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It only took him 36 Days…..

By Patrick Van Roy On February 26th, 2021

The United States conducted a military airstrike in eastern Syria along the border with Iraq on Thursday night targeting Iranian-backed militias in retaliation for a recent rocket strike in Erbil in northern Iraq that left several Americans injured, according to the Pentagon.

34 Responses to “It only took him 36 Days…..”

  1. Surely this action will increase your approval rating towards Biden now Patrick ?

  2. No he only cheers “ war “ when his GOP buddies do it

    Apparently air strikes are now full fledged war.

    This is continuing moral confusion. There will be a lot more of this, as he drifts further to an RT/ Pete world view.

  3. 2 things….. one You can go back to Obama because that’s when Syria started and you will not find one single post or comment supporting action in Syria….. two they are spinning it as a retaliatory action to the 6 American Soldiers killed by Iran last week.

    Now if two was real I support a response, but on Iran not on an Iranian backed group in Syria.

    The Dems have this fascination with Syria, hell Nancy with the plastered face led a special Fact Finding Trip to Syria when GW was President, the Traitor McCain and the Beast were smuggling guns into Syria and got an Ambassador killed because of it….

    We will have troops going back in force into the ME before the end of Summer.

  4. That’s moral and factual confusion

    Six US soldiers were not killed by Iran this week

    This is a measured response to Bad action by Iranian allies

    When you attack US soldiers, I want bad things to happen to you. Sorry that you disagree

  5. no Iran was testing the Biden Administration. No one doubts Iran was behind the attack in Irbil.

    Can you link to anyone saying they weren’t responsible? I’d like to read it.

  6. I don’t doubt that at all

    I also don’t doubt that Biden did the correct thing here

  7. Bombing Syria….. for an act Iran was behind?

  8. No they retaliated against the group in Syria because they weren’t going to hit Iran when they have been in Negotiations with Iran & China.


  9. It was an exactly correct, measured response

    He was sending them a message

  10. yes…. the message being no matter what Iran does we will not retaliate against them directly.

    Message delivered.

  11. Exceptional moral confusion.

  12. “Patrick Van Roy, on February 26th, 2021 at 11:59 AM Said:
    the 6 American Soldiers killed by Iran last week.”

    Patrick, you have a loose relationship to the world of facts. This did not happen.

  13. He read it on an unknown website, from an article written by some unknown person.

    So of course he believes it.

    And Iran is the devil, but if Biden reacts to Iranian bad action in any way, Biden is the bad guy.

    Extreme confusion. None of this hangs together in any way.

  14. The US and Iran could and should be allies. JCPOA was, from a US point of view, a significant victory. Virtually all of the compromise was on the Iranian side. It was fiercely opposed by hardliners in Iran who now laugh in the faces of Iranian moderates, sneering ‘We told you so.’ They said the US side was not to be trusted and they were right.

    Trumps withdrawal from JCPOA was an act of diplomatic vandalism which has brought into sharp focus a now undeniable truth. In the conflict between ‘The International community’ and Iran, the former – led by the US – is manifestly the agressor.

  15. I may not agree with all of that, but I agree that withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal ( like withdrawing from Trans Pacific Partnership ) was a significant error.

    It’s easy to criticize the hard work of diplomacy, reaching deals that are by definition imperfect and not 100% what you want and to tear those deals up. Anyone can do that. Trump had a very poor understanding of the situation in Iran or east Asia.

  16. Patrick, you would have approved this action wholeheartedly without any caveats if Trump had carried it out. I don’t expect you ever to become a Biden supporter but you won’t have much credibility if you automatically dismiss his every action even where everyone knows you would have applauded the same action during Trump’s administration. Undoubtedly we will now start seeing the same hypocrisy in reverse now from Biden supporters who condemned everything Trump did.

  17. Not just an airstrike but the first airstrike with female, African and Indian fingerprints on it. Truly it’s a blow against the white patriarchy.

    Rejoice! This is history!

  18. If he bombed Iran Colm I’d be leading the cheer….

    The US has no place in Syria I have been consistent in that view from Obama, Trump, and now Biden.

