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By Pete Moore On March 3rd, 2021

Droit de seigneur ..

The Palestinian Authority on Tuesday confirmed that it diverted some COVID-19 vaccination doses meant for medical workers to VIPs as critics charged but said this involved a small fraction of inoculations.

A health ministry statement said 10% of the 12,000 doses it received were given to the Palestinian national football team, government ministers, presidential guards and members of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s topmost Executive Committee. Another 200 doses went to the Jordanian royal court, after a request from Amman.

“It was only 10 per cent, lower than our usual mafia fee.”

I am shocked that the governors of a backward, corrupt, Third World dump could be so criminal – not. This is entirely predictable and predicted. The names of the perpetrators are known. Therefore we need vaccine anti-passports. Every Third World shyster who does this needs to be sanctioned and banned from travel to the civilised world. If we don’t then in the end, in every Third World dump, the rulers, the criminals, the rich and the well connected will barge everyone else out of the way. Then they’ll sell the rest of the vaccines on with a mark up after they’ve been jabbed.


  1. No one who Identifies as a Palestinian should be allowed to travel period.

    but that is just my opinion.

  2. Other corrupt states have been caught out doing this, Peru is the worst case so far.

    But (as they used to say on Saturday afternoon at 4.45pm) not all the results are in yet. Before long I expect we will be hearing about similar cases much closer to home. Apparently at least 75% of the Astra-Zeneca vaccines delivered in France and Germany have not been used yet. It would be surprising if some don’t get “re-directed”.

  3. Apparently at least 75% of the Astra-Zeneca vaccines delivered in France and Germany have not been used yet


    Incompetence and/or distrust?

  4. no different then the fact that I’m immunocompromised and have yet been able to get the Vaccine, but every Representative, and Senator has gotten theirs…..

  5. It’s a mixture of reasons, starting with the fact that both countries decided not to authorise the vaccine for the over-65s on the maybe not unreasonable grounds that the AZ trials included too few in that age bracket. France has reversed that decision this week, but two months have passed since vaccinations started with the over 75s and the delay in approval will take months to unwind in terms of take-up. And in any case it has not surprisingly spawned a suspicion of the AZ vaccine, greatly exacerbated by the reckless remarks of the Brit-hating Macron that the vaccine was “barely effective” in the over 65s. And the Germans have still not authorised it for their over-65s as Merkel pointed out last week.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that the vaccines roll-out has been a total shit-show in the EU:

    “In the western German city of Duisburg, for example, a spokesperson said 50% to 70% of appointments for an injection with the AstraZeneca jab had either been not taken up or cancelled. But on closer inspection, AstraZeneca scepticism appears to be a local phenomenon restricted to specific regions, with logistical problems likely to play a much bigger part.

    In Germany’s second largest city, Hamburg, authorities said they had experienced barely any reluctance among those who were offered the Oxford jab, but conceded that the decision to clear the vaccine only for those under 65 had created “not inconsiderable logistical problems”. “We’d hoped that the AstraZeneca vaccine would be one of the key drivers of our programme, since its modest storage requirements meant we could have administered it via doctors’ practices before the BioNTech or Moderna vaccines,” said Martin Helfrich, a spokesperson for the northern city state’s health ministry.

    The German decision not to clear the vaccine for over-65s meant authorities had to actively seek out younger people in the top priority group. Finding essential workers such as medical staff or firefighters was relatively quickly done through unions and labour associations. But reaching younger people with pre-existing conditions was a more laborious task, with the state having to invite them by post to book an appointment over the phone, causing considerable delays.”


  6. Yes I read that there are 2m AZ doses in storage. After Macron and Merkel lied about the AZ vaccine people have been refusing it. Seems the published retraction they issued hasn’t swayed opinions. Just proving the adage about a lie being halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on.
    So the EU leaders will have caused people to die needlessly as a consequence of their diarrhea of the mouth. This flucked up situation really boils my ….
    Incidentally my wife and I have had the AZ vaccine with no problems.

  7. The latest data suggests that the AZ vaccine is at least as good as the Pfizer vaccine. And it is much easier to store and distribute:

    “The data released this evening by Public Health England shows that a single dose of both the Oxford /AstraZeneca vaccine and the Pfizer vaccine cuts the risk of hospitalisation by 80 per cent in the over-80s, the most vulnerable group. It also suggests that the Oxford one, despite its messy trial data, is slightly more effective than the Pfizer vaccine in preventing symptomatic infection among the over-70s.

    The efficacy of the Oxford vaccine has completely changed the outlook for the UK. This country has enough doses of it ordered to cover everyone, it really is the workhorse of the immunisation programme, and these statistics suggest that the UK is definitively on its way out of lockdown.”


  8. So the EU was whining about Astro Zeneca supply, but now the vaccine’s not good enough for the leaders and population there?

    Fine, let the vaccine be used in the UK and outside of Europe.

    The continent is all over the place on this.

  9. As of yesterday, the UK had vaccinated 31% of its population compared to an EU average of 8%. That average reflects 8% in Germany and 7% in France. Well done Merkel and Macron.

    But despite the ongoing vaccines debacle, Brussels is now proposing to produce vaccine passports at an EU level rather than each nation producing their own. Call me a cynic, but I wonder what could possibly go wrong?


  10. Your article shows that Serbia has a 22% vaccination rate, really good, second only to the UK in Europe.

    The Serbs are using vaccines from the west, as well as Russia ( Sputnik V ) and China
    ( Sinopharm ).