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By Pete Moore On February 22nd, 2021

Germany’s vaccination programme is in trouble, with people failing to keep appointments if they are going to be given the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

Only 150,000 out of 1.5 million doses of the vaccine had been used on Friday, threatening to derail what is already a flagging national inoculation plan. Whereas Britain has vaccinated more than 26 per cent of its population, Germany has managed less than 6 per cent.

It seems that Germans believed the lies which German and EU politicians made about the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. To deflect away from their own disastrous vaccine programme EU politicians across the continent briefed against the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. Despite the WHO and the European Medicines Agency approving it for general use, in Germany it has been approved only for use with under-65s.

Well that’s a shame because Public Health Scotland has reported actual outcomes (so far) with both the OAZ and Pfizer vaccines. Four weeks after receiving the initial dose, the Oxford jab appeared to reduce a person’s risk of hospital admission by 94%. For the Pfizer jab the reduction is 85%.

So the Jerries are turning up their noses at life-saving vaccines because of political lies concocted to shore up the EU’s reputation. If you’re that stupid you can’t complain if the worst happens.


  1. Yes Pete, and what the Germans are doing the French are also doing. Macron claimed that the AZ vaccine was useless for over-65s and gave a huge boost to the anti-vaxxers in France. And there are a lot of French anti-vaxxers.

    So both Germany and France will be stuck with Covid lockdowns for months longer because of their anti-vaxxer ignorance and in the case of Macron his blatant Brit-bashing. And of couse there will be tens of thousands of additional deaths which could have been avoided.