” grab guns ” or whatever this wicked sow believes.

  7. And again – Trump at this point remains the most popular person in the party by a mile.

    And he has embraced her very recently.

    So if you’re a Republican in February 2021, you are supporting her, admit it or not.

  8. Patrick

    Forget about ” they ”

    To what degree are her comments acceptable or unacceptable to you? You can’t sit on the fence on things like this. Speech rights have nothing to do with this. Do you want to be associated with someone with these views?

    I think that a Nazi or Stalinist has a right to speak, but I would never share a party with them. I would never endorse them.

    Trump has endorsed her. At least twice now.

  9. Her comments are totally unacceptable to me the bit** is a freakin loon….

    The People of her district picked her to represent them just as the people from AOC’s district picked her.

    I personally think the Congress would be better without either of them, they are both f’ing loons….

    But they are duly elected by the people of their district… just like pelosi, jordan, etc etc each person in congress is a representative of thousands of people they are not individuals… and in spite of their petty house rules that are entirely based on seniority and the prime argument for term limits not one person even if they are speaker or any other member of so called leadership has absolutely no right to to deny, censure, punish, even demean let alone block duties from another representative.

    They are not there for the benefit, cooperation, unity, or any way you can divine a connection to any other representative.

    By punishing her they punish the people who voted for her and who the hell are any of them to judge who a couple of hundred thousand people picked to represent them… How dare they demy those people FULL REPRESENTATION BY THE PERSON THEY VFOTED FOR because some other tic turd picked by people from somewhere else doesn’t like what they said….

    Fuck them, represent your own damn people and let the person who the people of her district picked do her job…. who the hell is the representative of San Francisco to say the people of Orlando don’t deserve to be represented in congress because they think the bitch is uncouth….. f them. How dare they disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of people because they don’t like her…. it ain’t up to them and it’s an outrage and an abuse of false power they have given themselves….

  10. Calling her a loon is letting her off very easy

    She is a voice of pure evil, a supporter of murder,

    Who wants to carry loaded guns into an intimate setting with the people who she wants to kill

    How can she be on an education committee when she laughs at the murder of six-year-old children?

    At some point, the Congress and the country has to protect itself from this Charles Manson in heels

  11. Phantom I’m not letting her go I think she’s inbred trash, but she didn’t break the law and the majority of people in Congress are deserving of being shamed for good reason…

    she is by far not the worst and they are representatives not individuals….

    Unless any of them actually break the law you can’t do crap, that’s who the people picked…

    even if they are a damn disgrace.

  12. how come the numbers I see say 230 vs 199

  13. how come the numbers I see say 230 vs 199

  14. Imagine a loon like this serving on congressional committees. Patrick, you and your political bedfellows are a gift to America’s enemies.

  15. Democracy throws up oddballs, that’s for sure. We have plenty over here in the UK. However, what voters are told and promised pre-election does not always materialise post-election, and voters are often hoodwinked by candidates who only want to get elected, by fair means or foul. This woman sounds madder than a box of frogs…she may in fact be mentally ill, who knows? I suspect she has no following in the House and that colleagues in her party are embarrassed by her…but this is where I think the right of recall is needed. The Speaker of our own House of Commons has the right to suspend members of Parliament who either break the rules or use inflammatory language, so if Congress votes to do the same I don’t see it as an attack on democracy or on the voters of her constituency.

  16. By punishing her they punish the people who voted for her

    She’s not being thrown out of Congress, she’s just been thrown off two committees. The fact that it had to be a partisan vote shows that the GOP is still fully owned by Trump. They’re shit-scared to cross him even though he can no longer lash out on Twitter.

    Fox News just loves this gal and is increasingly sympathetic to QAnon:

    “After it emerged that Marjorie Taylor Greene, the extremist Republican congresswoman who has expressed QAnon beliefs, had also suggested the Parkland, Florida, school shooting was a false flag and claimed that California forest fires had been started by Jewish space lasers, she found a defender in the Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer, who claimed a false equivalence between Greene and the Democrat Ilhan Omar.”


  17. Hannity has come out as a maybe anti-vaxxer. Didn’t see that one coming LOL:

    “It’s not just white nationalism and QAnon that are getting airtime on Fox News. Hannity has been accused of dabbling in anti-vaxx ideas, after he hemmed and hawed over whether he would get vaccinated – citing skeptical friends of his in what seemed like an effort to appeal to anti-vaxxers watching. “I don’t know when my number gets called, I’m actually beginning to have doubts,” Hannity told his audience on 26 January. “I’ve been telling my friends I’m gonna get the vaccine,” he said. “Half of them agree and the other half think I’m absolutely nuts. They wouldn’t take it in a million years.” Hannity added: “I don’t know who to listen to.”


  18. Yes.

    You decide to get a vaccine based in an opinion poll of your friends? And this guy has big radio and TV shows!

    Welcome to Hannity Trump nation . Where every store clerk is his own Court and his own medical authority, subject to final approval by Trump.

    I listen to my friends On many things, but I wouldn’t be asking them for their opinions on the coronavirus vaccine. I listen to Fauci and Osterholm and to their peers in America and Europe.

  19. If there was a major issue with any of the vaccines, always unlikely, it would be apparent by now. It is in my opinion irrational and silly not to take the vaccine when offered, but on the plus side we will not need every single person to take it to reach herd immunity.

    Anyone care to guess when we’ll be back to ‘normal’? (not sure I remember what that is).

  20. The UK is hoping for a near-normal Easter. There will still be restrictions but the vulnerable groups will all have been vaccinated before the end of March. 90% of over-75s and nearly all care-home residents have already received at least one jab.


