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By Pete Moore On April 4th, 2021

Exactly one month ago Joe “Two Masks” Biden described the lifting of face mask requirements in Texas and Mississippi as “neanderthal thinking”. How’s it going now? How devastating is the Yellow Peril down south?

NEW: 3 weeks since Texas lifted their mask mandate, the 7 day average in cases is the lowest it’s been since June

Only credulous fools think that masks do anything except concentrate pathogens in front of the mouth and nose,

And President Biden should apologise for misleading the country with his offensive, dangerous and anti-scientific remarks.


  1. Three weeks is a bit early to be declaring victory, but no doubt you will be happy to retract the gloat if Texas experiences a surge in the next few weeks?

    Nah, thought not.

  2. Peter –

    I’d be happy to do so. Does the record show that Biden will retract his offensive, dangerous and anti-scientific remarks?

  3. Pete

    There are mask mandates in nearly every country on the planet. If they are as useless as you claim then we are either misled by bad science or it’s a conspiracy. Which do you believe, just for the record?

  4. Most face mask (Muzzles) use HEPA Filters that are worse than useless. End of !

    I have spoken to various people in healthcare and they all agree that wearing a mask will not help in preventing you getting infected. What will help is washing your hands regularly and avoid being in enclosed spaces with large numbers of people.

  5. The main purpose of masks is not to protect the wearer. It is to protect others from the wearer, who may or may not be aware that he or she is infected.

    It limits the spread somewhat. One reason why the mask wearing, non argumentative non whining countries have been the most effective at frustrating virus as opposed to the western nations

    This has been discussed many times here.


  6. We should cease with all the 24 hour, seven day a week whinging & whining with immediate effect.

    But carry on with all the 24 hour, seven days a week, whinging & whining about Donald Trump.


  7. Its only you mentioning Trump here Harri. Anti-mask whingers are the most pathetic pampered snowflakes around.

  8. Colm.

    Look, someone without a mask!

    Quick, run for your safe space.

  9. The number of cases in Texas has indeed come down, and it is now about at the same rate as NY State is.

    At the present time, eight of the top ten states for virus rate per 100,000 are Republican dominated, I believe all with Republican governors ( the Dakotas, Utah, Tennessee, Arizona, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas ).


  10. The number of cases in Texas has indeed come down, and it is now about at the same rate as NY State is.

    How many dead seniors in Texas……

  11. “And President Biden should apologise for misleading the country with his offensive, dangerous and anti-scientific remarks.”

    There really is not much point, if Creepy China Joe made the remark more than five minutes ago, he has probably forgotten he even said it.

    It would be like talking to a wardrobe.

  12. 49,000 dead in Texas. Most are seniors.

    Texas has three reasons for low count case…

    The weather turned mild, people are socializing outside (which is safe)

    People in all of the major cities/suburbs wear masks indoors in work/commercial/public transit settings

    Most businesses in major cities require masks to enter their private property

    It also helps that our vaccination rate has ramped up rapidly with more availability of vaccines. My family will all be fully vaccinated by the first week in May.

  13. Man, it sure is dead around here. Fucking crickets.

  14. Serious question

    Do you know a lot of people who regularly take public transit to get to work etc.?

  15. Many in my area of town who work downtown use the park and ride bus that’s located five minutes away. Our light rail train that runs downtown to the northern suburbs are packed during the week.

    People constantly clamber for more public transit because the highways are clogged and the commutes long.

  16. Of course, that’s been disrupted over the past year, but I expect it will get back to normal in a few months.

  17. Did they die from being locked in Nursing Homes that were forced to take Covid Infected Patients by the Governors Order….?

  18. I might think that this is one of the big changes in Texas in recent decades – using mass transit more

    Years ago I saw them building light rail in Dallas ( called DART, same name as a train line in Dublin ).

    You can’t possibly build enough highways to keep up with all the cars. Any metro area needs a good, frequent, reasonably priced mass transit system.

