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Texas Electricity Blackout Hell

By Phantom On February 16th, 2021

The massive state of Texas has been hit with major storms, and, surprisingly ( to me ) it has seen resultant power blackouts.

Austin-based Alex Jones, the pride of the wingnuts, was on TV blaming the outages on the fact that the state has shut down the coal plants and that they were too reliant on wind power.

Well, that’s a bunch of hogwash. Wind turbines did freeze up, but other power systems including coal have had production and transmission problems as well – Just at the time of unprecedented demand

What has made the issue much worse for Texas is that it is the only state that has it’s own power grid for much of the state, one free from ” evil federal regulation “. By not being connected to interstate grids, Texas can’t easily buy power from neighbors when There is need

El Paso, so far out west that it’s almost ” lower New Mexico ” isn’t part of the Texas grid. They’re part of a multi-state grid. No power outages there.

Sometimes, it’s good to be part of a system.

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  1. Glad to know Charles probably has power….

  2. It looks like a proper dollop og global warming nit just in the US but around the northern hemisphere. It’s not only Texas which is paying the price for letting communist propaganda inform their energy policy. Germany’s windmills have also stuck fast. At least the birds are not being chomped, even if they can;t get their beacks into the frozen ground.

    This is what a cooling Sun is doing, not a warming climate.

  3. Texas gets 15.7% of it’s juice from wind.

    That’s bad?

  4. @FoxworthFor14

    I have a 6 month old with no power for 8 hours and no way to leave. My house is freezing. This feels like a third world country

    “Renewable” energy did that. When you go green (“Marxists write your energy policies”) the geat and light eventually fails. These are the chumps who starved tens on millions to death in fertile countries. Now Texas, which floats on oil, is getting a taste of the future.

    Bottom line: only capitalism and markets lead to plenty, to heat and to light on, at the flick of a swutch, always.

  5. Texas is the perfect example of the Problem they are instituting nationwide.

    Tx is a closed grid. It’s not connected or supposed to be reliant on any other state. Over the past 20yrs they have been inserting wind and solar into their grid, but turning off coal, gas and oil on their grid.

    It’s all supposed to work in harmony and most the time it does. This is a once in a decade storm, shit happens even if not that often but weather does what it wants. Ask the People of Germany how their Solar Farms are holding up…

    Wind and Solar are just not at the level of consistency for people to bank their lives on and at least a dozen people have already died directly related to lose of power.

    As Tx added the wind and solar they dismantled the reliable energy sources in those areas so when the Wind and Solar fail the Grid fails and it causes a cascade effect and the whole system goes down and people die…

    This is what happens when politics overrides science…. It’s green, but you just killed people.

  6. The private utilities don’t want to use coal anymore in any new plants. In 2021 it is a stupid technology for an advanced economy like Texas.

    Much of Texas is windy much of the time. There is nothing ” Marxist ” about using that abundant resource.

    Why do you guys hate science?

    There will be much more use of renewables in the capitalist world, in the entire world.

  7. Thread, thread!


    There is a lot of conflicting “information” about the TX blackouts. Here’s the bottom line: the root cause of the TX blackouts is a national and state policy that has prioritized the adoption of unreliable wind/solar energy over reliable energy.


    Unroll and read. This wholly acoidable situation is down to a demented “green” energy policy, focused on wind and solar, which is producing no energy. Adults let children run the policies. This is the result.

  8. 14 states have had blackouts due to the major storm

    You do realize that this type of problem existed in the aftermath of previous major storms before there was much of a wind/solar industry?

    And that I imagine that many of the issues arise from power lines being downed, which has nothing at all to do with how the electricity was produced?

  9. Part of the state’s power outages come down to the fact that its infrastructure was designed to withstand extreme heat, not cold. Rhodes explained that while the grid is prepared for power surges during the summer, when people crank up their AC units, winters in Texas are so usually so mild that power plants take time off for routine maintenance. Power plants in Texas, he said, are also not winterized for this kind of weather like plants up north.

    “Reasonable people would not have planned for this type of event,” Rhodes said. “This [cold] doesn’t happen here.”

    Conveniently, both these viewpoints ignore the fact that wind turbines aren’t exactly alone in failing in the cold. In fact, they may actually be less to blame for Texas’s troubles than other energy sources. Some of the country’s biggest oil refineries, owned by big names like Saudi Aramco and Exxon, shut down operations in Texas Monday. Last week, several natural gas facilities and pipelines in the state also shut down as temperatures dipped and wellheads froze up.

    “We don’t have the supply of gas that we normally do, and we’re consuming gas in record numbers, which is also depressurizing the gas lines,” Rhodes explained. “Natural gas power plants also require a certain pressure to operate, so if they can’t get that pressure, they also have to shut down. Everything that could go wrong is going wrong with the system.”

    While it may take some time to do a full postmortem on what exactly happened to make conditions so dire this week, this isn’t the first time the Texas grid has frozen up both literally and metaphorically. In 2014, regulators found that wind energy was actually more reliable than both coal and natural gas during an early January cold snap. And in 2011—when Texas’s wind power capacity was one-third what it is now—state regulators ordered ERCOT to make winterizing updates. Since winterization is not mandatory, though, it’s not clear what the utility actually did to upgrade the grid.


    There’s a whole lot more to this than ” renewables are bad “. You are throwing out slogans when you ought to be studying what happened.

  10. Phantom Solar is nice, Wind is nice…. both are not at the stage of development to sustain life…. and that is what an Energy Grid has to do.

    You can cite this or cite that but the reason I list above is why the Tx Grid failed. Read my friend read.

    I have no problem with alternative fuels but the technology is not yet reliable.

    Do yourself a favor and look at the problems Germany is having with their power grid due to solar and wind.

    These Technologies are not yet ready and as we push unreliable technology into a system that lives depend on people will die as a result and they’ll have died so some yuppie feels good about the environment…. the dead won’t care.

  11. Texas is a vast state, with at least four really big and prosperous metropolitan areas ( DFW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio ) and a ton of industry. And almost 16% of the electricity in that area comes from wind. That’s not a niche portion, that’s a really significant contribution, not tomorrow, but now.

    Storms and lightning bolts and human error have caused major blackouts at other times, including in the 1960s, before renewables in their present form were a thing.

    When there was a huge Northeast & Canada blackout in 1965, people didn’t mock the coal technology of that day.

    Texas may have made an error in choosing to have it’s own grid. It didn’t make an error by going big on wind.

    I’m well aware of Germany’s errors in this area, in getting out of nuclear way too soon.

  12. Wind is not reliable…. thank god the Hospitals all have UPS systems or more people would be dead.

    The Power Grid of the Entire Nation needs an upgrade, just the delivery system alone is outdated and vulnerable. If we get hit with a solar flare like we we did at the turn of the last century the majority of the country would have no power for months.

    Now that only happens once every 100yrs but once is all it takes 15 years ago a proposal to bury the lines nation wide was put forth the cost was 3 Billion a pittance. It would shield us from both Solar and EMP.

    It was shot down for environmental concerns over the harm to the earth by burying the powerlines. So when it happens and thousands die it will be good for the planet….

    The Green Movement is a flatearth society that will kill us all and cheer about it, because our death and destruction would be good for the planet. They don’t care about Human Life.

  13. It would cost very many times 3 billion to bury all the nations power lines and it would take forever to do

    The governor of Texas himself said that the fault for this lies with the private power companies, most certainly including those who Generate electricity from coal and gas

  14. Frozen wind turbines in Texas caused some conservative state politicians to declare Tuesday that the state was relying too much on renewable energy. But in reality, the lost wind power makes up only a fraction of the reduction in power-generating capacity that has brought outages to millions of Texans across the state during a major winter storm.

    An official with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas said Tuesday afternoon that 16 gigawatts of renewable energy generation, mostly wind generation, was offline. Nearly double that, 30 gigawatts, had been lost from thermal sources, which includes gas, coal and nuclear energy.

    “Texas is a gas state,” said Michael Webber, an energy resources professor at the University of Texas at Austin

    Texas Tribune

    Those people who are blaming the blackouts on windmills don’t have the slightest idea what they’re talking about.

    They’re all repeating each other’s anti environmental prejudices

  15. As the link above says, Texas is not winterized in it’s power production. Even the natural gas pressurizing equipment is seizing up and freezing, just at the time when we need it the most. Luckily for me, I’m not on the TX grid, nor in the middle of the worst weather. My family in Dallas however is getting hit hard.

