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Stay out of Ithaca NY

By Patrick Van Roy On March 2nd, 2021

N.Y. Mayor Svante Myrick has announced a mind-twisting plan to dismantle the police department and replace it with a bizarre social justice warrior delusion of public safety.

Myrick intends to “create a new Department of Community Solutions and Public Safety.” Great! That title is so “woke,” after reading it, I may never sleep again. This is more than semantics. The mayor intends to split the department into “two divisions: One an unarmed force of ‘community solution workers’ and the other an armed unit of ‘public safety workers’ who respond to and investigate crimes.”

12 Responses to “Stay out of Ithaca NY”

  1. “But why do Americans need guns?”

    Because the lunatics are increasingly in charge.

  2. I’ve been to Ithaca.

    Nice place, lots of relaxed pubs and restaurants, home of Cornell University.

    Maybe the silliness will pass, who knows.

  3. Maybe the silliness will pass, Phantom, but not while you vote for Democrats. You have to give them an incentive to change.

  4. There needs to be an alternative, conservative, party for people to vote for.

    Right now, there’s only a Moonie Cult on the other side, in the thrall of a crime boss.

  5. Phantom right now there is no party of any kind period. It is 4 or 5 factions and the rinos still have the most influence power they control the money strings.

    There is no republican party there are voices of resistance, but impotence all around. What is going to happen is the collapse over the next 18-24 months is going to be so horrendous that the chambers will flip again.

    Right now there is no nuthin except angry voices.

  6. This is a dangerous time.

    The Democrats are in a bad place, led by a tired Karensky type, with identity politics / openly racist cutthroats who have been thinking of the post Biden era all along.

    The Republicans have a crack-head thief at the head in a cult of personality movement that is devoid of any principles.

    We need strong, ethical leaders who wish to unite – but I don’t see anyone like that around.

  7. Maybe DeSantis, but I don’t see anyone either.

    Cruz is unelectable, I can’t stand Gaetz, the chick from South Dakota I’m not sure if it’s an act, is she another Palin, or if both her Oars hit the water or not… Issa won’t run, and Haley is a flake.

  8. I see superb leaders in many places in the US business world, but see deeply flawed figures everywhere in US politics

    I see some politicians – Mitt Romney is one – who are admirable exceptions, even if I disagree with him on multiple issues, but he’d have no shot at all.

  9. No Business Person worth having wants the job.

  10. Or even if they would take the job, why would any self-respecting person want to go through the idiotic two-year primary and general election process that leads to the job, and the “ fund raising “ That goes with the nomination and election process

    The entire system is set up wrong

  11. Robespierre set up a Committee of Public Safety. Quite an ominous title…

  12. You’ve got a heavily armed gang robbing a bank?

    Send in the social workers. !!

    But seeing as you are yanks how does “tea and sympathy” help you? Do you lot prefer coffee and cake?

    Where’s Dirty Harry when you need him.