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By Pete Moore On March 2nd, 2021

Hot on the heels of Hungary and Slovenia buying Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine, Austria and Denmark are the latest countries to vote with their feet.

Austria’s chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, described the EU’s vaccination deployment as “too slow” as he announced that his country and Denmark would work with Israel on protecting their citizens against new coronavirus variants.

The move by the two member states to form a vaccine manufacturing partnership comes as the latest figures show that 7.5% of the EU population have received a vaccine dose compared with 52% in Israel and 31% in the UK […]

He added that Austria and Denmark “will no longer rely on the EU in the future and will in the coming years produce doses of second-generation vaccine for further mutations of the coronavirus together with Israel as well as researching jointly treatment possibilities”.

This isn’t just governments doing what they think is best. EU solidarity is everything to the project. It’s the cornerstone of political and economic union. Without it there is no union. The damage done by Merkel and Macron to the EU’s prospects is incredible because, throughout the Wuhan epidemic, it has been hapless and incompetent.

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