    The windmills are frozen, the piles of coal are frozen and useless, the natural gas is running low. In DFW, I hear food in the markets is running low as supply trucks can’t make it in.

    So it’s really not as simple as going green in Texas. Everything is going wrong at once during the coldest winter storm in living memory.

  16. No it really wouldn’t we’re talking the transmission lines… you know the big ones you see coming from the power plants and have their own right of way. Not the ones hanging from telephone poles in the city…. Just the main lines…. those are the ones that we have to update and protect.

    And the blame goes to the private companies…. for working within the FEDERAL and STATE REGULATIONS….. No they can’t show a history of fines and citations to back up blaming private business.

    They got hit with something they knew could happen and bet that it wouldn’t. It’s no more complicated than that. The cost is embarrassment and a few peoples lives, and it will continue in spite of just being proven unreliable.

    Biden just shut down oil and gas, what you don’t see ten more solyndras coming? Plus Trillions in contracts with the Chicoms for wind and solar equipment, because that’s where it’s all made. Then add the battery material for the electric cars. Over 80% of the rare metals that are needed for them to function also all come from china.

    None of the equipment to fulfill this wetdream are made here.

    Tx is the perfect metaphor a state floating on a sea of oil and gas has no power because it’s more environmentally sound.

  17. glad to see ya Charles

  18. Thanks Pat. I don’t know how you Northerners live with cold like this all the time!

  19. thinking of moving to gods waiting room….

    With my condition each year the winter gets more and more painful.. looking on the gulf side of Fla…. but open to suggestion.

  20. I’d really have to research that, for things like affordability, availability of DR’s. etc.

  21. that’s what I’m doing….. It’s a dance and we shall see what the good lord gives us as a path.

    I’ve had enough of farm country, we came here to raise the girls in safety, job done.

    Time for us with what little we have to relax and enjoy.

  22. I wish you the best of luck. You deserve it.

  23. right back at ya Charles… time to relax

  24. Where in the gulf side of Florida

    Winter can be rough but in some places they celebrate it big time. Many outdoor events in Montreal in the cold months


  25. Started looking around Fort Myers region, when I was a kid my fathers parents lived in Port Charlotte…. fort myers sannibel islandc is where I honeymooned but I’ve been going to the gulf my whole life.

    The only other place besides the woods where I’d go.

  26. Good luck

    I used to have a customer down in Naples. I’d fly into Fort Myers Every year.

    There’s an awful lot of wealthy people down there, but your real estate dollar goes much further than in the Northeast

  27. texas: apply minor amount of winter, watch it collapse

    if this wasn’t such a tragedy it would be a farce

  28. One of the things about Florida I’ve always enjoyed you can literally go from swamp hut to mega opulence by turning a corner. A lot of wealth and a lot of poverty.

    I’ll settle for something simple in 55+ community not far from the beach. There are a lot of nice ones for a fare price all over the state.

    Shoot 15yrs ago I got offered the position to run that airport you flew into, they would have payed for the move and everything…. then she said no way in hell she’d live in Fla and I turned it down…

    Won’t get the property I would have then, but I’ll get what I need.

  29. hell EP they couldn’t handle your summers….

  30. By the way Pat look in Arizona around calexico, prices are relatively cheap, warm dry climate lots of SS’s

  31. thanks EP

  32. If Yuma floats your boat lots of park model trailers for sale for under 50k lol I have one for sale in sun vista 55+

  33. cool… Yuma

  34. Yuma is down in the corner 5 miles from California and 5 miles from Mexico. I inherited parts of a couple park models. They are small but good enough for 2 people

    Most communities are 55+ and have large clubhouses with all the amenities

  35. Never saw it on a map before.



  36. I searched the region after you mentioned it. Very similar to what I’m looking at. I’m in dbl wide now that’s not my old house, but still very comfortable. I was looking in the Poconos but the area we were looking in the last 12 mths the prices practically doubled. Everyone left NY with covid, they were buying houses 10k over market cash…

    The wife turned just before xmas and said f it lets go to Fla…. I’ve wanted to go there forever it’s one of only 4 places I would live in the country, Pa, Co, Fla, or Maine and Florida is the only one with weather that would treat me nice.

  37. Florida can be very humid if that bothers you Arizona has lots of dessert to shout your guns in lol

  38. Florida summers are brutal, but the Northeast summers are brutal also.

    But look what weather Florida gives you right now


  39. I love the humidity…. Pa is a greenhouse… the difference, in Fla when it gets humid it rains, in Pa it just cooks ya like kimchee in a pot in the ground even when the skies explode at night when the sun goes down with thunder and lightning the humidity doesn’t go away. 90 degrees and 90% humidity is a common summer day. it’s 20 degrees right now and 50% humidity.

    I can accept the pain of winter if I’m in the woods and have deer running through my yard as I sit by the wood stove, but If I can’t have that give me the Gulf and Florida Bass Fishing shit I’ll die happy as I bake in Florida’s sun.

  40. 78 and 73% that’s comfortable….

    Look you just have to be prepared anywhere along the gulf hell anywhere in Florida… if they say a Hurricane is coming don’t sit, don’t wait, don’t panic… just get the hell out of the way….

    be prepared

  41. Restarting oil and gas wells closed by the extreme cold sweeping much of the U.S. isn’t going to be quick or easy, even once the ice thaws and power is restored.

    Oil production nationwide has been cut by at least a third and in the Permian Basin of Texas, the heart of America’s shale industry, output has plummeted by as much as 65%. But bringing flows back is likely to take much longer than it took for them to slump.


    Obviously, it’s the fault of the windmills

    And AOC

    And the Deep State!

  42. The problem in Texas goes way beyond the electric grid there, and has little if anything to do with governmental regulation

    Even Ted Cruz, who kicked California when it was down over it’s blackouts years ago, isn’t AFAIK passing the buck on this.

    The Texas political power structure ( all Republican ) and private industry ( oil and gas drillers, and the private power generators ) own this pig. They weren’t prepared for this kind of sustained cold.

    Even if it will only get this cold every 50-100 years, you’re supposed to prepare for it, right lads?

  43. what are you babbling about…. What do they have to do with oil being effected by the cold….?

    you lost me

  44. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-02-17/how-do-you-restart-an-oil-well-that-s-frozen-solid

    Many oil wells are frozen solid.

    Find a away to blame that on the Democrats or on federal regulation.

    Or Barney Frank and the Community Reinvestment Act.

    It’s always their fault right

    Private industry never f*** up, right

  45. Phantom,

    It would cost very many times 3 billion to bury all the nations power lines and it would take forever to do

    It’s groundhog Day at ATW again.
    Didn’t we demonstrate with evidence last time that burying the cables would be a completely useless, and expensive waste of time.

  46. it’s called weather…… no one is to blame. Shit happens.

    Now you tell me a storm like this happens what once every ten twenty years did they not prepare a contingency for it because they were to stupid to know or to corrupt to care ?

    Either way they’ve found a Flaw in the Grid Design and Redundancies. Now acknowledging this flaw how are they going to prevent a future reoccurrence ?

    and stay green…..

  47. Patrick

    You and Pete on this very thread were blaming all or much of this on ” wind or solar “. You spoke before you thought. Even after I had started the thread by pointing out the lies spread by Alex Jones on this topic, monstrous lies that were all over Fox News and junk AM right wing talk radio yesterday.

    Because those guys follow Alex Jones much of the time.

    And yes Dave you are correct. They never learn, because they never listen.

  48. Even after I had started the thread by pointing out the lies spread by Alex Jones on this topic, monstrous lies that were all over Fox News

    Jones and Fox tell lies? Who knew?

  49. Phantom,

    You are right. The last time it was this cold in Texas this far south was 70 years ago. Mother Nature caught Texas unprepared energy-grid wise. I don’t hear much passing the buck down here. It’s our grid, and we own the problem.

    What I do hear from fellow Texans is bewilderment. This is Texas after all. We have pride that knows few bounds. To be laid low like this (esp. in front of Canadians!) is an embarrassment.

  50. Phantom alright understand I know your thought processes haven’t been working well for the past 4 years so I will repeat.

    The Reason the power is out and people have died in Tx is because of the left pushing global warming and unreliable technology into the grid killed them… they either were to stupid to count on the weather or to corrupt to care I believe the latter.

