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Its time for Joe Biden to come off of that fence

By Mike Cunningham On February 22nd, 2021

Whenever I write of Roman Catholics, of their beliefs, their faith, I have to record a self-interest; I used to belong to that Church, I was true to their core beliefs. But times, people and even Churches change. I left that Church because they wanted me to accept their policies without question: I reckoned that the Church was wrong on areas and matters political; so, I walked out midst sermon, and have never been back. 

The ONLY two things where I still stand with that Faith are, first and foremost; my Marriage Vows. Amongst those words were, “In sickness and in health’ was the promise made: and I am a man who keeps my promises. 

The second item is that pertaining to abortion. For long enough, my thinking was “its their bodies, its their decision”, but my mind was changed, and I now reckon that the Catholic Church’s stance on the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, when that Church categorically states that it is wrong, is, in essence, the only position to hold.

Which is why I am of the belief that the Washington Post’s essay on abortion is the start, but only the start, of a challenge to Joe Biden’s comfortable stance on that ‘third-rail’ topic. The Post’s essay, in itself a remarkable thing to see in an Administration-supporting publication such as the WaPo is. Biden’s statements that he accepts it (abortion being wrong) in his ‘personal life; but will not ‘impose it upon others’, is just what we have come to expect from a greasy, corrupt and quite possibly venal politician. 

I suspect that, in this as in so many other policy decisions and statements, he is but the ‘mouthpiece’ for the left-wing interests grouped closely behind that Resolute desk. If he truly was a ‘conviction politician’, he would come straight out and unequivocally support abortion, but that way he would instantly call down upon himself not only the US Bishops, but a hell of a lot more vocal types, many of whom would wish to rain down the very ‘fires of hell’ around Joe Biden’s head.

8 Responses to “Its time for Joe Biden to come off of that fence”

  1. So not wanting to use political office to impose your personal religious beliefs on everyone is now the mark of a “greasy ,corrupt and possibly venal politician” . Really ? I would have thought the reverse is true. The logic of your argument is that in order to be a decent incorrupt President, Biden should use his power to impose his Catholic faith and beliefs in law on the American population forcing them to live according to Catholic doctrine because he does.

  2. if he did he’d violate the Constitution….

  3. Catholic politicians seem to have a special burden in this country due to the suspicion long held by the Protestant population that the Pope will actually be pulling the strings. So these so called Catholic politicians have come up with “I would never impose my personal beliefs” baloney. My question is, if your not using your personal beliefs to help you make a decision, whose beliefs are you using? Are your Catholic beliefs second rate?

  4. the suspicion long held by the Protestant population that the Pope will actually be pulling the strings.

    I think that such ” suspicions ” are a thing of the distant past in this country.

    Catholic Dem politicians don’t speak out against abortion because they’re not against it.

  5. Why is not imposing your personal beliefs ‘Baloney’ ? Yes I’m sure that a lot of Catholic (and other Faith groups) politicians do pay lip service to the Church for electoral reasons but in principle the political leader who genuinely has a strong personal faith but does not believe in using his position to enforce his chosen doctrine on all citizens is one to be admired not condemned.

  6. Show me a Politician who genuinely has a strong personal faith…… no such creature exists

  7. You have never heard of Jimmy Carter then. Or the late John Lewis.

    There is / was nothing inauthentic about either of them at any time.

  8. both supported abortion…. neither had a strong personal faith.

    Even those Christians that are politicians don’t have a strong personal faith. You can’t be a Politician and still be of strong personal faith. There are to many compromises as the very nature of the business.

    I would even say the Politicians that run Rome are not of strong personal faith. “Of this world, but not part of it”.