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By Patrick Van Roy On February 27th, 2021

Conservative Political Action Conference


This is where we inspire the young of the core…. the real base of the future. It’s a cheerleading session for motivation and inspiration. But what it really is… is a temperature check on who is hot and who is not among the right wing core of the Republican Party.

The theme at these events are always Apple Pie Americana mixed with hard core Constitutional, Libertarian, and Morality…. In other words God, Guns, and the Law.

This is the crowd that is ridiculed, the one that scares the crap out of the pundits on the left. None of this crowd are professionals, they are not journalists, they are not party officials. Sure both of those are there, but this is a convention of the citizen core. The unaffiliated activist bloggers, podcasters, “influencers” (I hate that term) from all over the country, the avg age is 25. There are of course people of all ages, but the common thread is that they are nobodies who made reservations a minimum of 6mths ahead, saved their money and went on their own at their own expense to be there.

For people like me it is a weekend of great speeches, but this year the whole world is waiting for the final day. On Sunday Donald J Trump will address the convention. His first speech since losing the Presidency. What he will say will start fires no matter what it is. Odds are he’ll announce his Candidacy for the 2024 Election.

CPAC Chairman Matt Schlapp said Thursday before the annual conference was to kick off in Orlando. 

“He thinks about what he is going to say right until he starts saying it,” Schlapp told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I think he is talking to advisers, people he trusts, trying to ask where should I go with this speech? He knows it’s a very, very important reset for him and for the country, and for half the country, and for so many people here in this ballroom.”

That is not the what I want to hear though, what I want to hear is Trump to shine a spotlight on the things that the Biden Administration has already destroyed. That is the REAL gift of Donald J Trump. If he talks about it it’s News, and he has a great eye for keying in on the issues that resonate with the American Public.

After the speech is available it will be posted for everyone to see, analyze, and comment on.

30 Responses to “CPAC”

  1. He also needs to names names, the RINOs who always lose.

  2. 3 1/2 months ago, your corrupt and incompetent buddy engineered a loss of the presidency, the house and the senate.

    Tiger Woods a way better driver than him

    But yes by all means continue to worship him


  3. Phantom –

    We are missing posts on the great things the Biden administraion is doing. You voted for him and therefore you have volunteered to do those posts.

    Come on, we’re waiting.

  4. Where do you get worship out of anything I have ever said?

    As a President he got more accomplished than Reagan, as a Person he’s a Carny Barker that likes to torture his opponents… something I appreciate.

    That’s just honesty, not worship. I was there on the 6th and as with 99.9% of the people there… I didn’t riot. The man did a damn good job as President Phantom now you can live in your TDS obsession and delusions all you want, but the rubber has already started hitting the road.

    Your boy creepy Joe already has damaged the economy and international relations in his first month. Gas is skyrocketing, and we are already going back into active war in the Middle East just as we gave them back control of the world oil market.

    While Nancy and Chuck steal 2 Trillion dollars from the tax payers to line the pockets of their donors and themselves but if the citizen who is paying for this power and money grab keeps their mouth shut they might if they’re the right DNA get $1400 of their own money back maybe… but the WHO already got 100 Million of the 400 Million your boy Fauci Promised them.

    Even if Trump declares tomorrow he’s running we still have 4 years of Joe & Kamala. While you foam at the mouth over Trumps audacity the team YOU want in charge is damaging the whole nation.

    You might want to pay attention to who is President and what they are doing.

  5. They have a golden statue ( “ golden calf “ ) of the thief at CPAC

    He is the ultimate false prophet Idol

  6. lol

  7. https://www.jpost.com/international/trumps-golden-statue-erected-by-conservative-supporters-660401

    The Golden Calf

  8. CPAC has been nothing more than a Trumpist cult since 2016. Just like the GOP. There was a brief window of opportunity to “move on” from Trump in January, but instead they decided to double-down. So they are stuck with the Man, and even more ominously, his son and obvious political heir the creepy Junior Don who had the cultists in raptures on Friday. But of course the highlght will be on Sunday when the Man himself will spew the usual river of lies and they will be falling at his feet as usual.

    It’s more like a religious revivalist convention than a political one. And the religion is Trumpism.