    I believe the Greenies of the world don’t care if people die occasionally because the tech’s not ready. To protect the planet from evil oil and gas they are willing to take it off line and replace it with equipment that is not 100 percent reliable the odds are it won’t happen and if it does and a few dozen people die so what…. they’re saving the planet there are plenty of people but only one Earth.

    Wind and Solar can not keep you warm and the lights on. The Germans are finding that out worse than us. Are you denying that the grid failed? Are you denying the Grid Failed because the Wind Mills Froze? Do you believe that this is an acceptable set of circumstances now taking place in Tx?

    Each Death is laid directly at the feat of those pushing technology that is not ready and that would be AOC and all the little green cultists..

    It is still just weather, but then again these people think man can actually effect the weather….

  51. See Charles’ comment

    He’s not making politically motivated excuses.

    You are.

    And he lives there.

  52. I don’t care….. since when does what anyone else have to say effect my view on this subject matter? but lets use Charles statement shall we…

    You are right. The last time it was this cold in Texas this far south was 70 years ago. Mother Nature caught Texas unprepared energy-grid wise. I don’t hear much passing the buck down here. It’s our grid, and we own the problem.

    So it happened 70yrs ago, they knew it could happen.

    Why did they not prepare a contingency? Were they Stupid or did they not care?

    It’s one or the other and Charles is right it’s their grid the decision loop will be easy to trace on who made these decisions… the fact that they are being good Texans the salt of the Earth and are weathering the storm literally and helping their neighbors. Do you, or does Charles believe that after the power comes back on that the shit isn’t going to hit the fan?

    People died, a whole state lost power, millions of dollars has been lost.

    You don’t think there is going to be an inquiry on WHY THEY WERE UNPREPARED?

    It’s not “passing the buck”

    It’s called “Preventing Future Deaths”

    or Charles do you believe once the power comes back on everyone’s just going to give a sigh of relief and move on business as usual?

    and of course just hope it doesn’t get cold again…

  53. It has little do do with wind or solar or AOC or the Green New Deal or John Kerry or the Feds or any of the usual right wing meme-world slogan-causes. That’s all I was saying.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

    70 or 100 years is nothing if you’re taking the long view.

    Anyone that touches the energy industry in Texas ( and elsewhere else in America ) has just been given a lesson, if they choose to learn it.

  54. Pat, Gov. Abbott says there will be investigations over what went wrong, and there should be. Like E.P. said, the state got hit with a little hard winter and fell apart. It shouldn’t have happened.

    We sit on a sea of oil and natural gas, yet oil pumps and natural gas compressors froze solid. Texans want answers from our government, and I hope we will get them.

  55. Much of American business is short-term oriented.

    If regulation doesn’t make them do it, business likely won’t spend the money that it might take to deal with a rare occurrence, one that happens every 70 years.

    Especially at a time like this, when oil and gas prices have been low for a long time.

    The usual slogans don’t work here. What are the correct rules and regulations, starting with the grid? Were such rules in place for the Texas grid and if not why not

    ( The Texas grid is not subject to federal oversight, and that was intentional on the part of the Texas politicians. Was that the right policy decision on their part )

  56. Are you denying the Grid Failed because the Wind Mills Froze? Do you believe that this is an acceptable set of circumstances now taking place in Tx?

    According to the people who run the Texas power grid, the problem isn’t the windmills or solar panels its the coal, natural gas and nuclear plants that are going off line and causing the problem

    Little known fact, solar panels actually work better in the cold

  57. Those blaming this on windmills are those with zero knowledge of the industry, zero knowledge of technology.

    This is the new Big Lie extravaganza, courtesy of those who gave you the previous blockbuster films:

    ” Stolen Election ”

    ” Birther of A Nation ”

    ” Controlled Demolition “

  58. EP they went off line because they couldn’t supply the load without the sections controlled by the wind and solar….

    A Power Grid is a circuit…. the breakers blew. The way a power grid works is it pulls the generated electricity from all to feed the need or the draw… as pieces go down other power stations on the grid have to generate more power to fill the gap. If the draw is too great they shut down or burn up.

    Over the past 20yrs the environmentalists have pushed the “green equipment” in piecemeal, as they put a piece in place they removed a piece of fossil. They have kept doing this to the point that there was zero reserve in the system if the green equipment went offline. It was simple negligence brought on by the desire to do good…. it’s called unintended consequences…

    Infrastructure can NOT be short term and can not be based on faulty equipment.

  59. EP they went off line because they couldn’t supply the load without the sections controlled by the wind and solar….

    Did you just make that up, or did you get that from some junk right wing troll farm

    It’s one of the two.

    You won’t be able to point to any responsible oil and gas industry source for that.

  60. Conservative Treehouse is the garbage can that Patty used to get her opinions from

    Note how they spin the story to blame windmills, when their own source materials say no such thing at all


  61. EP they went off line because they couldn’t supply the load without the sections controlled by the wind and solar….

    Phantom that’s how a grid works….. that’s what happened… if you disagree explain why.

  62. hey couldn’t supply the load without the sections controlled by the wind and solar….

    I don’t accept your premise

    What oil and gas industry professionals or observers have said that?

  63. See what looks to be an accurate story by a right wing source


    But once you get into the comments section, all everyone wants to talk about is evil windmills.

    Which is not what the industry professionals are talking about.

    Charles knows what happened. I am sure that Daphne knows what happened. But extreme hyper partisans can’t accept what happened, because they don’t see things through a business lens, they see everything in a politics only lens.

  64. Phantom a power grid works by distributing the load to do so everything is interconnected when one plant goes down the other plants increase output to fill the gap each grid has a capacity reserve just for that reason.

    To operate a grid has to maintain a certain level of megawattage if a piece drops the grid loses a percentage of megawattage the other pieces of the grid provide that missing power.

    Grids have a reserve limit that is it can lose 7% of it’s power anywhere along the grid at one time because the rest of the power generators can increase to that 7% limit. Once that 7% limit is reached safeties in the plants shut them down automatically so they don’t overload the transmission lines or other equipment and cause devastating fires.

    I don’t have the exact numbers but this is close. Texas had a 7% Reserve but 18% of it’s Generated Standard Operational Megawattage came from Wind. When the weather crippled the Wind the Grid loss double what it could produce to make up and as the Wind mills stopped the system is automated the next nearest station increased it’s output until the automatic safety protocols shut it down.

    This took place all across the state like someone was randomly knocking over dominoes until they all fell down.

    The flaw in the system was the fact that the catastrophic one in a million chance of losing every windmill across the entire state happened…. ooops

    That’s not politics it’s basic electric engineering. You should understand it as Common Knowledge…. why don’t you?

  65. There were multiple failures in the grid and in many other places including in the gas and oil wells themselves.

    Yet you only focus on the failures in the windmills, because that fits in with political prejudices

    Windmills are a part of the story, but are not what you think. As EP has noted, it gets a hell of a lot colder in Canada and Sweden than it does in Texas, and the Canadian and Swedish windmills are performing just fine this week. Private companies in Texas didn’t buy windmills that can deal with cold because they cost more than warm weather windmills. They bought cheaper windmills, since it only gets very cold in Texas every so often.

    That’s not a problem with windmill technology. Which is why industry voices don’t say what you have been saying.

  66. Private companies in Texas didn’t buy windmills that can deal with cold because they cost more than warm weather windmills. They bought cheaper windmills, since it only gets very cold in Texas every so often.

    I’m not being mean I’m honestly laughing right now and all I can think is are you stoned or stupid…. but I know you are neither Tom.

    Read your statement….. now read what I wrote….

    I believe the Greenies of the world don’t care if people die occasionally because the tech’s not ready. To protect the planet from evil oil and gas they are willing to take it off line and replace it with equipment that is not 100 percent reliable the odds are it won’t happen and if it does and a few dozen people die so what…. they’re saving the planet there are plenty of people but only one Earth.

    Now you tell me a storm like this happens what once every ten twenty years did they not prepare a contingency for it because they were to stupid to know or to corrupt to care ?

    Those “Private Companies” AS YOU SAY… are the Greenie companies. They are the Suppliers of “WindMills” THEY bought cheap windmills because aww f it why spend the money for the better ones it’s Tx it ain’t gonna snow… besides the planets getting warmer and we can pad our pockets with Tax Payer Money buying the cheap ones and still save the Planet….

    so the Greenie windmill “Private Companies” did it….. lol

  67. There were multiple failures in the grid and in many other places including in the gas and oil wells and pipelines themselves.

