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By Pete Moore On April 8th, 2021

The UK is expected to pass the threshold for herd immunity by Monday, according to experts at University College London.

Dynamic modelling suggests that the number of people who are protected against Covid-19, either because they are naturally immune or have received a vaccine, will hit 73.4 per cent on April 12.

Morning or afternoon? It doesn’t matter, we’re British. “That’s close enough mate” is our standard. I never doubt the eggheads who dabble in numbers. Well not right now, because “herd immunity” is an anagram of “fling open the economy”. Cue the politicians suddenly not listening to the science. This is what the original plan aimed for. Sir Patrick Vallance  outlined how the vulnerable would be shielded while the Chinese Virus would rip through everyone else. Not me of course. I never had any intention of getting it. Everyone else though, oh yes.

But we’re finally there. Now we need to join Texas, Florida and other civilised places in the pub. Not Europe though. While EU countries are buying up as much of Putin’s bin juice as he can supply the ECHR has ruled that compulsory vaccinations would not contravene human rights law “and may be necessary in democratic societies”. Bon chance ‎mes amis‎!

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  1. But we’re finally there. Now we need to join Texas, Florida and other civilised places in the pub.

    Not a chance Pete. Last year we locked down to “save the NHS” and this year we will keep many restrictions to “save the vaccines” from mutants cooked in the Covid petri-dish that Rightworld hero Bolsonaro has made in Brazil:

    “But instead of celebrating this vaccine miracle, and claiming victory over the virus, something else entirely has happened. We are in the fourth month of Britain’s third lockdown, and the government is dreaming up yet more restrictions on our freedoms, just as we are getting excited about opening up…

    Foreign holidays are in doubt, despite proceeding relatively normally last summer, due to a doomed attempt to stop the arrival of new variants in the UK – particularly vaccine-resistant variants which could derail the vaccine rollout. As well as protecting the NHS, we’re being asked to protect the vaccine…

    One thing has become abundantly clear: the government and its advisers have institutionalised the precautionary principle. It is not ‘following science’ that has led us into this trap. It is a culture of excessive caution and risk-aversion. It is only in such a context that a life-saving vaccine can be turned into a tool for more restrictions…”


  2. Peter

    Good comment

    I see much excessive caution in the US business community.

    Corporate America is free to re-open offices to a considerable extent in very many places, including Manhattan, but very often has not done done so, even when a number of employees strongly want to return, to see some of their friends in person, to break up the work from home only routine.

    So people should not only blame ” the government ” or ” the evil Fauci “. Blame US business, who I think out of a fear of being criticized for anything has chosen to be super duper cautious about every last thing. They’ll all open when all the other companies go first. Completely gutless everywhere you look.

    Probably most employees don’t want to return, esp full time, yet. But a number want to but are not being allowed to – and again, it’s no longer the government to blame.

  3. One myth that has been definitely nailed is the idea that you can get infected from surfaces. We now know that 99.9% of infections have been by aerosol transmissian. Just imagine the billions that have been spent on hand-cleansing in the past twelve months…

    “When the coronavirus began to spread in the United States last spring, many experts warned of the danger posed by surfaces. Researchers reported that the virus could survive for days on plastic or stainless steel, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised that if someone touched one of these contaminated surfaces — and then touched their eyes, nose or mouth — they could become infected.

    Americans responded in kind, wiping down groceries, quarantining mail and clearing drugstore shelves of Clorox wipes. Facebook closed two of its offices for a “deep cleaning.” New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority began disinfecting subway cars every night.

    But the era of “hygiene theater” may have come to an unofficial end this week, when the C.D.C. updated its surface cleaning guidelines and noted that the risk of contracting the virus from touching a contaminated surface was less than 1 in 10,000.”


  4. Yes.

  5. nonsense…. you’re not getting honest numbers or details about those numbers.

    The virus is burning through it cycle, the cases in NY are as high as they have ever been if you believe the numbers…. the deaths are falling because those that were the most vulnerable to dying have already died…. and the population is saturated with the virus, if you haven’t had it already you will.

    But c’mon if you are believing what they are telling you than you have to believe that there was no flu virus this year…. because they said we just didn’t get one.

    So tell me do you believe that?

    There has been essentially no flu season during the COVID …
    Feb 25, 2021 · Some experts are concerned about what the flu (and the common cold) will be like when it emerges again — the lack of flu cases leaves them with little data — but for now, the lack of influenza …

    Amid COVID-19 pandemic, flu has disappeared in the US
    Flu has virtually disappeared from the U.S., with reports coming in at far lower levels than anything seen in decades. Experts say that measures put in place to fend off the coronavirus — mask wearing, social …

    Why the Flu Season Almost Disappeared This Year
    Feb 11, 2021 · Flu season has been mild this year, thanks to the mitigation measures used to contain COVID-19, such as physical distancing and mask wearing.; School and office closures also contributed …

    I’m just bewildered…. how can that be? Now there are a few phantasy reasons why…

    It’s bullshit. They’ve fudged these numbers so bad all year so much that they have no clue who died of what.

    but don’t worry put two of those masks on stay in your house and maybe after they are done assuming complete control you will be let back into their green socialist utopia…

  6. It’s Not a conspiracy

    If all the responsible people are wearing masks and are Distancing, And if people haven’t gone into offices very much for a year, Why would you expect a normal flu season

  7. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, it’s a deadly damn virus and I was scared as shit when Monica and I had it, but it doesn’t change the fact that they are lying about the numbers and have been that’s part of the problem.

    We were hit with a very bad virus it killed a lot of people but it was taken advantage of by nefarious people and they destroyed the worlds economy and have seized power.

    You can poo poo it all you want, but they took advantage of a bad situation.

  8. Well if there is widespread lying about the numbers on a deadly disease that’s the very definition of a conspiracy

    I think that guys like Cuomo definitely lied about some parts of the numbers of deaths ( not the gross totals ) , But I don’t think that the CDC or Johns Hopkins or the NHS or Fauci or Osterholm are lying about anything

    Saying that everything is a conspiracy is 100% Allan and Alex Jones 7 WTC no moon landing stuff.

    There is much to criticize the state and federal government – and the sad sack argumentative shirker US population for Without going down this partisan political anti-science route

  9. Now no ones being marched into gulag’s but there are a lot things that need to be brought to account. A lot of seniors passed unnecessarily someone needs to be held accountable, there were multiple violations of American civil rights some are still taking place.

    Some are being settled in court where they all need to be settled, but not enough and it’s very slow.

    Things aren’t right, denying that doesn’t change it.

    Take Cuomo for example, or Wolf, Murphy, Witmer and Newsome. Their negligence killed people. This nonsense about the sexual harassment is also real but it’s being used as a deflection to not pursue the negligence and malfeasance in regard to the deaths and the cover ups.

    There’s a lot of smoke in the air….. somethings burning.

  10. Yes the US had a whole had a horrible result in 2020 because we had confused or much worse leadership at all from the top

    All this “ just asking questions “ Is meant to divert from any discussion about any of that.responsibility

    All politics from Covid deniers and minimizers like Tucker and Alex

    Very few medical experts say what you guys are saying

    Over and out

  11. good night

  12. If Covid was as big of a threat as the Media & our Gov’t claims it is, they’d shut the Border completely down. Obviously. Unquestionably. If a disease is so deadly that everyone must wear masks & be vaccinated, you don’t allow unmasked, unvaccinated, untested, illegal across the border!

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