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By Pete Moore On February 26th, 2021

China: Belt and Road, global bases, ports, airports, mines, power stations and a concerted push for global dominance.

The UK: BBC News: “Government agrees to call pregnant women mothers”

The US: “What shall we call Mr Potato Head?”

Some countries are less serious than others.

29 Responses to “THE STATE OF THE NATIONS”

  1. C’mon man….

  2. Pete

    Yes, China is a serious country for sure, but you left out its genocide of the Uighurs, because that’s what it is, and that murderous China regime should be called out on it every day of the year by everyone in the west who is not a kow-towing China apologist (hello Frau Merkel).

    For all their many faults, neither the UK nor the USA are engaged in genocide. If it’s a choice between serious and genocidal or frivolous and respectful of human rights, I’ll take frivolous every time, thanks.

  3. Peter –

    Yes, but the frivolous is ever more dominant. It’s so dominant that the prevailing view last year, among opinion formers and talking heads, was that the worst thing about the latest virus to emanate from China is that it was racist to associate it with China.

    Wokeism is frivolent to the core, something which could only flourish among degenerates who take a twisted advantage of the wealth and time which capitalism spectacularly produces (people who break their backs in fields are too busy trying to feed themselves to be woke). Bit it’s also increasingly loud and influential.

  4. You are right about Mr Potato Head. I must admit that I had never heard of this guy until today, but now it seems that his “guy” status is oppressive and has been revoked by the manufacturer:

    “Neither Mr Potato Head nor his wife, Mrs Potato Head, are being shelved entirely as characters, Hasbro was later forced to clarify. But the overall brand will change, and a new family set will allow kids to create their own Potato Head families without being bound by the old range’s apparently outdated assumptions about gender and sexuality. Or something. It seems all those outraged letters from genderfluid three-year-olds forced Hasbro’s hand…

    But underpinning it all is a very real and alarmingly influential idea that toys are essentially a tool of oppression. ‘When kids grow up without toys that reflect them and their experience, they don’t feel that they belong’, said Wendy Cukier, academic director of Ryerson university’s ‘diversity institute’, in a recent interview. Which is absurd when you think about it for a minute, given all the dinosaur or animal toys your average toddler plays with…

    And it is a charade. For if Hasbro really was a force for progress in the world, perhaps it would think twice about which Chinese factories it uses. In fact, next time you see a corporation make some ostentatiously woke statement, Google its name and ‘China’ and see what pops out. Nike and Apple were two enthusiastic supporters of Black Lives Matter last year; both have faced allegations that forced labour exists in their supply chains.”


  5. “When kids grow up without toys that reflect them and their experience, they don’t feel that they belong’, said Wendy Cukier, academic director of Ryerson university’s ‘diversity institute’, in a recent interview.”

    Five cats, at least.

    The culture is so frivolous it confers status on nutcases like this. In a serious culture she would be only a spinster.

  6. In England, they shut down the trains if there is four inches of snow ( I personally witnessed this a while back at Stansted )

    In America, the train from NYC to Chicago goes 15-20 miles a hour for significant stretches. I experienced that years ago, and that route has not speeded up since.

    Meanwhile, in a couple of decades China has built a national high speed rail system and in their spare time build a complete and proper subway system in Beijing

    China’s rulers have huge moral flaws, but they are serious actors hell belt on making China richer and stronger. While our lands have had Trump, Biden, and Boris with the shaggy hair.

  7. Yes Phantom, but you wouldn’t want to live in China. The price of all that seriousness and efficiency is no political liberty and a corrupt murderous autocracy ruling every aspect of your life backed up by ever-growing surveillance:


  8. I understand

    But if you are a non political person who doesn’t mind the surveillance so long as you have enough food and a level of prosperity ( which encompasses a vast amount of the population ) it can be fine.

    I visited Beijing in 2007. I saw a lot of prosperity there.

    So long as you don’t directly challenge the government’s power, you can say criticize it on social media, etc. If you do challenge the power structure, then that’s not good for you.

    Many Chinese and others in Asia will see that in three or four decades, China has lifted hundreds of millions of people from poverty to a comfortable existence, not much different than the material lifestyle of most people in the US or UK.

    While in the US, we’ve had a president who told his followers to drink bleach in order to cure the virus, in a country where the infrastructure has been rotting for decades, where little gets built.

  9. “While in the US, we’ve had a president who told his followers to drink bleach in order to cure the virus …”

    No he didn’t. Read the transcript. Repetive lies from expensively educated elites about outsiders is a terrible rot and a terrible tantrum. I heard an American woman on the radio today say (she wasn’t being critical, just observatory) that she was surprised at how the class system remains in the UK. She needs to look back. The snootiest, sneeriest people I see and hear on TV and radio are expensively educated Democrats.

  10. “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see, but the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute. That’s pretty powerful.”

    Donald J Trump
    April 23, 2020

  11. Bulls eye Phantom.

    But Trump told many worse lies about the virus, and tens of thousands of US citizens have died because of his outright lies and sociopath negligence. From day one, his sole concern was himself and his re-election campaign.

    And he continues his malevolent campaign even now by refusing to encourage his people to get vaccinated. This is a calculated political game to keep his base loyal and it encourages the anti-vaxxers on Fox (hello Tucker) and Talk Radio in their anti-vaxxer schtic, so thousands more will die. Like Trump will care. But that’s cool with the GOP base, because trump is a PATRIOT. Just ask Patrick.