    This is amazing how this anti-science, anti-engineering, anti-technology fake news about windmills and solar is bouncing around right wing America. I don’t know what they think this will accomplish but you have your fun.

    Next case.

  68. Rightworld has always claimed that its love-in with fossil fuels was because renewables were so damned expensive. But the truth now is that fossils are not competitive on price any more for electricity generation and massive batteries have made huge advances. So the real ojection is exposed as political. The GOP loves fossil fuels because the GOP is totally bought and paid for by fossil fuel producers like Koch. It’s as simple as that and as corrupt as that.

    This is from Bill McKibbin’s review this week of the new Bill Gates book on how Gates thinks we can fix the climate change problem. Gates thinks it can all be done by hi-tech engineering and ignores politics completely, and McKibbin shows just how naive that view is:

    “In fact, as the analyst Ramez Naam pointed out last spring, the price of solar power has dropped astonishingly in the last decade, far outpacing even the most optimistic forecasts. The price drop is 50 to 100 years ahead of what the International Energy Agency was forecasting in 2010, mostly because we’re getting better at building and installing solar panels. Every time we double the number of panels installed, the price drops another 30 to 40 percent, and there’s plenty of runway left…

    As London’s Carbon Tracker Initiative explained last year, building new sun- and wind-power facilities is already, or soon will be, cheaper even than operating existing coal-fired power. Most people, Gates included, have not caught on yet to just how fast this engineering miracle is happening. So why aren’t we moving much faster than we are? That’s because of politics…

    We now know from great investigative reporting that the oil companies knew everything about climate change back in the 1980s, and that they systematically built an edifice of disinformation and denial to keep us in the dark. That’s why we’ve wasted almost three decades of scientific warning. “I don’t have a solution to the politics of climate change,” Gates writes, but in fact he does: He founded, and his foundation is a shareholder in, a company that has donated money to exactly the politicians who are in the pocket of big oil. A Bloomberg analysis last fall found that Microsoft had given only a third of its contributions to “climate-friendly” politicians. Emily Atkin, in a December issue of her climate newsletter Heated, pointed out that Microsoft had joined 42 other corporations in a letter to President-elect Biden calling on him to enact “ambitious” climate policies — and then donated to David Perdue for his Georgia Senate runoff (other signatories to the letter also gave to Kelly Loeffler). Had they won and the G.O.P. retained control of the Senate, the chances for those ambitious climate policies would have been nil.”


  69. Some wind turbines in the state have indeed frozen. But so have coal piles and natural gas pipelines. And shortfalls in carbon energy played a much larger role in bringing about the present crisis than inadequate wind power generation did. Texas only derives 10 percent of its electricity from wind sources during the winter. The state’s nonprofit utility, Electric Reliability Council of Texas, had such low expectations for how much electricity wind would produce at this time of year, the state’s turbines actually outperformed projections on Monday. If all the polar vortex had done was to freeze a few wind farms, there would be no energy crisis in Texas right now.


    Texas’s electricity system is less regulated and more market-driven than those in most other states, an arrangement that forces power generators to compete ruthlessly on price. That provides a significant benefit to consumers, especially low-income ones, who devote a higher percentage of their paychecks to keeping the lights on. But it also takes a toll on system capacity and resilience: When competition forces generators to supply electricity at (or below) the current cost of production, they have little revenue to invest in capital improvements or maintenance. Ed Hirs, an energy fellow in the Department of Economics at the University of Houston, believes that this shortfall of investment was central to the crisis, telling the Houston Chronicle, “It’s like not taking care of your car. If you don’t change the oil and tires, you can’t expect your car to be ready to evacuate, let alone get you to work.”


    I think that there will be some very hard conversations in Texas in the near future. The larger business community would not be happy with the current system.

    But the hogwash peddled by Alex Jones, his friend Tucker and Patrick won’t be any part of those dialogues

  70. The sky is falling the sky is falling…. but it’s those damn capitalist’s fault….

    Phantom c’mon calling me anti-science, anti-engineering, anti-technology… is a stretch don’t you think….. or should we switch to talking the space program, astro physics, nuclear physics,

    how about computer engineering….. let me dust off my degree.

    I unlike a person that believes in man made global warming am a devotee of provable science.

    If you want to replace Fossil Fuels it can ONLY be done with reliable equipment. The wind mills failed. The fact they failed because of corruption doesn’t change the fact that they still failed. I kept bringing up Germany in this conversation because the German Grid is a disaster because of Solar and they are in the middle of a internal political fight on whether or not to build more nuclear or buy more oil and gas from the Russians.

    The green technology is not at the technical level to do the job that is being asked of it and I’m not just saying it I’m witnessing it across the globe. When the tech gets better I will gladly support it, but until then the price of an inferior technology can be literally measured in Human Life, how many have died this week? There is the cost for Texas for using inferior tech…

  71. But the hogwash peddled by Alex Jones, his friend Tucker and Patrick won’t be any part of those dialogues

    The problem starts with the fact that they deny there is a problem, because they deny that our CO2 emissions have any influence whatso****ing ever on our climate. They are only 124 years out of date with that:

    “In developing a theory to explain the ice ages, Arrhenius, in 1896, was the first to use basic principles of physical chemistry to calculate estimates of the extent to which increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) will increase Earth’s surface temperature through the greenhouse effect.[3][22][23] These calculations led him to conclude that human-caused CO2 emissions, from fossil-fuel burning and other combustion processes, are large enough to cause global warming. This conclusion has been extensively tested, winning a place at the core of modern climate science.”

    I wonder does Alex Jones accept that Darwin was right? More likely he thinks that Darwinism is a conspiracy to do down the white race and I daresay that Tucker would be on board with that one as well. In for a penny, in for a pound as we say on this side of the Atlantic.


  72. Ahh the high priest of the global cult has arrived…. Where ya been Peter.. lol

    Peter in your view is the replacement tech for fossil fuel performing at a level that won’t cause the loss of Life ?

  73. When the tech gets better I will gladly support it,

    No you won’t. Because it’s already better and you are still wanting coal to be the main source of US electricity even though it’s way more expensive than wind and solar because it’s “God-given” or some such bullshit.

  74. Our newest Texan and Austin resident Elon Musk had some harsh words over the situation. I’m sure that a man of his stature will be listened to by the powers that be. Business can not continue to grow at breakneck speed here with a substandard power grid.

    This is not rocket science. If they can keep on the lights in Montreal and Green Bay, we can do it in Dallas and Houston. It’s just going to take planning and bond money.

  75. Peter explain the German situation please.

  76. I kept bringing up Germany in this conversation because the German Grid is a disaster because of Solar and they are in the middle of a internal political fight on whether or not to build more nuclear or buy more oil and gas from the Russians.

    Yes, the Germans made a stupid decision to phase out nuclear after the Japanese disaster at Fukishima. But so far as I know, there have been no power failure disasters in Germany like what Texas has experienced this week. And if the Greens get into coalition government after the election in September, that Putin gas pipeline will be cancelled, even though it’s 90% complete, and German coal-fired electricity will be phased out even more quickly than under present plans.

    The French got this right: “The electricity sector in France is dominated by nuclear power, which accounted for 71.7% of total production in 2018, while renewables and fossil fuels accounted for 21.3% and 7.1%, respectively.”


  77. They didn’t plan on that once in a hundred year storm and when you’re talking powergrids you have to.

    This was a very costly lesson in common sense.

  78. Peter thank you.

    Look up solar and Ice in Germany, if I find the info I’ll post it. Germany didn’t have a failure like this because they had enough reserve to cover the failure but the solar has been very problematic for them.

  79. They didn’t plan because there was very light regulation

    And sometimes regulation is a really good thing on a cold night in February

  80. Yes Patrick, Germany has ****ed up its solar installation badly after a stupid and abrupt reduction in subsidies in 2012. If they are serious about phasing out coal by 2035 and if they cancel Putin 2 Nordstream 2 they will have to accept that nuclear will be a big part of the picture for the next few decades, which will be a big test for the Greens. But the pipeline will be easier to cancel when Merkel departs in September.