  21. We have been very fortunate in that the US / European vaccines have been so good and that they’ve been produced so quickly

    And the Russian Sputnik V vaccine has been shown to be very good also, all good for all of us

    I think that there will be some degree of normalcy by this July . I hope to attend an afternoon baseball game, etc

    I believe that they are selling tickets for outdoor and indoor concerts in the US and Europe for the summer

  22. I read somewhere that this Marjorie Taylor Greene woman was elected unopposed because for some unknown reason her Democrat opponent withdraw their candidacy before polling day. That means she was effectively I’m
    Owed upon the people of her area and they had no real option to choose someone else. If true, that’s a better reason to have a recall election.

  23. Phantom what are you babling about…. is that vaccine comment for my benefit ?

    Because if you cgeck I have been pro vaccine, I’ve even told Peter that if they came out with a vaccine for a disease that only kills 1 in 3 billion I’d take it…. I have to.

    Peter the ONLY work a congresserson does is on the committees they are on. No committees means she has NO job… No input on any of congresses business. She still holds her seat, but the people who voted for her now have no representation…

    Is this biatch a POS…. yes she is…

    Ted Kennedy killed a girl and ran for President.
    Robert Bird was a recruiter for the KKK and was one of the longest sitting Senators.

    but the people of their states voted for them, that’s why they are there.

    Did you know that no elected official goes through a background check. There are members of congress with all sorts of criminal convictions that would instantly deny them a classified clearance. Except they don’t get them.

    She was thrown off her committees for liking violent a violent tweet by the Democrats yet Eric Salwell sit’s on the Intelligence committee when they know he was sleeping with a Chinese spy and she got him to hire a secretary for his office….

    So it’s ok to sleep with our enemy literally and be responsible for reviewing our highest secrets, but like a violent tweet nope sorry you gotta go….

    it’s bullshit.

  24. Patrick

    Phantoms vaccine comment was a reference to Hannity on Fox News, not you.

  25. Patrick It’s not all about you. There are others here.

    I make the comment about the vaccines because they’re true. We are incredibly fortunate that we have had not one but a number of very good vaccines developed in multiple countries in short order

    Things may have gotten better when the weather warms up anyway, but now hopefully they really get better because of the cumulative affect of vaccinated populations

    And all the while the docs get better and better at treating those who are ill with it…

  26. Greene highlights the present GOP dilemma. Her extreme bigotry and anti-semitism will repel many voters, but she reflects what is believed by many of the hard-core Trumpist base of the party:

    “The sequence shows McCarthy is not in charge of his caucus in any meaningful way. Now his members face a painful vote on Greene. On the one hand, she is a dangerous lunatic espousing horrifying lies, and her positions are damaging to the Republican Party and the nation; not voting to strip her assignments is a moral abdication. On the other hand, she is a reliable Republican vote. Significant portions of the Republican base believe in the same conspiracy theories as Greene, so voting to remove her risks alienating some of the party’s most enthusiastic base voters and small donors, along with former President Donald Trump, who has backed Greene and (according to her) remains in touch.

    Put more finely, the Republican Party will struggle to win national elections without purging people like Greene, but individual members will struggle to win GOP primaries if they do purge them. (Already, Democrats have rolled out a TV ad targeting eight Republican representatives for enabling Greene.)…

    The puzzle for Republicans is what to do when many of your voters, donors, and activists believe things that you think are crazy. Recently, their answer has been to grit their teeth and embrace the crazy. Although the GOP has long had conspiracy theorists within its ranks, when voters nominated Donald Trump for president in 2016, they placed one at the top of the ticket. Insiders expected that Trump would lose, but he didn’t. Some party elders thought that they’d be able to control Trump, or at least nudge him, once he was in office. They were wrong again…”


  27. The Dems have their own very bad actors, but the Republicans have genuine gun nut supporters of murder in their front ranks.

    And a party like that may remain out of power for a very long time.

  28. Peter….

    It’s a well written article but it’s bull…

    You’ll never get an honest review of the right from the magazine whose only audience is NY elite rich liberals…..

  29. Very good

    The Republican Party is in fine shape, as led by Trump and with Marjorie Taylor Greene as an admired House member in good standing

    No problems whatsoever

    ( prompt for AOC Omar squad whataboutry comment )

  30. Greene for POTUS 2024

    MACA ( Make America Crazy Again.). 😉

  31. You can have a credible party, or you can have a party with her.

    You cannot have both.

    And she’s only one step further than Trump on the axis of crazy.

    I’ve said for years here that Alex Jones is a friend and an influence to Trump. So it makes complete sense that Trump would endorse her and accept her as a positive force in his personal party.

    She probably has said nothing that Jones has not said.

  32. It’s a well written article but it’s bull…


    Just because you don’t like the messenger doesn’t mean that the message is wrong. Do you agree that Greene is an electoral liability to your party, or do you see her as a Trumpist asset?

  33. He dismisses all fact and all opinion from sources that he doesn’t like

    If Trump or Hannity didn’t say it, he ain’t believing none of it.

  34. I’d like to know how I can be convinced by Hannity when I never watch or listen to his show… just another fact that you have been repeatedly told over and over but your source of information… the voices in your head…. tell you I do…

    And other his Speeches when he was President, when have I ever posted ANYTHING by Donald Trump or cited him as a source?

    and Peter it’s Bull because it’s based on false data that has never added up.

  35. I’d like to know how I can be convinced by Hannity when I never watch or listen to his show

    Good for you Patrick. Now can you answer my question at 2.47 PM?

  36. Hannity Limbaugh and Levin tend to dish it out from the same slop bucket

    What’s the difference.