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By Pete Moore On February 22nd, 2021

Scouse rozzers have no defence.

Even school children know that coppers can be thick. Merseyside Police have gone out of their way to prove it. The jumped up little Hitlers have been forced to apologise after displaying this stupid billboard over the weekend.

Being offensive is no offence. The courts have long affirmed this. As recently as December the Court of Appeal declared that “free speech encompasses the right to offend and indeed abuse another”.

That photo is a parade of drooling idiots, for both the message and also being unaware that that they are outside, so they don’t need to wear a mask, and that no-one is fooled by their mask-signalling.


  1. Correct

    Being offensive may make you a bad person, but it by itself is no offense to any fair-minded person.

  2. The time that those four dope cops spent doing that is time that they could have spent doing something useful.

  3. There is no excuse for this, even though the mistake was acknowledged and the image has been removed from Twitter. The very idea that there are police who think this way is totally sinister.

    And of course in Scotland that banner will soon be correct, because the SNP are going to make “hate speech” illegal in your own home. So a dinner party guest could report you for saying “Humans with penises are not women” and you could be looking at jail time.

  4. I was waiting for your post on this Pete.

    This is wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately, it will just be brushed under the carpet until the next time it happens.

  5. Hmmm.. this is something many of us will agree on, although not Seamus who loves all this silliness.

    Being deliberately, gratuitously offensive to another person is bad form and reflects badly on the person doing it.

    Most countries already have laws against harrassment, discrimination, and rightly so. Being a jackass should never be illegal.

  6. This was officially sanctioned police misconduct.

    Something’s seriously wrong with these people.

  7. Clearly many people were offended by this police message on this vehicle. Does that mean the police were themselves committing a criminal offence with this billboard ? 😉

  8. A quartet of masked thugs. Where in the uniform dress code does it permit an officer to carry a cane? I don’t know, I doubt it’s part of the uniform.

  9. He’s not physically fit?

    A keyboard warrior excuse for a cop?

    They look like they want to have a harsh word with whoever took this photo?