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By Pete Moore On February 5th, 2021

Sales of Australian wine to the UK have surged almost 30% in the last year as producers try to overcome crippling taxes on exports to China.

Wine producers have ramped up exports to Europe to a 10-year high, with the UK now the number one destination.

China increased taxes by a massive 212% in November following a trade spat with Australia which has also affected goods including lobsters and coal.

Wine Australia said the UK sales surge was helped by lockdowns and Brexit.

The value of wine exports to Europe climbed 22% last year, while “standout performer” the UK saw shipments jump 29% according to government figures.

Happy to help our old chums and proper friends, cricket and rugby aside. When we join the CPTPP I expect prices to fall further and eventualy crash to zero-tariffs when CANZAK gets going. Then the French can try to flog their wine to the Chinese. We’ll keep guzzling while the Aussies keep sending it over.

Mind you they can keep their beer, that’s awful stuff.


  1. US wine exports to the UK likely have risen, partially for the same reason.

    Some very good wine out of California.

    Drank some from this winery last night, and it was exceptional


  2. I like Australian wine, red only, not white.

  3. Mind you they can keep their beer, that’s awful stuff.

    Ain’t that the truth though.

    China has virtually embargoed all products from Australia by way of huge tariffs. It’s punishment for Australia questioning the CCP propaganda lies about how the pandemic broke out. China is also practicing what can only be called mass-rape and torture against the Uighurs:

    “The US government has said it is “deeply disturbed” by a BBC report detailing allegations of systematic rape of Uighur women in Chinese camps. “These atrocities shock the conscience and must be met with serious consequences,” a spokesperson said. A UK government minister, Nigel Adams, said in parliament on Thursday that the report showed “clearly evil acts”.

    According to estimates, more than a million Uighurs and other minorities have been detained in camps in China. An investigation published by the BBC on Wednesday contained first-hand testimony of systematic rape, sexual abuse and torture of women detainees by police and guards.”


  4. I don’t drink any white wine.

    Full bodied red is what you want.

  5. A well done steak and a Barolo is hard to beat. The Aussies will have to go well to beat that in truth.

  6. Yesterday evening, like every Friday, we had fish, wild salmon in cream sauce with herbs and spuds.
    Almost too good, but what makes it really too good is when you’ve got a large jug of light white Spanish wine on the table.
    I first tasted this particular vino in a fish restaurant, but neither waiter nor proprietor would disclose the name, despite my, by now sloppy, pleadings after I’d drank two bottles by myself. It’s light you see.
    “Own brand” they explained, or something. As a compromise, they promised to sell me some sin botella, any time I want. So now I go there each Friday large jug in hand and get a fill. Since Corona, it’s only take-away anyway. The wine may be only cheap plonk from Aldi, but the mere thought of Friday evening at the table is often enough to get me through a bad week.

    The whole art of the meal is pacing yourself. The fish and sauce and wine are simply so delicious that you want to dive into it and gulp and guzzle, but then there’s your mind irritating you with the advice that it’s best to take your time and extend the pleasure as long as possible. I’ve been trying for a long time to get that happy medium, but it isn’t easy.