    In some areas ( Atlanta ) I get the feeling that many middle class people don’t take the train or bus because they see it as a poor people thing. So they sit in their one person car for 90 minute traffic jams, because.

    In NYC, everyone, rich or poor, tends to take the subway often. You’re a fool not to. Often much faster than taxi, etc.

  19. yes because so much of Texas is covered by Public Transportation…. lol

    Only the very few big cities in Tx have 24hr service…. so f those in the rest of the state, and f those who work nights….

    Don’t worry though Joe Nancy and Chuck are in the process of banning the gasoline engine so all that electric public transportation is on it’s way….

  20. speaking about Neanderthals…. I would have done this post today, but I didn’t want to attract flies….


  21. No, they died because Little Governor Dan Patrick told them they were expendable, the economy was more important, COVID was a flu that would magically disappear if fake media stopped reporting on it to make Trump look bad, and that it was all overblown.

    Our craven governor seconded the motion.

    My elderly, fragile parents are refusing to get vaccinated because of liars like him and your buddy, Tucker.

    It was interesting to watch Abbott’s and Patrick’s actions over the past year. They locked up the governor’s mansion – no tours. They locked up the statehouse – can’t get in without a negative test, masks are required, senators can now vote from remote locations. Plus, they personally, worked from home and zoomed.

    Do as I say, not as I do. That’s Texas leadership these days.

  22. You’re so dumb, Troll. You know nothing about Texas.

    Which is pretty much the state of affairs on every topic for you.

  23. Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones along with Trump have hundreds of thousands of American deaths on their hands.

    Tucker is anti vaccine, Alex Jones is virulently anti vaccine. Jones will go on for 30 minutes about how the vaccines are dangerous, how the vaccine passports are the mark of the beast etc.

    Those two are friends and allies, who borrow thoughts from one another. Both both are fully paid up members of the Trump base, with a shared audience.

    Trump quietly got the vaccine himself, then he quietly asked his sheeple to get vaccinated themselves. But he didn’t make a big deal about it. He only gets very concerned about real causes, like ” how they stole the election from me by switching all the votes when no one wuz looking “

  24. Phantom, you’re right that many southerners consider public transport for the poor.

    Houston was an early adopter of expanding public transport in the mid 80’s, Dallas followed shortly thereafter. Austin and San Antonio have been late to the game. Austin because it thought more public transit would spur growth! Jokes on those short-sighted NIMBY’S.

    Our cities in Texas are less parochial these days. I think public transit is seen as a more desirable and necessary good by white collar professionals.

  25. It’s all a grift with right wing media personalities. Keep people angry, scared, distrustful and they come back for more of those dopamine hits every damn day. Those horrible people are like crack for the dumb and the old.

  26. Daphne I lived in Tx twice… on base and off…. I don’t know it like a native like you on that you are right. But I know damn well the state has no public transportation system for the majority of Texans… and seeing how they are eliminating the gasoline engine it’s going to be real fun to watch how all those people get to work….

  27. Yes, I’d think that poor Patrick knows nearly nothing about Texas.

    The reactionary, backward thinking, pro pollution, Texas in his little head really does exist, but it’s one of many subcultures in a huge state with multiple really large metro areas.

  28. Troll, you wish flies would be attracted to you.

    This place is so dead, it’s desiccated. Bones and dust. Nary a fly in sight.

  29. There will be plenty of internal combustion engines on the road for the next forty years.

    But there will be a very rapid increase in the use of electric vehicles – including all electric bus and small truck delivery vehicles, really soon

    Teslas are flying out of the showrooms in the US – and China – and for some reason, Patrick is terrified about this.

  30. Nobody is taking combustion engines or gasoline away in the near term. Calm down.

  31. I’ll take silence for a little while Daphne, a break from hostility and fools is always welcome. Don’t worry though you’ll always be welcome here. It is however only a break, but one the site needed.

    Phantom they have openly stated the goal is the elimination of the Gasoline Engine in the next 10 years…, you and I know that’s impossible, but they however believe it. All in the name of Climate Change.

