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By Pete Moore On February 26th, 2021

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another pointless week done at the coalface of capitalism. Your reward is more taxes next week and a demand to show your vaccine passport at every door. Thanks China.

The only thing that can lift the gloom is a thumping win for England tomorrow over the leek munchers. It’s not in doubt. The Sun’s out and so will I be in the morning for the first decent walk of the year. An Ordnance Survey map tells me that a Roman road ran straight for miles nearby. It would be rude not to check out what traces are left in the landscape. In the meantime, I had this gorgeous, catchy one pop up on the shuffle feature this week.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend, except for the Welsh. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. The only thing that can lift the gloom is a thumping win for England tomorrow over the leek munchers. It’s not in doubt.

    Really Pete? Remember this?


  2. It never happened. It’s one of those augmented reality things. Probably Russian hackers. England by one (it would be enough), Ireland by 20 over Italy and France to play again when they can stop infecting each other.

    Believe it or not I heard a 2014 Spandau Ballet song this week and it’s fab –


  3. In less frivolous times, Spandau was a serious prison in Berlin:

    “Spandau Prison was located in the borough of Spandau in western Berlin. It was constructed in 1876 and demolished in August 1987 to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi shrine after the death of its last prisoner, Rudolf Hess, who had died from a suspected suicide aged 93.”


  4. Music….

    2 old burnouts jamin an good ole jam


  5. as good as the original…. Nutbush….


  6. Good picks Patrick

    Takes me back…

  7. Anyway Patrick, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one:


  8. I’ve been so American tonight that 300 million people will never excuse me my cultural apprpriation.

    But hey ho.

    Skynyrd were so great, and Ronnie Van Zant was so great, it’s something that touches you inside –