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By Pete Moore On February 7th, 2021

A deputy sheriff shoots and kills a man who attacked him with a lump of wood. Graphic video is here, courtesy of an arsehole who egged on the officer to “shoot his ass”. It’s unclear why the man attacked the officer. Alcohol, drugs, mental illness or some combination are all possible, even likely. It’s another sad episode all round.

The interesting thing is that the officer shoots him repeatedly in the chest, at very close range, and the man keeps coming forward. The officer could still have been killed if the man had a knife. That’s why “aim for the leg” stuff is nonsense. A lot of people take a long time to go down when shot.

2 Responses to “CENTRE OF MASS”

  1. dbl tap to the chest one to the head

  2. Pistol bullets seldom lead to instant death

    Even hunting deer with high powered rifles seldom is instant death

    Adrenaline will carry any living creature farther than you think