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February 21 1972 and 1965

By Patrick Van Roy On February 21st, 2021

The same day 7 years apart but the foundations of my Political views are Nixon and King, and you can’t know King without knowing Malcolm X.

The Cold War freeze begins a slow thaw as Nixon makes a historic trip to China for two weeks of talks in Beijing. The diplomatic breakthrough will be a high point in Nixon’s career.

Radical minister and human rights leader Malcolm X is gunned down during a Manhattan event for the Organization of Afro-American Unity, a group he founded. The three assassins will be identified as members of the Nation of Islam, the black separatist group he once championed but disavowed in 1964. The 2019 documentary series ‘Who killed Malcom X?‘ and the Innocence Project will raise questions about the conviction of Muhammad Abdul Aziz. Based on this new information, the Manhattan DA will begin a review of his case.

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