    “In Germany growth of photovoltaics has been an exponential curve between 2004–2012. During the peak years 2010-2012 the capacity grew by over 7,000 megawatts [MW] annually. As a result of politically motivated adjustments to the Renewable Energy Sources Act [EEG], there was a market collapse that resulted in a loss of more than 80% growth. With a new installed capacity of 1,520 MW the result of 2016 did not even meet the growth target set by the government [2,400 to 2,600 megawatts per year].


  81. The first part of Nord Stream is due to be completed in June

  82. On Tuesday, the state’s principal energy supplier, the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (Ercot), said the freezing conditions had led to:
    30GW being taken offline from gas, coal and nuclear sources
    a 16GW loss in capacity in wind and other renewable energy supplies

    And this, it said, had severely curtailed its ability to satisfy a peak demand of 69GW over the past few days – a surge even greater than anticipated.

    In its plan for an extreme winter weather event, Ercot says it expects only 7% to be provided by wind energy.
    The company’s Dan Woodfin said: “It appears that a lot of the generation that has gone offline today has been primarily due to issues on the natural gas system.”

    The cold weather also affected a water system needed to run the South Texas Nuclear Power Station, causing one reactor to shut down.

    Dr Joshua Rhodes, at the University of Texas at Austin, tweeted: “There is no single resource to blame for this. “We usually think of peak events happening over a couple of hours. This one is lasting days.”Wind has been below expected output. But so have other sources.”


  83. the whole thing for me on this is, this is our primary infrastructure. Man can not live without fire as we have become smarter monkeys we put our fire into the form of electricity and by doing so we refined fire to it’s most efficient form and we can access it anywhere instantaneously….. and the instant you can’t access it people start to die.

    There is no reliable replacement for fossil, wind solar and water can’t do it and to pretend otherwise cost lives. Nuclear is the dirtiest fuel that exists it’s waste is deadly forever and I don’t trust anyone to handle that waste safely period.

    If someone can come up with a viable replacement I’ll take it and so will everyone in the world, but until a fuel a device an element a chemical something anything can be invented to fuel not just the lights but the cars, the trains, the planes, the power plants and the worlds heating and air conditioning systems we need and can’t live without fossil fuels.

    Stop sacrificing lives for your holy crusade…. the techs not here yet than can replace fossil, but I never said stop trying, but you do have to face facts… green energy on a large scale does not yet work.

  84. Phantom, on February 18th, 2021 at 1:41 AM Said: Edit Comment
    They didn’t plan because there was very light regulation

    And sometimes regulation is a really good thing on a cold night in February

    very true

  85. Phantom

    //But the hogwash peddled by Alex Jones, his friend Tucker and Patrick won’t be any part of those dialogues//

    Indeed mate.
    Idiots seem to be sprouting the usual nonsense bulshit, completely devoid of facts.
    First off, there are multiple reasons for these power problems in Texas, and most of them are not related to renewable energy, but to the extreme weather affecting existing fossil fuel and nuclear power energy generation.

    Secondly, the world is going to have to start embracing nuclear power again. It’s the cleanest form of power generation and that’s a fact. Newer reactors are much safer than the older generation. It’s not perfect, but it’s the only viable option to fulfil our ever-increasing need for power. Nuclear, compared to other methods of power generation is much safer and produces a lot less pollution and radiation then coal fired plants.

    This video gives comparative figures for deaths related to different types of energy generation.

    This article compares the amount of nuclear waste from coral and and nuclear power generation.

  86. Phantom,

    Your 2:36 post is appreciated. It’s rare to see facts on ATW these days.

  87. Charles

    //We sit on a sea of oil and natural gas, yet oil pumps and natural gas compressors froze solid. Texans want answers from our government, and I hope we will get them.//

    It’s an interesting question Charles. Should the state of Texas invest in measures to handle problems presented by cold weather for events that happen very rarely? (Although with global warming, they may happen more often.)
    I was listening to a debate online with some Texans arguing over whether the state should invest in snow ploughs and gritting lorries.

  88. —WASHINGTON – Former Texas governor Rick Perry suggests that going days without power is a sacrifice Texans should be willing to make if it means keeping federal regulators out of the state’s power grid.

    In a blog posted on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s website, Perry is quoted responding to the claim that “those watching on the left may see the situation in Texas as an opportunity to expand their top-down, radical proposals.”

    “Texans would be without electricity for longer than three days to keep the federal government out of their business,” Perry is quoted as saying. “Try not to let whatever the crisis of the day is take your eye off of having a resilient grid that keeps America safe personally, economically, and strategically.

    Houston Chronicle

    Words fail

    There is a Trump supporting radio host in new York city named Mark Simone. Yesterday, he was talking about how wind power was the cause of the blackouts, and how they were now in Texas “ shooting de icer on windmills from helicopters and from jets “

    The same media voices ( Carlson, Alex Jones ) who spun the big lie about the stolen election are the same ones who spun the big lie about wind power being the major cause of the blackouts in Texas. And the same people here were wrong about both. They choose to follow the Lie Machine. It’s an “ information war “ and you don’t want to be off script at any moment. God forbid you ever thought for yourself.

  89. TM: You mentioned frozen natural gas wells. We also have frozen wind turbines. Is there any particular infrastructure culprit?

    JR: I don’t really think there’s any one thing you can point your finger at. When ERCOT does planning for winter, they only really count on 10 percent of wind turbine capacity being available. We’re already not relying on it very heavily to be there. While there have been times where wind has produced as much as ERCOT is relying on it, there have been times where they haven’t produced as much as they’re relied on. But at the same time, we’re also short about one third of our thermal power plants, our natural gas, coal, and nuclear. [Wind turbines are expected to supply about 25 percent of the state’s electricity in the winter, and are currently producing about half of that. Coal- and gas-fired plants are expected to make up 60 percent of the state’s energy production this time of year. ERCOT said Wednesday thermal energy was responsible for 60 percent of the energy loss and 40 percent came from wind and solar.]

    In the coming weeks and days, there will be studies that will look at what just happened, what was the timeline to the cascading failures that we have right now. There’s no obvious boogey man at this point

    An energy expert, in the excellent Texas Monthly


  90. Mark Si moan….. I did see a clip of this piece of equipment being used Phantom…..


    and they do use Helicopters also…..


    well there are helicopters and Drones de-icing windmills and the Dems did steal the election…. so anything else you want to get wrong this morning…. 😉

  91. Simone was a cheerleader for the Iraq War for years after it went wrong. He is talented, but he is a right wing drone

    The famous photo of helicopter de icing in Texas is actually from Sweden

  92. yeah I know I find Simone annoying… the helicopter footage and drone footage are advertising the equipment that I put up, but it was neat I was watching on the weather channel a drone being used to deice it was neat as hell… I looked for that clip but couldn’t find it…

    It’s something you don’t think about and thought was interesting.

  93. I like Simone, think that he is someone who could be successful nationally

    Just wish that he would de emphasize the politics for a minute

    This is an age that has become way too partisan.

    Left and right.

  94. Governor Abbott of Texas has significantly backed down from his earlier comments that had blamed the blackouts on renewable energy

  95. it was a whole system collapse….. but the weakest link in the chain was the windmills…

    but they weren’t the total cause…

  96. Phantom,
    //Governor Abbott of Texas has significantly backed down from his earlier comments that had blamed the blackouts on renewable energy//

    There are multiple reasons for the collapse, including maintenance and underinvestment in the existing infrastructure. The primary cause being the extreme weather conditions. To blame renewables as the primary cause is utter nonsense.

  97. Yep

    There’s been a great backtracking on that one

    Let’s see what the next yarn will be from Big Lie Media ( Hannity, Carlson, Jones, Fox, many others who are very coordinated )

  98. Ted Cruz is helping the state out in its hour of great need by leaving for a family vacation in Cancun right now!

    He’s the best!

  99. Dave, It will be interesting to see if Texans will be willing to invest in more snow plows and gritting lorries. With climate change, these weather events may become more common. We surely need to update our grid, which which has been neglected for decades under deregulation, and will cost billions.

    The big question is, is this weather event a one off, or the new normal?

  100. Charles tonight’s forecast dark… continued dark with widely scatered light at Dawn…

    there is the only accurate guaranteed forecast you’ll ever get, everything else is speculation and trends.

    The farmers almanac has been one of the most accurate predictor of weather, it’s produced entirely from historical data and trends… it’s published once a year.

