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14 thoughts on “The Rant….. 20k Children

  1. I never criticized Trump’s border policies, so there’s no need for Trump/Biden comparisons

    What exactly and precisely should the US do?

  2. Biden has screwed this up nine ways to Sunday, actually lets get this out of the way.

    But what should be done now?

    I gave my answer to this when Obama was president.

  3. Where are the Press Phantom?

    Nothing is going to be done, they are denying these children access to the Legal Advocacy groups and the Press is ignoring it…..

  4. “ Biden has screwed this up nine ways to Sunday, actually lets get this out of the way.”

    You wait until Kamala Harris is President.

  5. they are denying these children access to the Legal Advocacy groups

    Yes, the answer to human smuggling by coyotes is more lawyers. Call Jacoby & Meyers stat. Dig up Johnnie Cochran and put him on the case.

    You are being played, and seeing everything only through a Dem/Rep cops and robbers prism you miss this story completely.

    Trump was correct on the border, and you are AOC 2.0 on this subject.

  6. hey asshole for fifteen years UNACCOMPONIED MINORS are given LEGAL ADVOCACY…. there are agencies that this is their JOB.

    EVERY Administration allows these groups access UNTIL NOW….. to make sure that get properly PLACED HERE IN THE US…. They did under Obama, and they did under Trump… but not now.

    But it’s Biden so it’s cool, nothing to see here….. It’s Trumps fault right… no it’s mine I want Jacoby and Myers….

    you are a total ASS.

  7. Phantom says screw those children…. they don’t deserve representation send them right into sexual slavery…..

    That’s ok with Phantom.

  8. It iz Trumps fault in the year of our Lord 2020

    It is Trumps fault in the year of our Lord 2021

    2056 – it iz still Trumps fault. According to the good book of dopey liberals, whilst America is turning to dust around them.

  9. You are fully allied with the Coyotes at this point. They have organized all of this.

    Very fake conservative.

    Let’s have no more blather about the border or walls, AOC.

  10. what kind of drugs are you on….?

    I am calling out the Press and I am calling out the Federal Government, how do you say I am on the side of the coyotes?

    The Federal Government is blocking access to these children from Legal Immigration ADVOCACY groups… the Lawyers that help protect these children from being exploited….. I am demanding they get that advocacy, I am demanding that the PRESS all the Press do their damn job and help these children and you’re accusing me of standing with the coyotes….

    Explain that Phantom no one line bullshit….

    How are the coyotes stopping the Legal Advocates access on this side of the Border?

    How are the Coyotes stopping the American Press from gaining access ?

    Explain yourself, because you sound like a total idiot.

  11. The ” unaccompanied minors ” were never unaccompanied.

    You think that ten year olds walked from El Salvador to El Paso by themselves. Sorry, that didn’t happen. It didn’t happen even in a single case.

    They were accompanied by Coyotes and by the Human Rights Industry. The coyotes are very well paid for the illegal work that they do.

    And you are playing their game.

    You want 20,000 OJ lawyers to preen before the camera in 20,000 lawsuits meant to completely overwhelm the system, to the benefit of the coyotes and more endless waves.

    Why didn’t you just support Biden in the first place if you’re in such fundamental agreement with him on this matter? Why the pretending?

  12. you really are on drugs aren’t you?

    There are over 20,000 children in facilities inside the United States with no Parents.

    They don’t speak english, they have no ID to prove who their family members are.

    There are Non-Profit Legal Advocacy groups that have been representing this class of Illegal for over 15 years under both Obama and Trump.

    The Biden Administration is BLOCKING both those Legal Advocates and the Press from access to these children…… and you are supporting that Phantom.

    It doesn’t matter how they got here, it doesn’t matter why they came.

    What matters is there are 20,000 children shoved into facilities that hold less than 5000 and the Federal Government is Preventing the people whose jobs it is to guarantee that they are being treated properly access…..

    and you are supporting this…. there is something very wrong with you.

  13. I support a proper border, as Trump did.

    ” Show me the incentives, and I will show you the outcome ” said Charlie Munger. I quoted this way more than a decade ago here. You support continued incentives for illegal immigration. You caused this. All of it.

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