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Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told department employees he may restart border wall construction to plug what he called “gaps” in the current barrier.

The child cages are filling up so fast they’re ordering more wall. I wonder what ephemism for “wall” they’ll come up with. There was a man who was building it, but they disbelieved and sent him away. Too late now. Your heart needs to be in a big job.

I trust that Biden will henceforth be described as racist, xenophobic and a Nazi.

Hey, their rules.

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2 thoughts on “DHS: “TRUMP WAS EIGHT”

  1. Kamala Harris in between laughing says, (seeming as she is in charge of the border immigration), she might even visit it sometime, this is what you voted for, this is what you have got. Maybe when they have tidied the place up of caged children.

    Backlash after Kamala Harris LAUGHS and says ‘not today’ when reporter asks if she will visit border – just hours after photos revealed hellhole conditions at Biden’s migrant camps
    Vice President Kamala Harris started laughing when asked if she would be visiting the border amid the surge in illegal immigrants entering the country
    ‘Not today!’ Harris said at the Jacksonville Airport, before cracking up in response to the reporter’s question. ‘But I have before and I’m sure I will again.’


  2. The pending litigation is also driving this. There are over a Billion Dollars of Contracts that were Legally engaged in that Biden Canceled with a wave of the Pen. The Federal Government has a choice they pay all those contracts and don’t let them do the work, or they pay those contracts and let them do what we paid for.

    Biden Violated the Law by stopping these projects that were already Contracted and budgeted for, but the Law means nothing to this group. The Law suits are having an influence on what they do….

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