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By Pete Moore On March 5th, 2021

The UK’s numbers are absolutely plummeting while out in the continent they remain somewhat buoyant. We’re in the same season and have all had roughly the same lockdowns and patterns of infections and deaths. It’s with the vaccines that we see a clear break between the UK and the rest. Meanwhile Germany has rewritten its vaccination protocol to follows the UK’s example of prioritising the fiorst jab. I’m so old I remember when the EU poured scorn on that idea.


  1. Pete

    Lockdowns work because they help to stop people congregating indoors and spreading the respitary droplets that carry the virus.

    Vaccines work by producing antibodies which will either prevent infection completely (90% or so) or if you do get infected will ensure that you will not need to be hospitalised and will not die from the disease. So vaccines are brilliant.

    We are lucky that the UK has run rings areound the French and Germans on our vaccine rollout, but the road to success was also paved by the lockdown that started on Boxing Day and will start to be lifted soon.