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By Pete Moore On February 5th, 2021

Canada has defended its decision to draw on a supply of coronavirus vaccines from a global inoculation-sharing initiative known as Covax.

Covax pools funds from wealthier countries to help buy vaccines for themselves and low-income nations […]

Canada is the only member of the G7 group of rich countries listed as a Covax beneficiary at this stage.

Other wealthier countries, including New Zealand and Singapore, have requested an early allocation as well.

Appalling behaviour by Trudeau. Queuing to wait your turn is one of many great British inventions. He tarnishes the legacy of Enpire. As does Jacinta Ardern in New Zealand. The Kiwis been comfortably smug behind their closed borders this last year. I’d tell them to stay there and wait it out out behind Malawi, the Congo and the EU.


  1. Since we are one of the largest donators to the covax fund and part of its mission is you get if you give tough shit

    Plus everybody keeps threatening to not provide our legally contracted doses again tough shit

  2. Why is this seen as wrong?

    Why is it seen as not waiting their turn?

  3. Sharp elbows are always rude, Phantom.

  4. Here’s why Phantom. Canada has ordered over 10 vaccine doses for each Canadian:

    “Aside from Covax, agreements for 398 million doses of vaccines have been struck by the Canadian government – more than enough to cover the country’s population of 37 million.”


  5. Once Canadians have been jabbed they should give the rest to poorer countries. Yes, I hope the UK does likewise. As long as the programmes are properly managed (fat chance, in truth), for once I have no problem with my taxes helping poor people if it’s to vaccinate them.

  6. Peter we have contracted for those doses they aren’t being delivered as agreed

    Pete Moore that’s the plan

  7. Why would they want a big oversupply

  8. it was ordered before it was proven or approved, Canada was one of the earliest countries to order vaccines

  9. What does Canada plan to do with the overages

    Why order such a vast supply

    Are they going to put the overage on ebay

  10. Are they going to put the overage on ebay

    Could be Phantom, you can never tell with Trudeau. Maybe he’ll black up to promote sales to Africa 🙂


  11. They vastly over ordered because no one knew if or which vaccine would work, we ordered them very early in development

  12. I fail to see what Canada has done wrong. They’ve been proactive and on the ball with their vaccine procurement. It seems to be praiseworthy when Brexit Boris does it shameful when lefty liberal Trudeau does.

  13. Yes, it sounds like much ado about nothing.

    They ordered early and paid for it, so now they want to get what they paid for.

    What’s the big deal.

  14. I fail to see what Canada has done wrong.

    Colm, Trudeau is literally stealing vaccines from the mouths of poor children. Gosh, the fuss which would’ve been made if Boris or Donald had done the very same.

  15. You’re ‘ aving a laugh Pete I know you are 😉

  16. I fail to see what Canada has done wrong.

    But suppose Trump had done this? As it happens, the main reason the UK went with Astra-Zeneca instead of Merck was a justified fear that Trump (or indeed Biden) would prohibit US firms from exporting vaccines. Just like the EU has done this month.

    “At the time, scientists at Oxford University were working on a vaccine for Mers, an earlier coronavirus. They switched to Covid-19 in early February and looked for a commercial partner: a deal was almost signed with Merck, a US giant, until the small print came up. ‘We needed a cast-iron pledge that they’d supply us exclusively first, but it said “best efforts”,’ says one minister. The fear, then, was that America would ban vaccine exports. When AstraZeneca came along, the first contract was not good enough — Hancock passed a draft to Downing Street, and Sir Patrick and No. 10 aides spotted a supply problem. It did not give the UK the rights to the vaccine that it now enjoys. They came up with the idea to pay for almost all manufacturing costs in return for secure supply in a British plant. ‘Vallance was hammering the point about onshore manufacturing from early on,’ says an official. ‘He was responsible for that Oxford deal.’”


  17. Colm –

    Babies they are, little poor babies, with only snot, mosquitoes and their precious vaccines to chew on for company. Now Trudeau wants to take away their lifeline.

    If I were black I’d be ashamed to be the same colour as his party piece.

  18. Peter –

    That’s a good piece by Katy Balls.