  9. This rally is a gold mine for Democrats

    Republicans Are looking backward, and wish to fight the last war in 2024

    Trump was a complete fluke, Who lost the popular vote two elections in a row

    There are no leaders on the horizon

  10. If as Pete suggests Trump should start naming the RINOs who always lose he could start by holding up a mirror..

  11. PS Patrick, or anyone else interested, the BBC over here has just finished a three part documentary called ‘Trump takes on the world’ . It’s an interesting and well informed look at how Trump shaped a different foreign policy during us administration. It’s not an anti Trump piece as you might think. It’s worth watching. If you can get the BBC I player over there or through some other platform it’s a good piece of work.

  12. I’ll search for it on the Kodi Colm thanks

  13. what did turnip accomplish that Biden didn’t undo in 40 days

    Including the pandemic

  14. your right EP record employment, record economy all undone including turning off the fake Pandemic….. but he’s still going to deny you your freedom in it’s name of course.

  15. Did you check the results before you posted nonsense

    Less jobs when leaving office then when he started

    worse economic growth then the great destroyer, Obama

    Fake pandemic, stolen election any other lies you wish to tell

  16. you can tell yourself that EP but up until the Pandemic both jobs and the economy were the best they had been in 60yrs. With record breaking levels of employment for every minority and woman.

    And all those Union workers Burden just put out of work permanently know it.

  17. Until the pandemic that your boy f*** up, and which he eventually lost all interest in?

    That one?

    His leadership botch in 2020 caused the recent economic problem. It’s not exactly a debatable point. The US had a worse result than comparable countries. You thought that this would be good for the economy?

    He doesn’t get a pass on that.

    It’s the major reason why he lost the election By the same electoral margin that he won by four years before

  18. And hey its not even 40 days and the world already hates you less

  19. I said the left would miss Trump. I was right. They can’t stop talking about him.

  20. At this very moment, your people are worshiping a gold statue of him

  21. Trump at CPAC ranting about the election being stolen.

  22. One would have to be a bit of an idiot to approve of any of this

    Especially if you were conservative

  23. Screw what the world thinks EP, the rest of you are just also rans remember that.

    Phantom there would be no vaccine without Trump, but you spin however you want. In the mean time not only has your state caused more to die from the pandemic than any other it’s in the bottom 10 on handling the vaccine rollout.

  24. Wrong ( The Pfizer vaccine was invented in Germany by a German firm, the J&J vaccine was invented in Belgium. Patrick thinks that Trump ruled Germany and Belgium now )

    NY state does not have either the highest death rate or gross death number. The NY numbers are way too high, but that’s largely because we were hit hard first. Unfortunately at the end of the day more than one mask free red state may pass us in the per capita death rate

    NYS is ahead of both Pennsylvania and Texas in rollout.

    Their biggest problem has been lack of supply where needed, a problem being rapidly addressed there has been a vast expansion of capacity to vaccinate.

  25. Phantom there would be no vaccine without Trump

    But Patrick, you have consistently described the pandemic as a hoax and the 500,000 US deaths as a meaningless number. So why would a vaccine even be needed?

    And of course your hero didn’t even mention the pandemic in his speech and natually did not encourage his followers to get vaccinated. At least that’s consistent with the “virus hoax” and “vaccines don’t work” lies as spewed continually by Fox etc.

    Anyways, it’s good to know that he’s running for 2024. That will be a big boost to your party in the polls. And that gold statue was a masterstroke. For the Dems. LOL.


  26. I remember when it was Obama’s fault the price of gasoline went up because the economy was booming

    But it wasn’t Obama’s fault that the economy was booming

  27. Peter I have consistently said… The Virus is Real, and it is NOT a Pandemic… but that is beyond your ability to grasp.

  28. The Economy NEVER boomed under Obama….. period.

  29. LOL Patrick

    So 500,000 deaths is not a pandemic. But I guess it mighta been a pandemic if a Democrat had been POTUS. Just saying. Maybe it was Obama’s fault?

    Annual flu deaths in the USA average about 35,000. Look it up.

  30. Who said that the economy “ boomed “ under Obama?

    There was a six year sustained recovery under Obama and the economy and in the stock market, Which is what any businessman or investor in the country will tell you

    There was real economic growth during the Obama era as measured from the day that he took office through the day that he left it,; and there was a huge economic decline under Trump, with the same caused by his actions and inactions on the Coronavirus. We can all agree on that.

    No serious person wants “ booms “ in any event. Booms don’t last long, booms cause distortions. You want steady growth.