    It is what’s going to cause their downfall and a backlash like the country has never seen.

    They are going to tell a couple of hundred million people they have to get rid of their trucks and cars and get electric ones and joe six pack union and non-union worker is going to tell them to stick it up their ass.

    You know you really ought to read further than the headlines about what exactly are in these bills…. but no you just trust the NYTs they say everything will be just fine…

  32. I had an interesting conversation with a guy a few years ago. He was the speechwriter for Exxon’s CEO and also headed their corporate comm’s shop. He stopped by to pick up his daughter (who is a close friend of my youngest son) and we got to talking over a glass of iced tea.

    He told me that Exxon was fully on board with climate change, accepted as fact that it was real, was moving their company in a way to transition to this reality, dealt with the assessments by their own scientists that it was actually happening and that oil was a major contributor, and that the executive staff fully believed that they needed to diversify to remain relevant and profitable.

    Troll doesn’t believe climate change is real or caused by fossil fuels.

    Exxon does

  33. Fuck off, Troll.

    Ban me if you want.

    Who would notice in this wasteland?

  34. GM Announces Goal to Eliminate Gas and Diesel Vehicles by …https://www.caranddriver.com › news › gm-eliminate-g…
    Jan 28, 2021 — GM Announces Goal to Eliminate Gas and Diesel Vehicles by 2035. GM CEO Mary Barra announced a bold plan to phase out gas- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035. The plan is part of a larger strategy to make the company carbon neutral by 2040.

    Federal bill seeks to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035https://www.detroitnews.com › autos › 2020/10/22 › fe…
    Oct 22, 2020 — Federal bill seeks to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2035 … ban U.S. sales of new vehicles with internal combustion engines by 2035, … sure American workers are the ones building the next generation of cars for the world.” … “Toward the end of the decade, 2030 is not out of the question or 100% by 2035.

  35. They’re talking about banning new sales of gas burning vehicles as of a given date. In the US, and in other nations this is spoken of.

    You think that this means that gas / diesels won’t be allowed to but used after that date, which is a huge misreading of what is being talked about.

    The automakers themselves aren’t afraid but you are absolutely petrified. Of what? This is a positive change, in a direction for the moment dominated by a US company.

    All the car companies are racing in this direction, seeing it as a big economic opportunity, seeing it as highly desirable from an efficiency and pollution point of view. You’re the only one in the country who is this terrified.

  36. Daphne you will never be banned.

  37. They are eliminating gas stations and passing bills that no new ones can be built.

    They have shut down refinery and pipeline construction all over the entire country.

    They have eliminated all future off shore and federal land drilling permits….

    Believe them when they say they are eliminating the gas engine…. at least open your eyes.

  38. Banning off shore drilling is very popular in places like Florida.

    Your boy expanded the bans there

    For some reason the locals don’t want any part of that. They don’t want it in the Northeast or in California either.


  39. We can debate the value vs the detriment of off shore, but it’s not the issue Phantom.

    These Infrastructure bills are the infrastructure for changing the nation from Gas to Electric. A Complete switch. These people believe in the New Greene Deal and they are implementing it in the exact same way they implemented Obamacare….

    watch they are doing it right now.. read the bills.

  40. I endorse a faster move to electric. ( a move that will happen in any event, sooner than people think )

    That is entirely in the interests of the country.

    You were in love with coal, now with petrol. Why not see the benefits of going electric in a very big way?

  41. You can’t always and only be looking at the technology of the past.

    A country or company that does that will decline very quickly.

    This isn’t really a debatable point.


  42. Phantom they aren’t giving people a choice. That’s the bottom line.

    Eventually the new better technologies will win out that’s called progress, but you can’t force change especially when the technology is not yet ready, and that is exactly what they are attempting to do.

    You create a four wheel drive electric car that I can drive off road and buy for 20grand I’ll take it, but also not until you can flash charge the batteries or the charge lasts 3 days or 3000 miles.

  43. Checks back in…..see that Troll and Phantom are the only ones talking.

    Watches the tumbleweeds roll by.

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