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I totally disagree with Tucker

By Patrick Van Roy On March 2nd, 2021

8 Responses to “I totally disagree with Tucker”

  1. Carlson is right for once. The USA is self-sufficient in oil and gas so the only reason for going to war in the Middle East again (unlike 2003) is to “protect” the only nuclear power in that region.

    Meanwhile China runs rings around the west with its vaccine diplomacy, after causing the pandemic to start with. One thing that Trump got right was to see China for the serious enemy it is. It’s just a shame he was so craven to Puttin’s Russia, but we all know the reason for that.

  2. With Putin-ass-licker Trump gone from the White House, the US has finally responded to the Navalny murder attempt last summer. Trump has never even mentioned Navalny’s name (just like Putin), never mind the poisoning which he clearly regarded the same way as the Khasoggi killing by the Saudis, i.e. just a bit of house-keeping and nothing for the USA to get angry about:

    “Sanctions are being imposed on seven senior Russian officials and 14 entities involved in chemical and biological production, administration officials said. Russia’s attempt to kill Mr Navalny follows an alarming pattern of chemical weapons use by Russia,” one official said. Novichok was used in a 2018 attack in the English city of Salisbury against a Russian exiled double-agent and his daughter.

    Under the sanctions, the assets of the officials in the US are frozen. Those targeted include Alexander Bortnikov, who heads the FSB, Russia’s main intelligence agency, as well as deputy Defence Ministers Alexei Krivoruchko and Pavel Popov.”


  3. The US is not energy self sufficient or why would they keep buying vast quantities of foreign oil, gas and electricity

  4. The flow of money EP being self sufficient doesn’t mean you don’t play the game it means you control it.

    A little lesson it’s a movie and the companies have changed a little but what he says is accurate PAY ATTENTION….


  5. The US is certainly way more self sufficient than it was.

    Yes we buy natural gas, oil, and hydro electricity from other countries, especially Canada but we export a lot of gas, coal, oil, to Japan Europe and Mexico etc.

  6. the Flow of Money…..

  7. actually Phantom you buy a lot of oil off mexico as well

  8. Those figures are tricky

    I think that some of the crude imports from Mexico are refined in Texas and sent right back to Mexico in refined form.

    Just as some of oil from Canada is refined in Texas and exported to third countries.

    The US exports crude to Canada too!