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…, but you cannot fool all the people all the time!

By Mike Cunningham On March 4th, 2021

 Whats it say about the House Majority Party in today’s America when over thirty Congressmen ask  for ChinaJoe Biden to voluntarily relinquish his sole authority over America’s nuclear weaponry?

As more and more people are coming to realise that perhaps, what was long rumoured but always denied; is actually becoming fact: that the President is suffering from some form of dementia. 

The President was seated, scheduled to begin a virtual Conference, when the feed was summarily cut, and….Zip; Nada: nothing further.

Breitbart News reported Biden has not held a solo press conference in the 42 days he has been president, breaking a 100-year record.

On Politico, we learn that a Bi-Partisan Bill has been introduced to remove the President’s War Powers after he bombed Syria without notifying Congress, as I believe he is mandated to do. I personally believe that this is a mistake, as the President is only given minutes to respond if an attack is signalled. If the response is supposed to come from a committee, what happens when the lawyers get involved?

The Democratic Presidential campaign kept ChinaJoe hidden in his basement for most of the campaign, as opposed to President Trump, whose appearances on his campaign trail were only too successful in reminding America who was speaking, and who was hiding. I wonder what the real reason for his silence was? Were the Dems just worried about the Virus, or were they worried that the Big Lie would be discovered? Was ChinaJoe already showing signs of diminished capacity?

Some tine soon, maybe in about four years, America might learn how successfully they were fooled: but only after the remainder of ChinaJoe’s term has been filled by President Kamala!

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