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Civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson has today weighed into the UK’s debate on race, by saying that Britain is the ‘mother of racism’.

The influential American, 79, said Britain must face up to its role in slavery, as he flatly rejected the findings of the recent report into race and racism in the UK.

Fine, we can do that.

A British court ended slavery in Great Britain in 1772. An Act of Parliament outlawed the purchasing of slaves from Africa in 1807. In 1833 an Act of Parliament abolished slavery in the British Empire, the best thing that ever happened to an undeserving world. Thereafter a great chunk of the Royal Navy was devoted to ending slavery and slavers.

Our record is pretty good and vastly better than that of most African and Islamic states. Many of them practicsed slavery for many centuries. Some continue to do so.

Over to you Jackson, and you’re welcome.

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  1. All points above are correct.

    In fairness to Jesse, he doesn’t know any of that history.

  2. “Civil rights leader the Reverend Jesse Jackson has today weighed into the UK’s debate on race, by saying that Britain is the ‘mother of racism’.”

    Jesse Jackson might by some miracle be influential, but boy is he as thick as shit.

  3. People like messy Jesse talk a lot of merde about the African slave trade now, but the British cast the first really important blows against it, early on.

    The statement about Britain being the mother of racism is lazy and reminds me of a similar one by Andrew Young years back.

    Jesse deserves a hard slap for speaking of a matter well outside the scope of his knowledge.

  4. Maybe Jackson was directing the comments to his base. Race is what the Jacksons et al peddle. Race is the cornerstone of their empires. It’s what gives them status, geadlines and income. Without the ability to peddle race and tell blacks that they are oppressed by whitey they’d have nothing. Viewed that way, he’s just keeping business going.

  5. British ships delivered more slaves to North America than any other countries ships.

  6. ^^^ that’s the thing. The vast majority of African Americans came to US shores from British ships. And the UK made a vast fortune from the slave trade. That’s where Jackson is coming from.

    However, as has been pointed out the UK did lead in the the banning of slavery, and an honourable mention for Daniel O’Connell in that regard. It becomes even more murky for Jesse when it’s evident there’s slavery going on today – a good deal of it in Africa. Plus the slavery trade from Africa to the US was facilitated by and profited Africans. What has the good Jesse to say about that – you know, people he could really help from slavery TODAY.

  7. Slavery supposedly ended in Saudi Arabia and Yemen in 1962.

    It ended in Pakistan in 1992.

    The British wouldn’t have gotten very far with their slave trading 200 years ago or further back without a lot of involvement from Africans and Arabs in those transactions. But the Arabs weren’t the mother of racism here, oh no no no.

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