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And in response to your false claims MLB moves from a city that’s 51% Black to a city that has only a 9% Black Population….  and stricter Voting Laws…. you are witnessing Democrat politics at work.  Lie and destroy Jobs and Incomes all in the name of race…. Punishing the People and Businesses of Georgia for trying to gain control of the massive fraud of the last election.

Major League Sports has died in the US. It has gone from the NFL, NBA, & MLB to just BLM Chinese Franchises. There is nothing like watching Millionaires kneel during the Anthem to support a call for Dead Cops because they oppress Black People…. which is the biggest lie of all.  But it is why they kneel….

I’ll never watch another game, nor allow one to be shown in my house, I also will not attend a Bar or Restaurant WHEN THEY OPEN if they have any of these sports on the TV.  I don’t support or call for boycotts by others, each person has their own tolerance for this politically correct hate and punishment being dealt out by Corporations, but I will say I have drank Coca-Cola my entire life, and me personally will never by another bottle again.

More from the TERROR group BLM

This weekend, a prominent activist with BLM, Maya Echols threatened that “cities will be on fire” if Derek Chauvin is not convicted of killing Floyd, evidence be damned.

In a video that the gutless Echols since deleted, she said:

“If George Floyd’s murderer is not sentenced, just know that all hell is going to break loose. Don’t be surprised when buildings are on fire. Just saying.”

We’re fairly certain Echols wasn’t talking about the drug dealer who provided Floyd with the Fentanyl. Just saying.

Ms. Echols should be arrested for Jury Tampering, and Terroristic Threats.

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One thought on “So you scream racial discrimination….. Jim Crow

  1. ““Cities will be on fire” if Chauvin is not convicted of killing Floyd”

    That’s Third World behaviour, to eschew the rule of law. Urban primitives cannot handle civilisation. They should be left to stew in their dumps. Americans have been fleeced of trillions of dollars in welfare crack for ferals and it’s only made the problems worse.

    Get out of the cities. Leave them to the primitives.

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