    This storm will happen again, will it be in the next year or another 70 years? Anyone who says they can answer that question is either lying or stupid.

  101. Here in NYC and I guess in other places, sanitation or other government trucks normally used for other purposes are fitted with plows, and they do a great job.

    Even if it doesn’t snow often in Texas, you simply have to make the investment in buying some plows

    And even if the grid is to remain separately governed, you just have to have more connections with the Northeast, Midwest etc. Our utilities would happily sell you much power if there was a way to get it to you.

    Rick Perry’s above statement on the grid sounds completely insane to me. If I ran a business there, I’d be having sharp words with the governor and others now. Texas is rightly famous for being pro-business but having a poorly designed autarchic grid that fails is as anti business as you can get. The yahoos and ignoranti can blather about how regulation is always bad, but Texan residents and businesses deserve stuff that works.

  102. Charles
    //Dave, It will be interesting to see if Texans will be willing to invest in more snow plows and gritting lorries. With climate change, these weather events may become more common.//

    The science shows that due to climate change, extreme weather events will become more common in the future. Therefore many places are going to have to adapt to this new normal.
    My heart goes out to you good people in Texas you’ve had a tough time of it with flooding an extreme storms in recent years.

  103. I saw Perry on TV either last night or the night before and was going off about how we all have to start using these new mini-fusion reactors.

    all I could think was yeah put them everywhere will send the waste to your house Rick…

  104. Even if there were no climate change, this type of event will happen in Texas and other southern states every so often

  105. yup…. and just because it only happens once every 50yrs is no excuse not to be prepared, that’s what proper govt regulation is for to protect the lives of the public.

  106. You guys have no idea of how bad it is here, there are no juicy hurricane pictures to convey the extent of the damage and suffering.

    My neighborhood got power back on this morning after being without power since last Thursday morning when the first ice storm ripped through central Texas. Hundreds of trees cracked under the ice load taking out my entire zip code’s power lines.

    I have two huge, ancient cedars down in my backyard and several substantial limbs are scattered across the yard, thankfully none hit the house or power lines.

    We had a few hours of intermittent power on Saturday and Sunday. We lost all power Sunday afternoon. The temps sunk down to single digits, then rising into the teens and twenties. It has been brutally cold. Our water shut down today, we’ve been told to expect none for many days.

    The streets have been coated in a thick layer of ice, getting to the stores has been difficult, many are closed due to no power, getting gasoline for cars or generators is near impossible as gas stations lost power or ran out of gas. The shelves are empty at grocery stores and the trucks can’t get through to restock. Most ATM stations aren’t working and the few that are have no cash. Many stores cannot process credit/debit cards, so require cash. There isn’t a stick of firewood to be found in the entire state. People are burning furniture and cedar fences to stay warm.

    People couldn’t power their phones to call for help and 911/311 systems shut down due to high demand. The water systems across the state have failed. We have no water flowing into our homes. Millions of frozen pipes have burst in homes and businesses – so many people are living in the freezing dark after water cascaded through their ceilings soaking everything they own.

    The human suffering taking place in my state right now is devastating.

    I am bone weary exhausted right now. The last seven days have been physically and mentally difficult. We just managed to have enough firewood to survive in our sealed off living room with a fireplace, the rest of our home was in the high thirties to low forties for the past seven days. The living room stayed in the mid fifties.

    If the power had stayed off one more day, we were going to load up the dog and cats for El Paso. Or dismantle the cedar fence and burn it too.

    So, with no water service in site in the next week, we have loaded up ten coolers and storage tubs with the six inches of unprecedented snow covering our backyard to fill toilet tanks and boil for our pets drinking needs for the foreseeable future.

    It’s truly miserable right now. People are cold and hungry and the state seems incapable of dealing with any of it.

    Texans are living in a dysfunctional third world shithole right now due to the fact that oil and gas own the Texas GOP in this state. The lobbyists put out early talking points to blame renewables for this catastrophe and Abbott repeated them like a dumb parrot on Tucker’s show.

    The oil and gas industry declined to winterize properly after our last grid failure eleven years ago despite the federal report noting specific failures that could be rectified.

    I remember that one, sleeping in this very same living room with my little boys, while their Dad tended the fire.

    The governor who appoints PUC members (always big political donors) and ERCOT board members (also big political donors) didn’t deem it necessary to have power companies harden against future winter failures. Oil and gas money decided the avoidable misery we’re living through now was worth the costs of not hardening power plants that they would have passed off to Texas consumers years ago anyway.

    The Texas GOP in return for the O&G political money asked that energy consumer costs remain low, in return the O&G industry asked to be left alone. The GOP obliged and now here we are.

    I am so tired and so sad and beyond fucking enraged.

    Phantom, Charles and Dave are all correct. The other usual suspects are ignorant and stupid.

  107. Daphne glad to see you are alive, and well. I’ve been praying you were safe and hoping you’d drop by to let us know… glad to hear from you.

    Stay safe.

  108. Daphne

    Thanks for the update. I had no idea that it was so bad and hope it gets better soon for you.

    Cruz picked a good moment for his holiday in Mexico.

  109. Wow Daphne, I have read the news reports about Texas but your report truly expresses how bad and indeed frightening it must be to live through a situation and be so powerless to protect yourselves when everything fails. Certainly puts into perspective me moaning about my flat here in London being cold !

    I hope the situation eases soon for you and all who are suffering and I hope the people of Texas really hold the State to account and forces change in future, sharp and real and no attention is paid to the complaints of the O and G companies. If the GOP in power won’t deal with this properly I hope the people of Texas don’t hesitate to throw them out of office. Take care and hopefully you will be able to update us more positively soon.

  110. I was worried about you.

    Big hugs.

    Better days are ahead.

  111. Daphne.

    That was a harrowing update Daphne. I really hope things improve for all of you as quickly as possible. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

  112. Almost was much worse

    Texas Tribune has very good reporting on this

    —Texas’ power grid was “seconds and minutes” away from a catastrophic failure that could have left Texans in the dark for months, officials with the entity that operates the grid said Thursday.

    As millions of customers throughout the state begin to have power restored after days of massive blackouts, officials with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, which operates the power grid that covers most of the state, said Texas was dangerously close to a worst-case scenario: uncontrolled blackouts across the state.

    The quick decision that grid operators made in the early hours of Monday morning to begin what was intended to be rolling blackouts — but lasted days for millions of Texans — occurred because operators were seeing warning signs that massive amounts of energy supply was dropping off the grid.

    As natural gas fired plants, utility scale wind power and coal plants tripped offline due to the extreme cold brought by the winter storm, the amount of power supplied to the grid to be distributed across the state fell rapidly. At the same time, demand was increasing as consumers and businesses turned up the heat and stayed inside to avoid the weather—

  113. No doubt Ted Cruz and the Texas GOP share this view:

    “Rick Perry, the former Texas governor and U.S. secretary of energy, says now that Texans are willing to endure blackouts in order to maintain the independence of their grid.”


  114. Thanks guys. I expect we’re going to hear stories of people found frozen to death in their homes and cars in the coming days.

  115. seriously Daphne stay safe, and I hope you and yours all fair well through this.

  116. Peter…..

    That is NOT an option… Texas is selling itself as the safe haven place to escape California from.

    Besides the Tax advantages one of the other selling points was the Texas Grid and it’s independence and the fact that Unlike California there are NO rolling blackouts.

    So where that may sound like a good story it’s bull… right now other than cleaning up and getting back online the PRIMARY discussion in the seats of power are how do sell our state as an alternative to California for businesses if we can’t keep the lights on…

    No Texas’s only choice is to fix the holes and guarantee stability, or the state loses period.

  117. Patrick

    It’s the Alamo spirit, I geddit. But as Daphne has pointed out, this disaster has highlighted the extent to which the Texas GOP is in the pocket of fossil fuel producers.

  118. Well then they will have no problem acquiring the equipment and fuel they need to fix this green energy debacle…. lol

  119. Don’t worry Peter Joe is sending his best Energy Expert to Texas….

    Hunter Biden….

