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By Pete Moore On March 7th, 2021

Everyone over the age of 56 in the UK has been invited book a Wuhan Flu vaccine jab. This has become a subject fraught with social and professional peril.

A work colleague asked me last week if I’d had the vaccine. Yes, he’s foreign, one of those Polish chappies. If he was British he would know that that question does not exist here. However you ask it, it comes across as “Are you old enough to have have had the vaccine?”

It’s one thing to volunteer that you’ve had the jab, but to ask is a bit forward. When everyone over a younger age is eligible then you can ask but we’re not there yet. These Johnnies can learn the language but subleties and hidden meanings are everywhere.

5 Responses to ““ARE YOU KNOCKING ON A BIT?””

  1. Pete

    I volunteered for the Novavax trial in October and got my two jabs in November. I told them that I was 99% certain I had Covid last March but they said as long as I didn’t have a positive test I was eligible for their trial.

    I’ve been wondering recently why I was still eligible. Rules are rules of course, but the fact that I was 99% certain to have at least some immunity before getting their jab wouldn’t do their efficacy scores any damage. Just saying.

    Anyway, the preliminary results for Novavax are very good and it is likely to get approved soon in the UK and USA.

  2. Me…. I’m working on my 21st Birthday post……

  3. Yes , had first one three weeks ago. AZ. And yes I’m older.

  4. “it comes across as “Are you old enough to have have had the vaccine?””

    Nah! It comes across as, are you gullible enough to have fallen for Tory / blue labour, deep State, whatever, propaganda?

    Vote (deep state) Tory get Tyranny.

  5. Peter –

    I read over the weekend (can’t recall which paper) of growing evidence that one jab for those who have had Covid is producing the same outcomes as two jabs for those who haven’t had it.