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The Irish bishops have sharply criticized the government for continuing to ban public worship, insisting that leaders fail to grasp the importance of religion for the people.

Ireland has distinguished itself for the harshest suppression of religious practice in all Europe, with months of lockdown and no Masses. Bishop Denis Brennan of Ferns attributed the harsh restrictions to an “unwillingness or inability in Ireland to appreciate the value of religion or spirituality” during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I share the pain of many in Ireland at present as public worship is still not permitted,” the bishop told Ireland’s Sunday Independent on April 4.

While the prelate said he is “very conscious” of the need for measures to curb the spread of the virus, it must not be at the expense of “religion and spirituality.”

“I think this reality is worthy of attention and reflection at this time,” he said.

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11 thoughts on “Open the Churches

  1. I heard a comment that an Irish Catholic priest who wants to say a public mass can do so by traveling to Northern Ireland to conduct the service.

    I don’t understand the ban on public worship. Yes on social distancing and masks, I see no need for a ban. We don’t have a ban here, and we’re fighting the same beast that the Irish and British are dealing with.

  2. For those not fluent in Church, let me translate…

    ‘No public service, no plate to go around. No plate, no €/£/$.’

  3. The churches are so pussified. Christians for two thousand years have rather been martyred than deny themselves. Now churches lock their doors when governments say so. John Paul II would have been appalled.

  4. I agree Pete the Catholic Church and the other denominations have been massive wimps….

    The Polish Pastor is how every Priest and Pastor should have acted at the very beginning of this nonsense,,, it’s the church the state has nothing to say about them it can not stop them from holding mass yet from the evangelicals to the catholic cardinals they all bent over and grabbed ankle….


  5. Where I’m at is predominantly Amish and Mennonite they didn’t stop holding mass and nobody tried to stop them…..

  6. Public health rules that apply to any indoor communal social or entertainment gatherings should be applied equally regardless of the reasons for the gatherings. Whatever the rules may be they should apply equally to secular or religious organisations.

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