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By Pete Moore On March 4th, 2021

The Duchess of Sussex has said Buckingham Palace could not expect her and Prince Harry to be silent if it was “perpetuating falsehoods about us”.

It was immediately obvious that Megan Markle was the wrong sort. Self-obsessed, high maintenance women couldn’t be more obvious if they had flashing lights on their heads. The damage she’s doing now is so serious it’s a constitutional affair.

Harry was always liked and respected though never the brightest bulb. An ageing c-list actress saw her last shot at the big time and scored a bullseye. Harry should have been protected and steered away from her because she was always going to damage the Royal Family. You’d have thought that lesson was learned with Diana.

But Meghan was welcomed and loved and she’s shown her gratitude since by making a simpering cuck of Harry while endlessly whinging about how tough she has it. In an interview with Winfrey she has now moved onto baseless and egregious lies about the Royal Family while Harry’s grandfather lies ill in hospital. The Royal Family does not exist to promote the career of a wretched woman. She must be cut off and disowned. Harry must be told to pack his bags and return pronto if he wants to avoid the same fate.

And low IQ princes must return to the practice of having suitable brides chosen for them.


  1. Can’t argue with this.

    A train wreck in the works since day one.

    If you don’t want to be a royal, don’t be one. Stay away from the media and do what normal people do.

  2. And low IQ princes must return to the practice of having suitable brides chosen for them.

    It’s a bit late for Andrew though.

  3. here’s an idea. Bring back the Jerry Springer show for a ‘Royal Special’ – watch as burly bouncers separate Meghan and Kate Middleton as they scratch each others eyes out, while Harry takes a slug at Big bruv Will, and Camilla screams “You fink you ad it tough wiv the press, you don’t know nuffin’ you spoilt yankee bitch…

    It would certainly be more entertaining than Oprah’s boring whinge fest 🙂