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By Patrick Van Roy On March 6th, 2021

Accused Capitol rioter John Sullivan sold video footage he recorded at the Jan. 6 siege to NBC and CNN for $35,000 each, according to new court papers.

The news came as prosecutors on Tuesday tried to ban the Utah provocateur — a self-styled anti-Trump activist who they allege infiltrates protests to cause chaos and record video footage — from accessing social media, according to Politico.

Sullivan maintains that he is a journalist for his website Insurgence USA — and his defense attorney filed invoices for the $35,000 that NBC News and CNN each apparently paid for rights to use the videos.

2 Responses to “A Jan 6th TERRORIST”

  1. CNN was embedded with the terrorist. It ought to be shut down.

  2. Well that settles it for sure. The 6 January riot was an Antifa false-flag job, end of.