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Good Mornin

By Patrick Van Roy On March 4th, 2021

“This is how I greet everyone”


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is calling for the state legislature to revoke Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s emergency powers, joining nine Democrats as well as the state’s Republicans in doing so. “The State Legislature,” his Sunday night statement reads, “must immediately revoke the governor’s emergency powers that overrule local control.” Great idea, mayor. But why now?

One reason de Blasio lists is Cuomo’s “withholding of information on the deaths of over 15,000 people” in the nursing-home scandal. That fact, you might notice, has been in the media spotlight for weeks now. Even before then, the mayor didn’t seem to think the on-its-face-stupid-and-obviously-deadly decision was a good reason for removing extralegislative powers.

This is the REAL REASON he’s being attacked for Sexual Harassments…. to distract you from this.



6 Responses to “Good Mornin”

  1. Over the top silliness.

    You were fine when Trump was misleading the public with his promotion of quack cures like bleach, light, and hydrochloroquine. When his actions and inactions caused hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

    The Dems here are a hundred times more sincere than any Trumper who ever lived on this issue.

    NYS Assemblyman Ron Kim has been a harsh critic of Cuomo for some time – he believes that his own uncle died unnecessarily due to the Cuomo policy. You think that he is insincere. You are wrong.

  2. Phantom….. really?

    and Janice Dean has been on this for 3 months since Cuomo killed her in laws..

    If your TDS is still so bad that nothing about anything can be said without you screaming TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!… you seriously need to seek mental help.

    Cuomo implemented this Senior Folks home policy and 5 other Governors Followed it. They caused the MAJORITY of DEATHS from Covid.

    But Trump said inject bleach…. so ignore the MASS MURDER of the Old, by Democrats… because TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!…

  3. Bleach

    It wasn’t ” mass murder “. At all.

    It was stupid, badly thought out, policy. Well meant but indefensible.

  4. It was mass murder….. through unintended consequences, but still Mass Murder ask anyone whose Mother or Father DIED as the result.


  5. I invite you to look up the meaning of the term ” murder “

  6. you mean when you send people infected with the most deadly contagious Virus in our lifetime INTENTIONALLY into facilities with the MOST VULNERABLE POPULATION it’s NOT MURDER…. ?

    Shit then giving Smallpox infected blankets to the Indians was just fine…..

    Thank you for your wisdom and Clarity…..