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Erm, yes, I am the President; aren’t I, Nancy?

By Mike Cunningham On March 4th, 2021


From DailyJournalOnline

And for this cartoon, Mallard Fillmore was dropped by a huge newspaper chain in the United States.copy

President Xiden thin-skinned? President ChinaJoe can’t take a joke? Never happen!

4 Responses to “Erm, yes, I am the President; aren’t I, Nancy?”

  1. I’m sorry to say this; this could be a business mistake, similar to Gillette.

    I hadn’t thought of this strip for years. It was always very in your face political, different from other strips, often controversial

    Newspapers are in a tough business, still under the threat of rapid technology change,

    Some of the remaining customers won’t like this

  2. must crush political criticism of the left….. so it shall not be written and if it is it will be crushed… comrade

  3. This shouldn’t even be seen as a left issue

    Martina Navratilova has been strongly critical of this stuff, and she’s not exactly a bomb throwing lefty

  4. The suppression of political speech is definitely a left issue.

    Even if you can find a couple on the right that support it…. you can try to use them as cover Phantom, but no one is buying it.

    The Left wants to crush ALL views they DISAGREE with Political and Non-Political.