  19. Petr Iran wants the entire non-Muslim dead so that the Messiah can Return and create Muslim Heaven on Earth.

    and that deal gave them the means to do it….

    In no uncertain terms Israel will bomb Iran if Biden continues down this path… Bibi said so this week.

  20. You’re the most inconsistent person in the history of inconsistency

    When Trump continued Obama’s attacks on ISIS in Syria, you never AFAIK criticized it.

    If Trump had bombed Jerusalem London and Philadelphia you would have found a way to justify it. Because everything he did was perfect.

  21. “Israel will bomb Iran if Biden continues down this path… Bibi said so this week.”

    No, he didn’t.

    Patrick, do you still think 6 US soldiers were killed last week? Who told you that?

  22. one died 6 others are critical….. your point… ?


  23. When Trump continued Obama’s attacks on ISIS in Syria…. lmao

    and the sad thing is you believe it…. Obama wasn’t attacking ISIS, Obama wasn’t doing anything except helping create the Levant.

  24. Six persons did not die.

    Obama ordered heavy attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and Trump to his credit continued them and stepped up the pace.

    The Islamic state grew under Obama but then it started to lose a lot of territory when attacked by the US, Russia and Iran.

    That’s what the facts tell us.

  25. The truth is that the GOP has never got over the fact that its guy Dubya was in the White House when 9-11 happened and Obama ordered the kill mission on Bin Laden ten years later. It shoulda been the other way around, so the party line has always been that 9-11 was Bill Clinton’s fault and the killing of Bin Laden was No Big Deal.

  26. Peter

    Yes they are the party of the Big Lie and their base is the Base of the Big Lie

    It’s what they do all the time.

    See how they just tried to turn the Texas disaster around and blame it on Green Energy, when their people controlled Texas completely at the state level, when the state rejected the weatherproofing recommendations of the federal government.

    They hate the truth more than Superman hates Kryptonite. They are on permanent ” Infowar ” against the truth.

  27. Obama turned the ME over to the Jihadists throwing away every western soldiers death for his “ideals” he was the worst War President we’ve ever had, but let’s see how bad Biden does….

  28. Dubya let 9-11 happen and then he let Obama escape from Tora Bora.

    Oh, and then he invaded Iraq on the basis of WMD lies, and that hasn’t worked out so well.

  29. Hey Phantom….


  30. yes Peter because in spite of events like the Anniversary Today of the first World Trade Center Bombing Bill Clinton refused to kill Terrorists and even passed on OBL multiple times so yes 9/11 was Bush’s fault…..

  31. What was Obama doing in Tora Bora?

    Helping the Jihadists plan….. 😉

  32. Sure Patrick

    Bush was sworn in eight months before 9-11. Then he let Bin Laden escape. Then he invaded Iraq on the two lies that Iraq had WMD and Iraq was responsible for 9-11. Apart from that, Dubya was maybe the best POTUS ever until Trump, because Trump was the best POTUS ever ever ever, even when he tried to oveturn the election on 6 January 2021. In fact especially when he tried that. And he always will be, until his second triumphant term eclipses the sheer brilliance of his first term.

    And let’s just ignore that Obama killed Bin Laden in 2011. Obama doesn’t deserve any credit for that because he was a foreign-born TRAITOR, it was really Dubya wot done it, because Dubya is a PATRIOT. End of.

  33. I never was a Birther Peter and it doesn’t matter if Obama was born on the moon, his Mother was American so he was an American Period.

    The rest of your fantasy isn’t worth addressing.

    Your head is so full of leftist and foreign spin, you even believe in the Steele Dossier…

  34. I never was a Birther Peter

    That puts you in a minority in your party, as I’m sure you’re aware. Trump and Limbaa were Birthers, so I’m surprised to say the least. And you play the “stolen election” myth 100% and you deny that Trump tried to overthrow the election on 6 January. So I’d say that your head is pretty full of Rightard spin, to use a polite word.

    The Steele Dossier was considered by a GOP controlled senate committee in 2019, and not ruled out. But you know that, I’ve pointed it out to you many times. You just cannot accept the possibility that your guy was compromised by Russian hookers. As opposed to American hookers, because we know he has form there for sure.