  120. this green energy debacle


    It wasn’t just the windmills, it was all fossil power sources as well, and the criminal failure to learn from the blackouts ten years ago:

    “Texas had ample warning that this system was vulnerable. A decade ago, another storm caused large (though smaller) failures, as the Texas Tribune explains. A report warned that the state needed to harden its grid to prepare for major storms. But the state’s regulators didn’t want to mandate upgrades. Instead, they issued voluntary guidelines to providers, and they offered financial incentives to make upgrades. This is by-the-book free-market governance: The government shouldn’t make requirements, but companies will do the right thing if it serves their business interests. As we now know, that didn’t work.”


  121. It was not a green energy debacle

    That is the Alex Jones spin

    Even the officials who screwed this up aren’t really saying that anymore

    As Daphne said Texas had a somewhat similar event ten years or so on a smaller scale

    The Feds recommended that the state mandate weatherproofing and the state government didn’t do it

    All the blame rests on the state government . They’re in charge.

    They saved a few bucks, at great cost to the people

    All of this was foreseen. Even this mega storm was predicted ten days before.

  122. Many water pipes are cracked

    Obviously the fault of windmills and AOC and deep state

    And Soros

  123. It was a green energy debacle no matter how you spin it. The State generating capacity was 18% and the state power reserve was less than 10%…. The decision to allow that imbalance to take place was due entirely from pressure and regulation in regard to global warming.

    If it wasn’t made cost ineffective through environmental regulation the reserve would have been there.

    The fact that a green company swindled the Tax Payer and installed inferior Windmill’s is another story.

  124. It’s a green energy debacle fuelled by an infantile obsession to be seen as “good”.

    Wherever and whenever people want to be seen as good, rather than being adult and practical, people suffer.

    How many more times do we have to inflict this lesson on humanity?

  125. It was a green energy debacle no matter how you spin it.

    No, it was caused by an obsession with deregulation and the cheapest power possible in order to attract business. This is from the Texas Tribune, and it expects that it will be “business as usual” after this disaster. No lessons will be learned just like no lessons were learned ten years ago:

    “That’s one of the pressure points here: Whether it’s better to keep prices cheap — cutting out sometimes necessary costs like weatherization — or to require those things so Texas doesn’t leave millions of homes and businesses out in the cold like it did this week. State lawmakers and regulators cut a corner, saving millions for some of the really large users of electricity — manufacturers, chemical plants and other large enterprises — to keep the ones that are already here happy, and to attract new ones, complete with jobs, that aren’t in Texas yet but might be interested in coming here.

    Low energy prices attract business, and Texas has made a name for itself as a fast-growth, pro-business state. Lawmakers have a fresh chance to decide whether cutting this particular corner, swapping light regulations and low energy costs for the risk of leaving Texans exposed to the harshest winter weather, is worth it. If the public keeps paying attention, it’s probably not. If the public leaves the details to legislators and the usual crowd of special interests, the state might do what it did last time: Waggle those fingers, write a report and put the matter away until it gets cold again. That’s how politics works.”


  126. Pat, Pete

    Your guys and your policies caused this

  127. It is of course exactly the Laissez Faire “Keep the State out’ economic policies that Pat and a Pete support that has lead to this shameful failure of basic infrastructure in Texas. The question is, as the weather gets warmer will Texans agree to business as usual or will they remember and hold their rulers to account.

  128. Let the spin begin….. It’s his fault, no it’s his fault…. blah blah blah…..

    Texas has more oil and natural Gas than most countries, enough on it’s own to power the entire world for the next 50 years….. and the power goes out ?

    No this is only a Problem because of those pushing for the non-use of Fossil Fuel. Sorry they died of thirst floating in the Sea…. cause just as you can’t drink saltwater you are not allowed to use oil and gas…. sorry you gonna die.

  129. Colm it’s the Energy Business…. it is the most regulated industry in the US…. to say this was due to a lack of regulation doesn’t fly.

    Incompetence and Corruption… hell yes, but a lack of Regulation of the Energy Business is more than laughable.

  130. The political establishment (the GOP) in Texas is totally owned by oil and gas donors, so of course if those donors want “light” regulation those donors get just that. After the disaster ten years ago, the GOP totally failed to enforce resilience measures, they “encouraged” the companies to do them but they didn’t dare insist in case it annoyed their paymasters.

    And it will be the same result this time.

  131. Patrick

    Well in Texas clearly tougher and better regulation is necessary. Daphne’s report earlier on this thread is astonishing and shameful that it could happen anywhere in the worlds biggest economic superpower. Government in Texas should hang its head in embarrassment.

  132. Colm

    Texas has been a one-party GOP state for decades. So of course this disaster can have nothing whatever to do with GOP corruption and mis-government. Other scapegoats have to be found, however ludicrous, and as always the GOP faithful will believe what they are told to believe.

  133. As I said before, those who fell for the “ stolen election “ Big Lie are the same ones who fell for this.

    Keep that in mind when these people say anything else.

    Note that the two Texans here aren’t regurgitating any of this at all.

  134. “Government in Texas should hang its head in embarrassment.”

    Yeah, for not being all in on nuclear, oil and gas. Any Texans still defending windmills ought to be deported to San Francisco.

    The wealthiest and most energy-rich state in the union has been reduced to shivering peasantry by “renewable” infantilism.

  135. You blame others for the actions and inactions of your Republican Party leaders in one of the most Republican of states.

  136. Republicans who allowed Marxist sedition to influence energy policy ought to be the first deportees to San Francisco.

  137. They have influenced by a light regulation Republican philosophy through a filter of weird local “;get off my lawn “ desire not to comply with federal reliability and safety standards

  138. Yeah, for not being all in on nuclear, oil and gas.

    Nuclear failed as well as oil and gas. But you knew that, no?

  139. https://www.syracuse.com/business/2021/02/why-wind-turbines-in-new-york-state-keep-working-in-bitter-cold-weather-unlike-the-ones-in-texas.html

    For any serious person interested in the wind turbine issue.

    Lessons will be learned, now,

  140. Lessons will be learned, now,….

    Really…? What you think this information and technology wasn’t available or they didn’t know about it?… Really…!

    Phantom the corrupt Windmill company along with corrupt overseeing politician knew damn well the windmills didn’t have the cold weather fittings because they purposefully chose not to pay for them…. It’s either total incompetence or total corruption. I vote the later..

  141. It’s the job of the government to set standards

    Texas was asked to set certain weatherproofing standards – for all systems not just windmills -10 years ago by the federal government , and the Texas state government refused to do it

    How many times does this have to be repeated ?

    The Texans here are not confused, why are you

  142. Phantom the corrupt Windmill company along with corrupt overseeing politician knew damn well the windmills didn’t have the cold weather fittings because they purposefully chose not to pay for them…. It’s either total incompetence or total corruption. I vote the later..

    So it’s just the wind companies that are corrupt, the oil and gas companies are clean as clean can be and don’t have a single Texas GOP politician bought and paid for and have no responsibility whatso****ing ever for these blackouts. Yeah, that’ll work.

    Texas has been a one party GOP state for decades. The Texas GOP and their fossil fuel paymasters own this disaster 100% and no amount of “it wuz the Greenies wot caused it!” lies will work, except on Fox “News” of course, they’ll lap those lies up for sure. Because every Murdoch mouthpiece spews fossil fuel propaganda every day of every year.

  143. There is no evidence that I have seen that the windmill companies have been corrupt

    This is just the usual unthinking robot imbecility

    I am watching Austin Texas TV now; they are reporting have of an apartment house that burned dien because the fire hydrants had frozen over; 32 people lost homes . These clowns will blame this too on the corrupt Democrats

  144. Daphne, I was hoping against hope that you didn’t get hit too hard. If there’s anything I can do to lessen your suffering, you’ve got my e-mail. Our house is your house. It’s nothing fancy, but we have heat and water and a backyard. It will be a high of 72 tomorrow. If you need me to come get you, say the word.

  145. I hope Daphne reads That last comment. Even if she doesn’t take Charles’ up on his heartfelt offer, I am sure it will lift her spirits just to be aware of it.

  146. that’s what neighbors are for

  147. https://nypost.com/2021/02/23/tiktokers-push-conspiracy-theory-that-texas-now-is-fake/

    It’s a conspiracy

    There was no snow in Texas

  148. lol…. nothing is sacred….

  149. Does Charles have an alibi

  150. eeewww shame on you….

  151. I am hopeful that Daphne’s situation has improved and that we will get an update.

    There are reports of astonishingly high electric bills sent to homeowners there ( due to the idiotic and almost completely unregulated state system ) ; I hope that this is not the case with her or her family/friends.

