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By Pete Moore On February 28th, 2021

You know the EU vaccine rollout is a proper failure when even the most swivel-eyed believers like Guy Verhofstadt are losing it.

He’s right that the EU “doesn’t have the procedures”. A continental, labyrinthine bureaucracy is not going to be the nimble machine necessary to respond to new realities and emergencies. But that’s how the EU performs in everything. Most of what the EU does is below the plimsoll line so nobody really notices how appallingly bureaucratic, slow and hapless it is.

Now its performance is being measured easily and publicly by how many people are being vaccinated. The undeniable result is one of catastrophic failure. But it’s not a new failure. It’s how the EU performs all the time.


  1. The US and UK have made mistakes, but they have got the vaccine thing right.

    Israel has been flawless

  2. The EU will pay a high price for its attacks on the Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine, which were clearly motivated by anti-Brexit sentiment. Macron was particularly sneering about it but Merkel wasn’t much better.

    The result is that the French and Germans and Belgians are refusing the British vaccine in huge numbers. How ironic that while the EU continues to bitch about Astra-Zeneca failing to deliver the number of vaccines promised, millions of those same vaccines are being wasted as anti-Vaxxers in France and Germany have been encouraged by their politicians. Anti-Vaxxer sentiment is 40% in France and 30% in Germany and about 10% in the UK. So have a guess which country will be first to achieve herd immunity.

    One part of me wants to say hell slap in into them. It will delay their emergence from lockdown by months, not weeks. But I also want to say ***k you Macron, your hatred for the Brits (because that’s what it is) has condemned tens of thousands of French citizens to die because they will refuse to get vaccinated. I really hope that you lose the election next year because you do not deserve a second term. You are a ****ing disgrace to your office.

  3. There was an opportunity here for the EU to show countries in its periphery the benefits of being in the big tent, which was squandered. In typical EU style, nobody will resign or be fired for the fiasco.

    Despite the UK having one of the worst death tolls on earth, the NHS has played a blinder on the vaccine rollout. You don’t hear much from the ‘death panels’ crazies this weather.

  4. I was unaware of the EU manufactured “ issue “ as respects AZ vaccine efficacy.

    That vaccine is perfectly good.

    As Dr Fauci said on TV yesterday people should take the first vaccine available to them – Pfizer, Moderna, Astro Zeneca, now Johnson & Johnson.

    And though its not I believe used in our lands, the Russian Sputnik vaccine is very good also.

    Keep fingers crossed, better days ahead soon.

  5. Correct. The AZ vaccine is perfectly good. It is, however, untested in older populations which is why the Chief Medical Officer in Ireland is giving other Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to over 70s where feasible. This is fair enough, but some of the commentary about the AZ vaccine has been downright reckless. GPs in Ireland have been reporting some patients turning down the AZ shot, and asking for another instead. This is a direct result of irresponsible politicians playing dangerous games.

    The Russian vaccine appears to be excellent too. I believe some EU states have sought to purchase batches of Sputnik V, due to sluggish and inefficient EU procurement.