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By Pete Moore On March 8th, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the latest organisation to publish evidence that Covid is deadly, mainly for the obese.

Americans who are overweight or obese make up more than 73 percent of those who die of the virus, new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data reveal […]

Those figures align with the overall rates of unhealthy weights in the US. About 74 percent of Americans are overweight, including nearly 43 percent who are obese.

It comes after a World Health Organization (WHO) report revealed that 90 percent of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in countries where half the population is obese, and yet another study showed that two-thirds of hospitalizations for coronavirus were attributable one of four conditions, including obesity […]

But the mounting data suggests that if Americans had healthier diets and habits, the US might not have had the highest COVID-19 death toll in the world.

It looks to be a clear correlation. Behind old age, obesity (with associated conditions) is the primary predictor of hospitalisations and death. So the “follow the science” crowd, which went hopping mad at the idea of children going to school and people sitting on a beach weren’t actually following any science. But we know that.

I suspect that when this is run and the data crunched we’ll also see that lockdowns and masks are far less effective than people being reasonably fit and well. When a large proportion of the population has been fed for decades on processed food, with no exercise, and they have the waistlines and clogged arteries to show for it, there’s not much that government can do.

8 Responses to “EAT BETTER, MOVE MORE”

  1. Vietnam is a low income nation of just under 100 million that borders on China.

    And they’ve had few cases of Covid, very few deaths.

    I spent two weeks in Vietnam in 2015, and was impressed by many things, including how slender the vast majority of the population was.

    They’re slender, healthy, and they wear masks without whining like a bunch of American / British weaklings about it. That’s a winner.

    The interesting Bill Maher has been raging about this very point for some time.

    ( Link from July 2020 )

    That obesity and poor diet are obvious causes of the horrible US results on this.

  2. Pardon I was there in 2005

  3. It’s also a fact that the death toll has been much lower in many countries that are much poorer than the USA. These include most of Asia and most of Africa, but interestingly not South America where obesity rates are close to those in the USA.

    Among the suggested reasons:

    1. Under-reporting of Covid deaths is probably a factor, but their excess deaths are also low so this may not be significant.

    2. A younger population. In Pakistan the proportion over 65 is 4% compared to 16% in the USA and 20% in the EU.

    3. Much of Asia and Africa live more of their lives outdoors and have more ventilation indoors.

    4. They probably had more natural immunity to start with due to previous exposure to similar viruses.

    5. Better policy responses. Compare China’s response of immediate draconian lockdowns to the feeble and inconsistent responses in the USA and UK and EU. Their societies were more prepared to make collective sacrifices than ours were, mainly due to cultural differences. In the west there is a strong culture of individualism, in Asia and Africa this is much less evident.

  4. Being young, of a healthy weight, and not smoking gives you the best chance against Covid. The main reason places like Egypt and Iraq, with weak bureaucracies and densely populated cities, do not have out-of-control Covid fatalities, is that their populations are predominantly young.

    Rich Northern Italy with its aging population got decimated.

  5. But ( mask wearing ) Japan, which does not have a young population, has a really low Covid death rate also.

    The Japanese are slender.

  6. That is true. Success in this is not reducible to a single factor. As Peter says, when looking at success in this, look for smart policy. Countries like Vietnam have been world beaters in this, with zero anti-mask bedwetters mucking things up for the sane.

    I have a colleague based in Vietnam. Sometimes he tells friends there about the covid conspriracies running riot in Western countries. The Vietnamese are completely bemused by this.

  7. Where does your colleague live

    Vietnam is one of the more interesting countries in the world. And it’s a true developing country. Income and education rising every few years, outward facing, doing many things right

    The US and UK have three huge strikes against them. Fat and sedentary populations and many iendlessly ignorant, argumentative types who don’t listen to anyone.

  8. He lives (an entirely normal life) in Hanoi.

    I spent an entire month in Vietnam many years back. I got a bus form Vientiane in Laos to Hanoi, and then travelled down the coast to Ho Chi Minh City over the course of 4 weeks. A great memory.