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I’d give up politics…

By Patrick Van Roy On February 6th, 2021

Some people have obsession’s about Football(both kinds), Basketball, Baseball, Hockey some kind of sport. They know all the scores, all the players, the stats, avg’s stuff that most who enjoy the sport never bother to go into. Each sport however has it’s core followers that can give you these details off the top of their head without batting an eye. For me, that Sport is Politics, always has been….. and as you all know I am obsessive on the topic.

I would give up following Politics if I could get the Politicians to stop screwing with the Space Program. It’s not just one side or the other it’s both, but I will use a Dem as an example one who isn’t around anymore. Walter Mondale and his position. “there are other things the government is doing that I’m interested in, and if getting what I want means we don’t go to the Moon, then so be it.”… that spirit lives on.

Well two weeks into the Biden Administration and wallah…. the Space program is under threat, they aren’t saying it’e under threat just that it needs reevaluating and a new head of the Program.


Artemis and the moon

One of the outstanding questions of the Biden administration is what will happen to the Artemis program, NASA’s push to land humans on the moon by 2024. The Artemis program was the Trump administration’s showcase space initiative, speeding up a previous timeline that targeted a 2028 crewed lunar landing.

“The administration so far has signaled their support for our moon-to-Mars strategy,” Jurczyk said. “Obviously, the core of our lunar strategy is Artemis.”

But the 2024 deadline — which was ambitious even before the coronavirus pandemic forced NASA to slow work on many of its projects — may shift.  “We need to go look at what that means for the HLS schedule and evaluate whether we can make a landing in [20]24 or not,” he said. “That work is in progress, and we’ll have to take a few months to go through that analysis.”

NASA has a big year ahead of it: Landing on Mars, further delivering on the promise of commercial flights to the International Space Station, tackling climate change, and much, much more.

But as former President Donald Trump left the White House on Jan. 20, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine stepped down, after a little less than two years leading the agency. Now, NASA must wait for President Joe Biden’s administration to nominate and Congress to approve a permanent agency chief.


Mondale’s Spirit is alive and well….

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