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By Pete Moore On March 2nd, 2021

Meanwhile, in North Britain:

Nicola Sturgeon is facing calls to resign after new documents raised further questions about her involvement in the Alex Salmond saga.

The government has published emails showing it continued a doomed legal fight with Mr Salmond despite its lawyers advising it was likely to lose.

Further evidence from two other witnesses has also called into question Ms Sturgeon’s version of events.

Scotland’s leader is to face a Holyrood inquiry into the affair on Wednesday.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said there was “no longer any doubt that Nicola Sturgeon lied to the Scottish Parliament and broke the ministerial code on numerous counts.”

The Sturgeon/Salmond business is all the proof we need that politicis is such a bad way of settling most things. I won’t run through what it’s all about because 1) it’s very complicated, and 2) I’m going to bed in an hour and can’t type fast enough. Suffice to say that Nicola Sturgeon finds herself in deeper trouble by the day. The evidence that she lied to the Scottish parliament is piling up. She might well have to resign soon. If she goes then the SNP dream of leaving the UK might go too.

Whether or not Scotland should leave the UK, whatever you think of it, should be a matter of thought, reflection and discussion. Yet right now now it’s hostage to which slippery politician can persuade enough slippery other politicians that another slippery politician lied.

It’s entertaining but ultimately quite unsatisfactory.

10 Responses to “STURGEON ON THE HOOK”

  1. Look whose payroll Mr Salmond is on now


  2. Sturgeon will come out swinging in her evidence tomorrow and the SNP has already decided to back her whatever the evidence that she broke the ministerial code in Scotland on numerous occasions. They will no doubt point out that if Pritti Patel can get away with that in London (thanks to Tory support) their gal should get a bye ball in Edinburgh. It would be more honest if the ministerial code was abolished in both places, because it clearly means nothing when pitched against ethics-free partisan politicians. A bit like impeachment in the USA.

    Anyway, in theory Sturgeon and her SNP warriers could lose a vote of confidence in Edinburgh on the back of their blatant corruption, but I’ll believe it when I see it. Because it would need all of the opposition parties to combine – Tories, Labour, Greens and Lib-Dems. Good luck with that. And even if it happens there is a good chance that Sturgeon would brazen it out until the election in May, and probably with minimal electoral damage. Because opinion polls suggest that most SNP supporters couldn’t give a stuff about their party’s obvious corruption. A bit like the GOP in the USA which overwhelmingly supports the Capitol invasion on 6 January.

  3. Peter, as ever, is on the money. Said no-one. Ever.

    Nippie is far too practiced a liar-lawyer-politician to come out with directly incriminating answers to straightforward questions…. she’ll prevaricate & dissemble (& be permitted to do so by the no marks present) & at the end proclaim herself totally innocent of all allegations… but the damage will have been done to her “credibility”.

    She’s on her way oot, to a well remunerated stipend in the EU or UN where she”ll be comfy with all the other unconvicted criminal-professional politicians.

  4. A resident outside the EU will get an EU stipend?

    Exactly why would that happen?

  5. Don’t expect logic from djaym. Bile and bigotry are what he/she/it deals in.

  6. This Sturgeon/Salmond affair all seems a little fishy to me.

  7. Phantom

    Address your question to Clegg, he of the “dangerous fantasy” that is now the reality of an EU Army.


    Good luck with your puff piece on Nippie. She’s toast

    You’re welcome

  8. She will never ever resign.

  9. Good luck with your puff piece on Nippie.

    If you read what I posted as a puff piece you really need help. You’re welcome.

  10. She will never ever resign.

    Correct. But no politicians resign these days, otherwise Gavin Williamson would have resigned at least five times in his so-called cabinet career. There is a culture of impunity and total shamelessness everywhere you look.