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By Pete Moore On April 8th, 2021

Robert Jenrick has never been the sharpest. If he deserves a place at the Cabinet table you can see why government stuffs up everything it touches.

A multi-million “package of support”? Welcome hubs? These are Hong Kongers. They’ll be running the gaff within a decade. Hong Kong was a flat broke ruin in 1945. They didn’t need support packages to perform post-war miracles. They had all they needed in the great Sir John Cowperthwaite, who did exactly nothing to intervene in the economy so that Hong Kong could explode with wealth creation. Stop intervening all the time you fools. Let Hong Kongers be free. They’ll not ask for a penny. They’ll be industrious and entrepreneurial. They’ll be civilised and they won’t vote Labour.

The Left will hate them.

5 Responses to “JENRICK IS SO STUPID”

  1. Hong Kongers and many Chinese generally are not poor.

    They’re not poor because they work hard and study hard. And the kids rarely get in any trouble at school or on the street. And they love to start small businesses.

    Yes, Hong Kong became rich over maybe thirty years, richer still over the next thirty years.

    And so has China as a whole, following the lead of Hong Kong and Singapore. No mystery.

    Many Hong Kongers moved to Brooklyn in maybe the 1970s. They’ve thrived, no empty stores in their area, can’t touch a two family house there for less than $1.3 million or so.

  2. Let Hong Kongers be free. They’ll not ask for a penny. They’ll be industrious and entrepreneurial……….especially the HK Tongs

  3. It’s not the ” no government ” culture that some think it is

    Hong Kong has had plenty of government housing, government schools and government organized universal health care since forever.

    But they pay for all that stuff by working hard. Chinese Hong Kongers built all those skyscrapers and all the rest there.

  4. The Left will hate them.

    Not as much as the Right, see djaym above. And watch out for the Murdoch newspapers. They haven’t said much yet but they will have plenty to say as soon as the HK refugees start to arrive, and you can bet it won’t be friendly. That’s assuming the CCP lets them leave of course, and I wouldn’t be betting on that either.

  5. Hong Kongers would be a really different type of immigrant.

    At this point in history, the average arrival will likely be richer and much better educated than the average British person. Not a slam on the UK, the average Hong Konger would be richer and better educated than most Americans if they came here.

    I have Hong Kong born friends who came to the US penniless I guess in the 1960s. Now, all the children have college educations, all own their own homes, the children never are in trouble with the police. If the kids did anything bad, they’d fear the reaction of the parents more than they’d fear the police.

    Very strong traditional families. Why Chinese people do well wherever they go, why China, Taiwan and Singapore went from very poor to off the charts more prosperous in fifty years, the blink of an eye.

    Asians get embarrassed to be called a ” model minority “, but they’ve been that in the US.

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