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R.I.P. Philip Duke of Edinburgh

By Mike Cunningham On April 9th, 2021




A Royal Navy Commander, a steadfast Husband, sometimes outspoken; the Man who gave his life in service of Her Majesty.


Hail and Farewell!

13 Responses to “R.I.P. Philip Duke of Edinburgh”

  1. Beautiful Picture

  2. Here here.

    RIP Sir, you have had a full and interesting life and have earned it.

  3. Life just got a little duller. RIP.

  4. He was a great man, no doubt. A highly talented naval officer who was mentioned in dispatches at the Battle of Cape Matapan. He would jave gone to the top if he had been able to remain in the Royal Navy. He was a man of duty, honour, loyalty and of great wit who always has a twinkle in his eye and who hated a fuss. The longest ever serving consort, of our longest ever serving monarch.

  5. It does seem pity he won’t have a grand funeral.

  6. He didn’t want one. He was a very down to earth man.

  7. Pre COVID he would have had one, regardless of private wishes.

  8. I think his wishes should be respected even if they have to fudge it under Covid rules. It’s the Queen you feel for now. She fell in love with Prince Philip early on in WW2 and they were married for 72 years.

  9. The Obamas posted a lovely message.


    (Maybe now’s a good time for someone to tell Trump that there’s no need for one-upmanship.)

  10. Trump will probably post a message saying Prince Philip’s greatest and proudest achievement was meeting him 😉

  11. The Obamas posted a lovely message…….

    The only people Obama thought of as larger oppressors than America threw History were the Royals of Britain and their Evil Colonization…..

    so please spare us… from his bull

  12. As HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is laid to rest this weekend, Lorrie and I are thinking of him and his family.

    In his extraordinary life of 99 years, he was a witness to nearly the entire history of aviation, and in serving as patron of The Air League he inspired generations to pursue careers in aviation and aerospace.

    My family and I met him in 2009 at an Air League event, one of the large number of important and charitable organizations of which he was a patron, and one to which I felt kinship as an aviator. He was a gracious and engaging host. He will be missed.

    Comment by Captain Sullenberger

  13. That’s a nice message from a man with nothing to prove.