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By Pete Moore On February 27th, 2021

This is rather significant.

A US intelligence report has found that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman approved the murder of exiled Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018.

The report released by the Biden administration says the prince approved a plan to either “capture or kill” Khashoggi.

The US announced sanctions on dozens of Saudis but not the prince himself.

Saudi Arabia rejected the report, calling it “negative, false and unacceptable”.

Crown Prince Mohammed, who is effectively the kingdom’s ruler, has denied any role in the murder.

So what are they going to do about it? Whether or not the accusation is fair and grounded in evidence is irrelevent; the Biden administration has directly accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of instigating murder. So it can’t be left there. An accusation requires consequences to be credible.


  1. the Biden administration has directly accused Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of being instigating murder.

    This report was prepared by the CIA shortly after Khasoggi was butchered. Trump sat on the report for two years because he was cool with that killing and didn’t want to offend his Saudi pals.

  2. Releasing the report ( finally ) is a consequence

  3. Gosh! Hope he has plenty of wet wipes….

  4. yeah lets look at the consequence shall we….

    The Saudi’s and the Jews are the counterbalance to the mad Persians.

    Everyone knows the Saudi’s killed Khasoggi, we’ve known it for years, everyone has.

    So far Biden has yet to speak to the Jews, the Saudi’s he’s held up Arms and now the only purpose in this is a public insult and chastisement.

    Just as the President that Burden served under as VP he just stabbed every ally we have in the Middle East in the back, as we learn this week Kerry and the Biden team have been meeting secretly with the Chicoms and Persians for months. Even while Trump was President.

    No the Burden Administration has picked sides, and they’ve decided to pick the side chanting death to America while they build Nukes. Burden’s Actions speak for themselves.

  5. Burden’s Actions speak for themselves.


    Those Moscow hookers have paid off big time for Putin. Jackpot!!!

    Is Trump Putin’s bitch or is he Putin’s double bitch? But you CPAC / GOP guys think that Russia is a friend of the USA and not a mortal enemy. According to Fox, your enemies are France and Germany. Putin is really an ally in the great struggle for white Christian civilisation. John Bolton has said that Trump planned to withdraw the USA from NATO if he had won a second term and no doubt you woulda been cool with that if it was the party line. Because you are always loyal to the party line Patrick. Always and always and always.

  6. Moscow hookers….. Peter believes the Steele Dossier was real and Cow Farts have destroyed the Climate…

    you can’t make comedy like that up…

  7. Patrick believes that Trump has never used hookers and that methane is not a greenhouse gas. And also that global warming is a myth and that Creationists deserve to be heard as much as Darwinists. Because it’s possible that our planet is just a few thousand years old and those fossil fuels formed very quickly indeed.

    Pure comedy, CPAC style. Looking forward to the Trump Clown Show tomorrow. Here’s three certs:

    1. He won’t mention the pandemic that has killed well over 500,000 Americans in the past twelve months. Not even once. Because it’s a Big Hoax!!!

    2. He won’t encourage US citizens to get vaccinated. Because that’s not what his anti-vaxx base wants to hear. Vaccines are dangerous!!!

    3. He won’t utter a single word of criticism of Putin or the Saudi butcher guy. Because they are his guys and he is their guy. Our Friends Abroad!!!

    You’re welcome Patrick.

  8. Wrong on 1, and 2 and as far as 3 goes why would he ? Neither has anything to do with us internally Peter.

  9. He will mention the pandemic, but will accept no blame for the inept US response in 2020. It will be all someone else’s fault

    Putin authorized the massive hack of US institutions. which involved about 1000 highly skilled Russian tech people. Trump gave Russia a pass on that. He will continue to give them a pass, and he won’t mention that at all at the Golden Calf speech.

  10. the democrat response….