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By Pete Moore On February 6th, 2021

“Zero-Covid” advocates eradicating the virus and disease. It has its adherents and has made some ground. We really don’t want that idea spreading any further. Let’s see how China is going about things in its aim of eradicating Covid.

David Rennie, Beijing bureau chief of The Economist, recently gave an astonishingly candid account of current ZeroCovid life in the Chinese capital:

“China’s strategy, from the start, was to have no infections at all… Still in Beijing, where we have hardly any cases, every time you step outside your door you have to use a smartphone to scan a QR code — every shop, every taxi, every bus, every metro station. You have no privacy at all — it’s all built around this electronic system of contact tracing. To leave Beijing you have to have a Covid test, to come back in you have to have a Covid test…. We basically don’t have the virus here, but the flip side is that they are keeping this place locked down as tight as a drum… It’s very hard to know where Covid containment starts and a Communist police state with an obsession with control kicks in.”

It seems to me that there are two (overlapping) ways of achieving zero-covid. One is to close your borders tight. We are not North Korea. I know that New Zealand closed its borders but the virus is in the world and NZ must unseal at some point. Then the virus enters the country. Closing borders is costly, impractical and provides only temporary relief. The other approach is the Chinese way, but who wants that?

“Zero-Covid” is an awful aim because it is out of reach if we wish to remain reasonably free and prosperous.

2 Responses to “ZERO-COVID? NO THANKS”

  1. Yes Pete, but unfortunately there are Zero Covid zealots in the UK as well. They are calling for permanent quarantine of all arrivals, i.e. a complete end to the tourist industry. And that only kicks in after months more of full lockdown aimed at eliminating communuty transmission completely, i.e. total destruction of the economy as well. Despite all the good news on vaccines.


  2. We will not have zero Covid

    With a little smarts we can manage this. And return to fairly normal life, before long, esp as more of us are vaccinated

    The future is bright