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First Steps in Gun Control….. President Biden

By Patrick Van Roy On April 8th, 2021

7 Responses to “First Steps in Gun Control….. President Biden”

  1. Was it a black man murdering five white people, including two young children, in South Carolina which persuaded Biden to act?


  2. Good luck President Biden. You will face a lot of opposition from gun nuts but you have right and good on your side.

  3. A substantial majority of Americans support the kinds of things that Biden is proposing

    A virulent, perpetually terrified minority of one issue voters will fight every inch of the way.

  4. Biden said “”You go to a gun show, you can buy whatever you want–no background check.”

    He’s talking about his son. That’s exactly what his son did, besides a lot of other things.

    I notice the media has finally noticed Hubter Biden’s hard drive, after burying the story during the election and banning the NY Post from its platforms. No media bias though.

  5. I pointed out the ” Gun Show Loophole ” here years ago.

    Some said that I was wrong.

    I was not.

  6. there is no gun show loop hole…..

  7. and Hunter bought his gun in a firearm store and lied on the paperwork he should be serving 5 years for the Felony, but the Laws don’t apply to the Biden’s they are above it and can therefore have a crackhead arrange multimillion dollar bribes for his family and father without the fear of ever being prosecuted.

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