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By Pete Moore On February 5th, 2021

Because Friday night is Music Night

It’s the most rugbiest time of the year with the Six Nations starting tomorrow. Well that’s my weekend sorted. For added manliness I will pop on Master and Commander tomorrow night, the greatest of naval films. So we’ll have a change of pace and a bit of Boccherini.

Have fun whatever you’re up to (watching England smash the porridge wogs, Ireland smash the leek-munchers and France trolly the eyeties, I should hope) this weekend. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below.


  1. Good choice Pete, it’s a magnificent film. Here is a shorter scene from the film which I have posted a few times on previous Friday nights:


  2. Here is something I came across this week. The players are clearly having a great time and the tune builds nicely, culminating in vocals. Le Jazz is good fun:


  3. Le Jazz is very 1920s.

  4. Yes Pete. To be honest I’d never heard of Martinu until this week. But it seems he had an inteersting life and almost certainly had Asbergers, as did Mozart:


  5. Some serious music, courtesy of Schubert. Du bist die Ruh:


  6. Off topic, Christopher Plummer has died aged 91. He was still working until about a year ago and he acted in dozens of films, most famously The Sound of Music in 1965. He will always be remembered for this schmaltzy song, just before the Von Trapps escape to Switzerland:


  7. Here is beauty, and the music’s pretty good too:


  8. great selections… I have never seen the movie, but on your recommendation Peter I will now.

    Sad about Plummer I’ll have to do post. A very good actor, and not given the credit he was due. at least here in the states.

    Pete’s comment popped this back into my head… I watched this a couple weeks ago I loved it when it came out and loved it now… Enjoy the opening scene.