  152. it probably is, I think most people are on this weird variable rate that goes off of draw and since the stations bring doen they are being charged astronomical daily rates even when they don’t have power…

    The computer is calculating a bill for a service not being delivered based on an algorithm that charges different rates by the distance from the working station to your house. Say charles lives in el paso, in west tx but he has power at his power station his bill remains cheap. but charles brother skippy lives in east tx and even though there are a 100 different generating stations between skippy and charles, the only one on line is charles the charge to transmit the electricity across the entire state with the built in penalty of surcharges for not using each station in between…. never mind they are not working, the billing software diesn’t calculate know or care… to it skippy is just pulling power from the furthest junction on the line and that’s what he’s being billed for…

    they have to throw it all out

  153. This is where we will see if the governor is any good.

    He should jawbone this, and ” strongly encourage ” the power providers to greatly reduce the price-gouge bills that they sent the homeowners and businesses – I doubt very much that the full ramifications of such a system were properly explained to the customers.

    In the world of business that I live in, if my customer doesn’t understand something really important like that, it’s almost always my fault, for not making sure that he understood the deal.

  154. That’s because you’re an honest reputable businessman Phantom at the top of your field. You know you damn well don’t get there by being sleazy…

    but I doubt anyone ever emergency test this scenario on the software… this will be a real test of the governor and any private or state businesses involved… this all needs to get turned back on and no matter where you are in the state your bill is exactly what it was the day before all this shit hit the fan.

  155. “Colm, on February 20th, 2021 at 5:56 AM Said:
    I hope Daphne reads That last comment. Even if she doesn’t take Charles’ up on his heartfelt offer, I am sure it will lift her spirits just to be aware of it.

    Patrick Van Roy, on February 20th, 2021 at 12:34 PM Said:
    that’s what neighbors are for”

    Charles, you are a gent. Very kind offer.

  156. // If you need me to come get you, say the word.//

    Same for me, Daphne.

  157. Noel

    If you are offering to fly all the way from Germany to rescue Texan firecracker Daphne I would suggest you have rather less wholesome intentions than Charles….not that I would blame you 😉

  158. Just to be clear, that invitation was to her husband as well! Daphne did send me a kind thank you e-mail, saying that their power was back on, and that lack of running water was just “minor.” That’s Texas tough!

  159. glad to hear.

  160. A Chambers County resident filed a class-action lawsuit against electricity retailer Griddy on Monday, accusing the provider of price gouging customers during last week’s freeze. She is seeking $1 billion in relief for affected customers.

    Attorneys for Lisa Khoury said in the lawsuit that her bill spiked to $9,340 the week of the storm, compared to her average monthly bills that range from $200 to $250. Griddy drafted payments from Khoury’s bank account several times, according to the lawsuit, pulling $1,200 before she blocked further charges from her bank. She still owes thousands.

    Texas Tribune

  161. Damn…..

  162. Phantom, very few Texas residents will receive these insane bills. Only those who signed up for gambling rates on their utility bills. I think many of those are in north Texas who had the option. Most Texans have standard rates for their utility costs and won’t see any noticeable increase.

    I don’t know why anyone would have signed up for variable rate utility costs. Seems a rather stupid decision. According to a WSJ article today, they paid way more for utilities over the past ten years than normal fixed rate customers.

    When Charles emailed his generous offer of help, I admit tears rolled down my face in deep gratitude. It was so brutal here for absolutely everyone and the only people we had to rely on were our neighbors. State and local government totally failed us all. I know his offer was genuine because we all know Charles is an empathetic soul. Thank you Charles, you made my day so much brighter when I was feeling so broken.

    Water returned Saturday midnight, a pipe immediately burst in the master bathroom, my husband ran outside to turn the water off and we mopped up the damage and tore out a lot of soaking drywall. I found a brilliant handyman Sunday morning who was able to cap off the broken pipe and restore water to the rest of the house. The insurance adjuster is coming next week (so lucky to get an early appointment) and I’m working to get bids for repairs and clean up. Not so easy since everyone else is too.

    The downed tress in my back yard look they were hit by bombs, totally shredded. Suspect it’s going to cost near $20k to have them all cut and removed.

    Today was the first day I felt kind of normal. Living through that cold, dark storm was unexpectedly traumatizing. I never want to go through anything like that again and I never suspected that type of experience would unsettle me to the core.

    To all of my dear ATW men, I love you all so much. Warm hugs and kisses from my Texas heart.

  163. Keep safe Daphne, one day at a time,,,, or one nightmare at a time.

    Glad everyone is safe if not comfortable.


  164. I want to talk about something else. My parents were excited and happy to sign up to receive the Covid vaccination eight weeks ago.

    Now they’re refusing to get vaccinated because they don’t trust the vaccines. Why don’t they trust the vaccines, I asked.

    Because Tucker Carlson said they were untrustworthy. Because other Fox news opinion hosts said they are suspect. Because the right wing AM radio hosts they listen to all day long say the vaccines are troublesome and not safe.

    They believe the vaccines will hurt them because right wing media tells them so.

    My parents won’t listen to me, my siblings or their doctors. This is so fucked up and I’m so tired of right wing media warping truth and spewing lies. People have died and will continue to die because of their rampant, blatant lies.

    I’m so furious at these liars. Tucker Carlson knows better, he doesn’t care who he hurts – it’s all about ratings and banking big cash. He doesn’t give a damn if my parents die because he told them not to trust the vaccine. I hate that bastard.

  165. You spew the same right wing media lies on these pages and in the comments all day long, Troll.

    I have no respect for you. I don’t like you. I think you are a very bad human being. Keep your prayers for yourself.

    This site has been on its last legs for a long while. You killed it with your thin skinned reactions to criticism and knee jerk banning of long term members.

    You and Phantom can have your small conversations. That’s lean pickings for a once robust community.

    You’re bad at running a blog.

  166. Well Daphne Seimi started up a site and everybody that is here is there also except me….

    I wrote a nice tweet of support stopped in wished them luck and I’ll never set foot there again. Go join them.

    By the way I happen to be a big supporter of the vaccines so if your parents are to stupid to go get the vaccine, maybe just maybe it’s because they’re just stupid all on their own.

    Instead of trying to blame others for their stupidity maybe they should take some responsibility for their own actions.

  167. Oh and you get the prayers whether you want them or not….. a real follower of christ doesn’t just pray for their friends. Praying good fortunes for those who aren’t is part of it also.

    Maybe you ought to actually read that book once in awhile.

  168. Here ya go…. get on your broom and fly over here to Seimi you can commiserate my awfulness together…. lol


  169. Daphne

    First off, just let me say that I’m glad things are getting better for you and I hope the situation continues to improve.
    I watch several YouTube channels hosted by people based in Texas, and I know things have been pretty bad there. My thoughts are with you.

    //I have no respect for you. I don’t like you. I think you are a very bad human being. Keep your prayers for yourself//

    Absolutely spot-on as always Daphne. Patrick pretends to be a nice guy, but he’s anything but. He is of the very few people on this blog, who will actually wish harm on other people. When I politely pointed out that yet again, the man who claims he tells no lies was lying over on the ‘whistling in the wind’ thread, he responded with insults and this:

    //but you Dave could be choking to death and I wouldn’t pat you on the back….//

    How very Christian of him. but then it doesn’t take much for the nasty piece of work Patrick, to show his true colours, as the multitude of his previous hatefull comments over the years show. Now he’s trying to rewrite history yet again, by playing the victim as he always does, and claiming he never band Seimi. Dozens of people over the years have left this site because of him and his nasty personality. He truly is one of the most dishonest people I’ve ever come across.

  170. Thanks for keeping us updated Daphne. Glad to hear that the situation is improving there although it probably still feels nasty and horrible for you with all you still need to do to get back to normal. Hopefully this all will be the once in a generation event you won’t have to live through again. Take care.

  171. Hey Colm….. you ever going to write a piece for the site?

  172. Colm

    Texas had a similar enough ( but not as bad ) cold snap in 2011, which caused problems.

    The feds then strongly recommended that the state mandate more insulation in pipelines, generating stations and yes windmills, and the Republican state government refused to follow the recommendations. Because it’s fun not to do the right thing.

    So unless there is a complete change of policy at the state government level, this absolutely will happen again.