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Yeah…. nothing to see here

By Patrick Van Roy On April 5th, 2021

While the U.S. is scheduled to enter indirect talks with Iran on Tuesday in Vienna, the Biden–Harris administration is learning, at least for the fourth time this year, that peace with Iran is elusive. While the U.S. stated that it was open to direct talks when in Vienna, Iran rejected the idea. The U.S. has restated its openness to intermediate steps, but Iran has rejectedstep-by-step negotiations.” Previously, after reports that the U.S. would offer partial sanctions relief in exchange for ceasing advanced centrifuge work and stopping enriching uranium up to 20 percent, Iran demanded a lift of all sanctions. And a couple of months ago, Team USA offered to partially unfreeze Iranian assets in exchange for Iran ceasing to enrich uranium up to 20 percent. Instead, Iran demanded a lift of all sanctions.

All this good-faith effort has brought only greater destruction from Iran. Since January, Iran has intensified its attacks against Israel and Saudi Arabia, expelled the remnants of the ancient Jewish community of Yemen, and signed a strategic alliance with China.

Iran Intensifies Attacks Against Israel

Since the start of the Biden–Harris administration, Iran has been stepping up itsgrey zonewarfare attacks on Israel. Iran struck an Israeli container ship with a missile in the Gulf of Oman in late March. Iran struck an Israeli-owned cargo ship by what was believed to be a limpet mine in the Gulf of Oman in February. The ship then docked in the UAE, Israel’s new bestie, for repairs. These attacks may be in response to Israel’s attacks on Iranian ships sending illicit weapons and oil to Syria, and/or the assassination of senior Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in 2020, for which Iran blames Israel. It was also recently discovered that a Shia terrorist cell sponsored by Iran was responsible for the attack on Israel’s embassy in New Delhi in January.Syrian-owned ship spilled over 1,000 tons of Iranian oil onto Israel’s shores in February, and Israeli government officials are debating whether this was done negligently or maliciously.

Iran Intensifies Proxy Attacks Against Saudi Arabia

Since the Biden–Harris administration removed the Houthis from the designated Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) list, Iran’s proxies have been terrorizing Saudi Arabia.

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So as John Kerry continues with his behind the scenes negotiations with Iran that he has been having for over 2 years before the Trump Administration was even over…. what are they promising? They sure aren’t telling the American People.

The Middle East is once again spiraling towards War, and the Biden Administration is backing the wrong side, just as Obama did.

11 Responses to “Yeah…. nothing to see here”

  1. I’m sure that this is oh so objective.

    Especially the part about ” Iran ” expelling the Jews of Yemen

    They haven’t expelled the Jews of Iran – there is a Jewish member of the Iranian Parliament – but they’re throwing Jewish people out of Yemen! Sure they are!

  2. Any article that refers to Saudi Arabia being ‘terrorised’ by the Houthis is laughable nonsense.

  3. Why Saudi’s aren’t human? Terror can’t be inflicted upon them?

    or is it just your view that they deserve to be terrorized?

  4. Saudi Arabia is part of the problem.

    And the Iranians, bad as they are, are not always wicked. They fought ISIS, a fact that some of the chatterboxes here are unaware of.

  5. lmao…. the NYTs reader is demanding objectivity…. you can’t write comedy this good.

  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Motamed

    For the education of wandering Pennsylvanians.

    He’s an actor, since Iran expelled him ten years ago. Right?

  7. It’s a conspiracy.

  8. Phantom attacking the messenger has never worked with me so why don’t instead you address the issues the messenger brings up and tell me why he’s wrong?

    Oh simple…. because you can’t can you ?

  9. I doubt very highly if ” Iran ” has expelled any Yemeni Jews.

    The Jews of Yemen have been persecuted for 50 years or more, but there is no reason for any thinking person to believe that Iran would be in favor of it.

    Saying silly things makes one not pay any attention to any other things that the silly people say.

    You have always wanted war with Iran, from the comfort of your barstool. I oppose this completely.

  10. The Houthis are under direct control of the Iranians, they are their suppliers and directors but you believe because it’s not the revolutionary guard doing the expelling Iran has no hand in it?

  11. as ever with Pat

    D= 42×99 to the 37th power

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