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‘equality’ and ‘equity’

By Patrick Van Roy On March 5th, 2021

‘equality’ and ‘equity’…. do you know the difference ?

as always Tucker’s commentary is both entertaining and informative.

4 Responses to “‘equality’ and ‘equity’”

  1. Tucker ! Tucker ! Tucker ! I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger mancrush, Patrick ? Its getting a bit embarrassing now 🙂

  2. Look when there are only one or two people on the TV News that you believe are being fair in their evaluations what do you expect….

    Tucker is Fair. If I felt Anderson Cooper was being fair on a topic I’d post him.

    The question is Colm… did you watch the clip and do YOU think his analysis was fair and informative?

  3. No I did not watch the clip. I was washing my hair…. and I have very little of it 🙂

  4. Tucker is Fair.


    He never complained when Trump went for months without press conferences.

    And his attack on Kamala Harris as “the child of equity” would be more convincing if he had ever, ever, ever, even just once pointed out how Trump inherited tax-free millions from his old man. Was that not “equity” too? Nah, thought not.

    But Carlson is right about the teachers unions.