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By Pete Moore On February 25th, 2021

Standby, England is about to have the smartest teenagers in the world.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended plans for teachers to grade GCSE and A-level pupils in England this summer as a “good compromise”.

It follows confirmation that schools rather than an algorithm will determine grades this summer.

The PM said the process will be “fair” and “durable”, adding that he had confidence in the education secretary.

State education is such hock to Marxist unions that for the second year running there will no exams. So teachers will grade students. That’s basically marking your own homework. What could possibly go wrong?

Teachers’ have unconscious bias. That will affect grades. Smart white boys will be penalised because they are smart white boys. Trayvon will be marked up because Miss Smithers doesn’t want to get shanked n ting at the gates innit? And Jemima will definitely be marked up because teachers know that sharp-elbowed middle class parents are a pain in the arse who might sue. By July the universities will have millions of straight-A students demanding places, all of them thinking they’re future brain surgeons while unable to tie their shoe laces properly.


  1. Must confess i’m pretty uncomfortable with this decision too.
    Some kids don’t thrive in the classroom environment yet can fly through written exams and vice versa. I also read somewhere today (can’t remember where?) that a proportion of the marks awarded will be for ‘general behaviour in the class?’. What that has to do with exam results i don’t know.
    There will be mass appeals ahead as there is no way that grades awarded will be uniform across all areas.
    What the solution is i don’t know but surely we can up with something better than this?