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A rainbow-colored statue in honor of Black Lives Matter that was erected in the Hungarian capital of Budapest was vandalized and then demolished within 24 hours […]

Pro-family activists described the monument as an “anti-European, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-Christian symbol,” and within 24 hours it was attacked three separate times, doused with paint and finally torn down.

They’re right. Hungarians have experienced life under violent international Marxists and have no wish to go back there. Extremists should not be tolerated.

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  1. Hungarians have experienced life under violent international Marxists and have no wish to go back there.

    And now they are being governed by the most corrupt and authoritarian government in the EU. Press and judicial freedom have been steadily undermined and Orban’s corruption has become ever more blatant. But all that is forgiven as long as they pull down BLM statues:

    “Hungary has dropped 14 places since 2010 on Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, with particularly alarming scores on measures of judicial effectiveness and government integrity. Or consider the Human Freedom Index, published by the libertarian Cato Institute, which measures both personal and economic freedoms. There, Hungary took a plunge from 28th to 42nd place between 2010 and 2016 (the most recent year for which data are available).

    To those familiar with the extent of graft and cronyism in the Hungarian economy, this should not come as a surprise. Hungary, like other Central European countries, depends heavily on the inflow of EU funds. In Hungary’s case, those accounted for 4.6 per cent of GDP over 2006-15 — the most of any member state — and for 80 per cent of all public investment.

    If the EU funds have been a mixed blessing throughout the region, this has been especially true in Hungary because of the poor procurement rules and the concentration of decision-making authority over disbursement of funds in the prime minister’s office.

    For instance, Hungary relies heavily on unannounced “negotiated procedures,” which allow the government to strike a deal with any company without going through an open competition. And even on open tenders, the highest rates of procedures involve only a single bidder. As a result, the EU’s anti-fraud office, OLAF, routinely recalls funds for irregularities and fraud. In fact, irregularities were found in all 35 projects that OLAF reviewed in Hungary between 2011 and 2015. The government was ordered to repay €283 million for a new metro line in Budapest. Last year, OLAF announced it will seek to recover more than €40 million for overpriced municipal lighting projects, awarded to a company owned by Viktor Orbán’s son-in-law, István Tiborcz.

    Included among other prominent examples of graft is Lőrinc Mészáros, the mayor of Felcsút, Orbán’s home village. A former gas engineer, he is the eighth-richest man in Hungary and owns 121 companies with his wife. In 2017, his wealth tripled to $392 million, according to Forbes. Eighty-three per cent of Mészáros’ family companies’ earnings are believed to come from EU funds. When asked to what he owed his success, he once responded: “God, luck and Viktor Orbán.”

    Viktor Orbán and the corruption of conservatism

  2. “If the EU funds have been a mixed blessing throughout the region”

    Particularly in Slovakia & The Czech, the mafia and corrupt politicians have never had it so good. They have EU cash coming out of their ears.

  3. Orban is a white Hungarian nationalist whose government becomes increasingly authoritarian the longer it holds power. He has boasted about Hungary being “an illiberal democracy” and of course Rightworld just loves him to bits.

    But Orban is also a corruptocrat and he and his crony capitalist pals have enriched themselves mightily on EU funds. So that’s where he’s vulnerable to EU pressure when his attacks press freedom and judicial independence become ever more blatant, and they have already threatened to turn off the taps. Let’s hope they do and he will then have to decide to either stay in the EU or leave and become an even bigger Putin lapdog than he is now.

  4. Arkansas is such an inspiration too!


    “Arkansas has become the first US state to outlaw gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender people under the age of 18.

    The bill also in effect bans doctors from providing puberty blockers, or from referring them to other providers for the treatment.

    The Republican state governor had vetoed the bill, calling it a “vast government overreach”.

    But the state’s Republican-controlled House and Senate overruled him.”

    Note the BBC’s propaganda, the “gender confirming” euphemism for cgemical castration for boys and mutilation for all. “Gender confirming” is their latest twist of language to make evil child abuse sound palatable.

  5. The Republican state governor had vetoed the bill, calling it a “vast government overreach”.

    What a ****ing hypocrite. He’s a supporter of making abortion illegal, but of course that’s not “vast government overreach” into women’s lives, that’s just GOP politics.

  6. Well done those brave patriots who attacked this statue. What brave people. And if some of them go on to actually attack gay or black people hey, that’s a price worth paying surely to defend traditional fascist, oops I mean ‘family’ values.

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