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Part 3573

A man who followed and murdered a woman on a night out before disposing part of her body in an alleyway has been jailed for life.

That’s “failed Iraqi asylum seeker”, a rather pertinent fact which the BBC beglects to mention until way down. The primitive was denied asylum in 2018, so of course the useless Tories left him here to kill. The savage isn’t the only one. There are thousands of foreign bums stinking up the gaff, like the Rochdale jihad rapists whi are still here despite having no right to be here.

There is nothing on the planet as useless as the Tories – nothing.

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  1. “There is nothing on the planet as useless as the Tories – nothing.”

    Not so sure there Pete.

    The current Labour Party make the Monster Raving Looney Party appear sane.

  2. Harri –

    They do, but the Left never sleeps when it’s in power. The Tories have been promising to deport illegals for decades. They’ve been in government since 2010. Illegals are still here, stinking up the gaff and committing the most horrible crimes. They are useless. How many dinghies has Priti Patel stopped? None. Not one. She is the most useless one of the lot.

  3. But Pete.

    Priti Patel, has stopped being ‘furious’ over this one?

    She is now “straining every sinew” to deport these child rapist monsters…apparently?

    We will never hear another word about it.

  4. If only the Tories had an 80-seat majority to back up their endless promises.

  5. Vaccine passports are next on the Tory list. As in bringing them in and making them de-facto “voluntarty” identity cards. When Blair tried for identity cards in 2004 Boris Johnson famously said that he would eat his in public. But that was then and this is now, and the temptation will be too great to resist. Johnson’s weasel words on Monday made it clear that it’s as good as a done deal despite saying just a few weeks ago that it was not being considered. Liar liar pants on fire.

    So far there are 40 declared Tory rebels and Labour will “probably” oppose as will the Lib-Dems. But the snake oil SNP will vote in favour (even though it only relates to England), because there’s never been an authoritarian power grab that they didn’t like the look of. So it’s as good as home and hosed.

  6. We can safely dispense with the (always wrong) idea that Boris Johnson is a libertarian.

  7. Johnson has no fixed beliefs in anything, apart from his own ambition. Here is a full-on demolition of his politics, but of course we also know that Johnson is a serial liar, and his most recent lies were at his press conference on Easter Monday:

    “When asked to reassure viewers that they wouldn’t need a Covid pass to enjoy a pint, Johnson said only that they wouldn’t need one on Monday – when hospitality reopens for outdoor service. (Vaccine passports aren’t expected to be introduced until the autumn anyway.) Despite the government briefing newspapers that pubs and restaurants will be exempt from the scheme, its own review on the subject, published just as the press conference began, leaves the option very much open.

    It is often said that the Covid crisis transformed Boris Johnson from a rambunctious libertarian into a nanny-state convert. The truth is that he’s never really believed in much at all. Famously, ahead of the Brexit vote, he wrote two articles for the Telegraph, one backing Leave and one backing Remain. He told friends he was ‘veering all over the place like a shopping trolley’ days before he was announced as the frontman for Vote Leave.

    So it is with his attitude to liberty. He is not some authoritarian hell bent on ushering in a tyranny under the cover of Covid. It’s almost worse, and certainly more pathetic, than that. His bumbling authoritarianism is the product of a politician with no views of his own to fall back on – no principles to guard against the pressures of governing in times of crisis.”

    Boris Johnson: bumbling authoritarian

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