  12. lmao

  13. I’ve heard diehard Trump supporters say that he was “ only kidding “

    As if

    What a funny subject to joke about

  14. Phantom –

    You said “we’ve had a president who told his followers to drink bleach”.

    Where in that transcript is “drink” or “bleach” or “drink bleach”? Let me save you some time: those words are nowhere.

    For the umpteenth time, you should reject the media liars. They remain wealthy, aloof and disdainful of you while you look silly.

  15. Give me liberty over bullet trains.

  16. Phantom can’t process any thoughts in regard to Trump Pete, his TDS metastasized long ago.

  17. For the umpteenth time, you should reject the media liars. They remain wealthy, aloof and disdainful

    Yes Pete, it’s true that Murdoch has been pretty quiet since 6 January. But to be fair, his mouthpieces on Fox have been spewing the usual bile. Like 6 January “never happened, it was Antifa!” and like “don’t get vaccinated, it could kill ya!” And those meassages are cutting through to the faithful, they can’t get enough of them.

    And of course “The election was stolen! Trump was being moderate when he asked the guy in Georgia for 12,000 votes because we all know that he really won Georgia by a million votes at least! But the stupid traitor rejected Trump’s compromise offer!”


  18. The Election was stolen, and it wasn’t the first time one had been stolen.

  19. Give me Liberty and Bullets……

  20. Peter –

    Please reference any time that President Trump used the words “drink” and “bleach”. Please, do so.

  21. Fair play Charles.

    “Give me liberty over bullet trains.”

    I wish I’d said that.

  22. The Election was stolen

    No, it wasn’t. That’s a BIG LIE and you will be called out on it every time you post it here. Biden won the popular vote by seven million and the Trump / GOP Lie Machine ran about 50 legal cases to overturn the result and none of them succeded, including at the SCOTUS.

    I’m not going to bother posting links because you won’t read them. But just for the ATW record, can you confirm that you believe that Mike Pence acted treasonably on 6 January when he refused to overturn the certified results from Pennsylvania and Michigan and Nevada and Geogria? Yes or no will do.

  23. The reference to ” disinfectant ” was so completely understood that both Clorox ( liquid bleach ) and Lysol ( other disinfectant ) immediately issued statements warning customers not to consume ( ” inject ” ) the products.

    Don’t blame any of that on the media.

    After President Donald Trump floated ingesting highly toxic disinfectant as a treatment for the coronavirus, Kansas health authorities say a man drank cleaning product over the weekend.

    Lee Norman, the state health officer, said the head of the Kansas Poison Control Center reported a more than 40 percent increase in cleaning chemical cases.

    “Including a fellow over the weekend who drank a product because of the advice he’d received,” Norman said during a news conference Monday.


  24. It’s a fact….. and no matter anything you or anyone else ever says will change that Peter…

    It doesn’t matter how you got there, whoever takes the Oath is President…. RMN

    Peter what you fail to grasp is the true american mentality and you never will. There are more of me than you would ever care to believe. We can’t be reasoned with, bribed, and never ever intimidated. The only thing that counts is the reality on the ground.

    The reality on the ground here is the election was stolen, but it was stolen fair and square.

    We’re certainly not going to start killing each other over an election. Look we kill each other everyday a lot… for more reasons than you can think of, there are 3/4 of a billion legal and illegal guns in the hands of our population. Mostly we tend to just blow our own brains out, but very very few people EVER get killed over politics, and we’ve already had one civil war that will never happen again.

    Politics is a SPORT the only sport in life that counts, but still only a sport.

    So as you get your panties all tied in a knot I’m popping corn and enjoying the game. We will scream and holler, rant and rave…. but now where the left as they showed us will burn cities, the right never will. It’s not how we fight. Eventually the Law and the System will win. It always does.

    You can’t beat the house, and we are the house. And by we I mean the men and woman that get up everyday feed their kids send them to school and then go off to work, pay their bills and taxes and just wants to be able to exist and be safe.

    You see the last year that’s who the left has f’d with, and it’s who they are continuing to f with… and that’s why they’ll lose in the long run.

    The most single influencing factor in American life is Gasoline… it is the single greatest daily cost of living in american life. In just 4wks of the Biden Presidency gas has jumped almost a dollar, and it’s going to do nothing but keep rising and each dime it raises crushes the Biden Administration…

  25. Phantom –

    Don’t quote me snowflakes. Quote me President Trump saying “drink bleach”.

    (It’s ok. You can admit he never actually said it.)

  26. “ Injection inside “ [ the body ]

    Trust that you’re happy now

  27. Trumps not President….. the circus has changed ringmasters

  28. Speaking of ringmasters Phantom what do you think of the reports that Harris is doing all the first hand calls of foreign leaders?

    Do you believe it’s true? This is from 10 days ago.


    Why has there been no State of the Union Address, one isn’t even scheduled Why not?

    Don’t you think the nation would be comforted seeing it’s President do his very first State of the Union and give the American People Hope ? They have it in hand, they control both the Congress and the Presidency… there is nothing they can’t do nothing Biden can’t promise.

    Jesus he just slew the Dragon and Won the Throne….. Why isn’t he taking a Victory Lap?

    That’s what your first state of the union is a victory speech and when a new President lays out his path….. where is it?

  29. I love Yang