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Whistling in the Wind Blog

By Phantom On February 23rd, 2021

Some of our friends have left ATW and now roost at their new site Whistling in the Wind.

Like most of us here, I wish them well.

I’ve tried to leave a comment there, but I’ve not been able to.

That site, like this one, is hosted by WordPress. And for reasons that I don’t understand, the WordPress username and password that I use here don’t work on the new site. The only way that it appears that I can use a WordPress login is to create a new login, linked to a different email account than the one that was used for ATW.

I’m not going to create yet another email account in order to access a blog.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

( And I don’t want to use the facebook, google or twitter login options either. Life is complicated enough – and I don’t quite trust those companies for such purposes either. )

22 Responses to “Whistling in the Wind Blog”

  1. I have had exactly the same problem Phantom, which is a pity as I would like to comment there but don’t have a Facebook account nor do i want to set up a Google one. It’s a pity you can’t just register on the site.

  2. I imagine that they can adjust the settings so that commenters don’t have to be registered. I recommend that they try that for a time anyway.

    Such a default setup is really stupid on the part of WordPress

  3. if you comment you can log in via facebook, google, a ton of other ways you don’t want to use your WordPress as a rule…. write your comment and then in the lower right corner of the box it gives you a variety of symbols for login methods.

    I wish them well and left them a comment saying so on their “Friday Night Music Post”… lol

  4. The nice thing now is I can start on the next phase of promoting this site.

    Thanks for letting us know Pete since Noel/Seimi/& Paul (who posted under under his real name, amazing) didn’t even bother to say good bye.

    Well good luck to them sincerely.

  5. Pete?

    Why would anyone use facebook credentials to login on some other site when you already have credentials ? That makes no sense at all – especially when many don’t trust facebook or google very much in the first place.

    WordPress is set up wrong.

  6. https://www.seattletimes.com/business/why-you-shouldnt-use-facebook-to-log-in-to-other-sites-and-apps/

    Very very very unwise, horrendous security practice, to use facebook or google to login to other apps.

  7. because when you block people and I’m not saying they are….. it’s next to impossible to block every avenue of connection.

    I couldn’t log in via WordPress, but I wanted to wish them well, so I used FB.

  8. no Hugh

  9. Phantom

    I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to set up on that new blog yet.
    Of course your password for ATW won’t work on their blog, they’re two different sites.
    Can you not just set up with a username and password?

  10. No, I am told that the new login to this new site would have to be associated with another email address than the one that I used to login to ATW

    ( if I read it right )

    Google login credentials don’t need to be changed if you’re commenting on more than one blogspo9t ( google owned ) blog site. I don’t see any good security or other reason why different credentials would be needed.

    The one who controls the blog would retain control of who comments on the blog. I continue to think that it is bad practice on the part of WordPress.

  11. no you are right, that’s why I say they might have blocked some of us….

    Charles might know. He commented I wonder if he had to use a different one or not?

    Now a person who left a site supposedly over being suspended/blocked would NEVER block anyone…

  12. sorry Phantom now I understand the Pete?….. I miss typed… I thought you were commenting about Paul posting under his name…. my goof

  13. They’ve not blocked anyone.

    They’re still figuring it out.

  14. ahhh but it’s all so easy….

    but seriously I wish them luck, I even put out a positive promotion for them on two other platforms.

  15. I wish they’d all come back here 😒

  16. I just set myself up on their site using word press. I’m not sure if I did anything special or not. I’m with Colm. I wish they would pop in here from time to time. It doesn’t have to be either/or you know.

  17. Yes, concur.

    Let a thousand flowers bloom.

  18. It’s their choice…..

    none of them were banned, I’m glad they have a place to post.

    No let them stay on their side of the border…. I don’t miss the hostility.

    It was interesting to read that they we’re working on format issues and other things that no one sees. I don’t even mind they used Friday’s as a music night. It’s a hat tip to us…

    Hell their first Song was Elvis…. Presley. 🙂

    I do encourage all here to stop by there, it is NOT an either or, at least not on this end.

    I totally encourage all to start their own sites. It’s called Free Speech.

  19. //none of them were banned, I’m glad they have a place to post.//

    That’s a lie. You banned Seimi. In you own words:

    //We have had this discussion for the Last time, and telling me FU, ban me, and adding the icing that that I’m all threat Seimi made my decision for me. So on the day I got FO un-banned I banned Seimi.//

    Trying to rewrite history again Patrick.

  20. Look at the inbred……

    Dave they welcome all…… you are more than welcome to go.

    As has always been the case…..

    if this site, Me, or anyone here does not fit your fancy please by all means there’s your door.

    Give Seimi his credit he’s given it a go and I wish him luck even if he’s to inbred to understand that, but you Dave could be choking to death and I wouldn’t pat you on the back….

    Just my view, Just my opinion… but seriously Dave you now have an alternative with all the same people…. please follow Seimi, Paul, and leave….

    and you wouldn’t be banned either, but I’d weep no tears asswipe.

  21. So I politely point out that you’re lying, yet again Patrick, and you respond as usual with insults and a desire to see me personally harmed. It doesn’t take much for you to show your true colours.

    If you want me off this site Patrick, you’re going to have to ban me. I have no intention of leaving in the near future, somebody’s gotta stay on here to point out your bullshit and lies. As Seimi and Seamus have said, bullies have to be stood up to.
    I like this site, and everybody here besides you just fine. In fact, I have respect and fondness for most of the people who post on here. What makes me sad is that you are single-handedly destroying this site and have been for the last few years.
    The site and everybody else who posts here arn’t the problem Patrick, you are.

  22. what an ass….