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Let’s start the day…..

By Patrick Van Roy On February 7th, 2021

2 Stories most will never read, two things that just go against the grain of the Correct Think they want to force on all of us and over half of have already been there for decades.

I am told I represent no one, I’m a freak. A rarity that exists in our society that must be denied, hidden, and most importantly ignored. I am the wretched Righteous….. The saying goes… I won’t be wronged, I won’t be insulted, and I won’t be laid a hand upon…. now the original response to any of that was forfeiture of your life…. but we can’t be that way now can we.  Since it’s not acceptable civil behavior to kill those who just frankly deserve it… we’ve evolved beyond that, but we have not evolved past the hostility that feeds it…..

Today we choose to be civilized.

Instead we must stomp the terra, refuse to flinch, and get in the face of every idiot who’s peeing down our collective backs while telling us it’s raining…. I will not comply. It is not in my mental make up, I may fail, even die trying to hold the Glave of Law “Right & Wrong” to the  U.S. if not to the Earth.

I am not violent, nor will I ever be. Violence has no place in this Arena because we are Civilized Men and Woman of an Enlightened 21st Century. The first Century where we have communication across the entire planet instantaneously. I can pick up my phone or tap my computer and reach anywhere on the planet instantly. The only reason for EVERYONE not to be talking to EVERYONE is there are forces and GOVERNMENTS that fear that FREEDOM.

Freedom is what it is, the freedom to speak freely. To say whatever you want about anything you want. To speak freely whatever it is you believe. This has always scared the human species power structure, because all to often those in power don’t want to hear they may be wrong. Now if we were truly a civilized people we would allow others to challenge our views and opinions. This however seems not to be the case.  My Government has joined with other entities of Power and Wealth to silence that Freedom.

I will never be silent and I will never backdown….. I will fight the entire World with my words. I will shove their idiocy right in their face delivered with a serving of bile and revulsion….. Words and Shame are the most powerful weapons that can ever be deployed.

I am the wretched righteous, and alone I’m worth more than 1000 of you….


Just a Sunday morning sermon…. for your edification.

8 Responses to “Let’s start the day…..”

  1. Q-Anon, the Proud Boys, Nazis, neo-Nazis, militias, militants – they’re all tiny, fringe things which the medai needs. Therefore it absurdly elevates them to dire threats even though everyone knows it’s not true.

    The media needs to keep the show going because Trump was great for their ratings and profits. Now he’s gone they need to keep the play going on stage because Biden can’t kep the ratings up.

    The DC establishment needs to keep it going, hence the ridiculous and ongoing national guard deployments and fencing arounf the Capitol. There was never a threat to the inauguration. The FBI has admitted that no threat, not a single one, was ever detected, but the security theatre will be kept there for months.

  2. Permanently not months.

    The Democrats plan to keep those troops and walls permanently.

  3. Lol taking credit for clean air because the economy collapsed due to incomprehensibley bad pandemic response is the right in a nutty shell

  4. They’re suddenly in favour of walls …

  5. That’s the comment you get from one who hasn’t thought anything thorough

  6. Taking credit for the cleanest air considering the actual reason is worthy of Trump himself. I’m still laughing at that, the rest of the piece could not possibly match it, so I’ll leave it there.

  7. Q-Anon, the Proud Boys, Nazis, neo-Nazis, militias, militants – they’re all tiny, fringe things

    Not in the GOP. A few days ago they voted to keep QAnon supporter Taylor-Greene in her place on two House of Representative committees. At the bidding of QAnon supporter Trump. Patrick and Pete will say that Trump is not a QAnon supporter. To which the answer must be: Really? Why has he never condemned QAnon for the loony far-right cult that they are? Clue: it could have something to do with the fact that they worship him as a messiah, and he welcomes their worship.

    And as to the Proud Boys – let’s never forget that during one of the election debates with Biden, Trump commanded the Proud Boys to “Stand back and stand by!” And they got the message. They sure turned out in force for him at the Capitol on 6 January.

    And as to the Nazis, let’s never forget that Trump praised them as “good people” at Charlottesville, even after one of them had murdered an anti-Nazi protester.

  8. Peter likes the koolaid