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Let’s screw the struggling worker

By Patrick Van Roy On March 6th, 2021

Under current tax law, earnings data for gig economy workers only needs to be reported to the IRS once it reaches $20,000. This means that small earners pursuing gig work to supplement their income aren’t hit by crushing federal taxes. However, the Democrats’ provision would nearly eliminate this benchmark, and instead require all income above $600 to be reported to the IRS.

“The stiffer tax burden would be imposed while 10 million Americans are unemployed and more and more have turned to freelance and gig economy work to make ends meet,” Roll Call notes.

Indeed it would, and this would be disastrous for both workers and the economy.

11 Responses to “Let’s screw the struggling worker”

  1. QAnon is now officially mainstream in the GOP. Tucker Carlson has described the cult followers as “gentle patriots”. By cult I mean QAnon, not the GOP.

    Are you with Tucker on this one Patrick?

  2. Here is the GOP dilemma after 6 January. Can they “move on” from Trump or are they Trump’s party for the forseeable future? And that could be a long future if Junior Don walks the 2024 nomination as many expect. It looks like the GOP will not “move on” any time soon. It seems much more likely to double down and embrace the Trumpist cult QAnon into its ranks:

    “It was 9:00 P.M. on a Monday in South Carolina, and the Charleston County Republican Party was ninety minutes into its February meeting, when the open-comments portion of the session began. Maurice Washington, the Party chairman and a former city-council member, invited a newcomer to the microphone at the front of the room filled with seventy members and guests. She identified herself as Elizabeth Rodi, announced that she had attended Donald Trump’s rally on January 6th, and declared media reports about the Capitol insurrection false. “The people that were there were Antifa and Black Lives Matter. They were identified through facial recognition,” she claimed. “That wasn’t anybody who was a Trump supporter.” She told the gathering that they were “falsely understanding what QAnon even is,” and said it was high time to recognize that the Republicans were facing information warfare from mainstream media outlets. There was grumbling in the audience, but someone called out, “Let her speak!”

    When Rodi finished, Washington faced a decision. He had opened the evening with a prayer, and he had led the members—mostly white and male, middle-aged and older, one in a red “Trump 2024” hat, a few wearing masks—in the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem. He had discussed the Party’s celebration of Black History Month, an overt attempt to attract nonwhite voters and a diverse slate of candidates, and described its new Web site, designed to “humanize” local Republicans. It had been a year since Washington, who is Black, had taken on the Party chairmanship in hopes of expanding the Republican base in an increasingly Democratic county. He believed that delivering a clear message and avoiding personal attacks was crucial for the Party’s success in 2022.

    Now he had to decide whether to call out Rodi for falsely blaming Antifa for the Capitol assault. That might signal a loyalty to facts, and an end to Trumpian misdirection. But it also might cause a scene. A month after a split at the Party’s January meeting had caused a ruckus that was reported in the local media, that was the last thing Washington wanted. So he told her, warmly, “Thank you for having the courage and the fight to come and address us. We hope you come back.” To the crowd, he said, “Let’s give her a hand.” Most in the audience applauded as Rodi walked back to her seat. One woman, known to be a stalwart Trump supporter, handed Rodi a business card…”


  3. Qanon is a fantasy.

    Peter you have a problem. You love to quote stuff from The Atlantic, The New Yorker and other EXTREMELY left publications as if they are some neutral review of anything.

    If you believe they are let me inform you they are not.

    I read that story and had to laugh. Sorry that may be the view of the what is going on, on the right by the left, but there is not a drop of reality in it…. sorry

  4. Qanon is a fantasy.


    Marjory Taylor-Greene is the future GOP, you need to get that. QAnon is taking over your party. Think of it as Trumpism on steroids.

    Tucker’s on board, so why aren’t you?

  5. Peter Qanon is propaganda…. it’s an inside joke on the right and a boogeyman to the left.

    but you bought it…. hook line and sinker.

    MTG was elected by 75% of the voters in her district…..

  6. Yes and you would vote for her for president in a minute

  7. you got a better pick?

    I’m open to suggestion…. I’d still vote for Cruz first, but that’s a losing bet.

  8. Yes anybody on the face of the earth

  9. lol…..

  10. where’s your NYC post? have you started your first draft?

  11. I know it’s hard to make the time, I do.

    I just would like some of your perspective of things in written form for the front page once in awhile Phantom. Express yourself….